KajoPicks: 5 variety shows you must watch on KBS World

KBS World is a South Korean channel operated by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aimed at international audiences. It is available in 117 countries including US, European countries and most Asian countries such as China, Japan as well as Malaysia. Viewers can also watch KBS World through its Youtube channel. Every Korean broadcasting company

10 ingredients to spice up your baked chicken breast

If you are looking for a quick, delicious and less guilty source of protein to make for your dinner, look no further than baked chicken breast. Chicken breast is a great source of lean protein. It is perfect for those who are looking to build their muscle mass since it

20 videos you should watch on Youtube about Covid-19

During this coronavirus pandemic, fake news and conspiracy theories are also spreading like wildfire alongside the Covid-19 virus. In an effort to combat fake news, Facebook launched a coronavirus and Covid-19 information hub to provide a central resource for people to get the latest news and information. Designed to offer

5 Korean cafe vloggers you should follow on YouTube

Korean cafes; we have seen them in our K-dramas especially when the leading characters need a place to meet up. Most of the time they just carry on with their conversations with delicious-looking drinks just sitting there on top of the table. It is also a place where we have

10 ways to cook your canned tuna besides making a sandwich

Canned tuna has been the subject of many debates. Some argue it is high in mercury and not safe for consumption while others believe tuna canning is not an environmentally sustainable industry. Other concerns about bycatch (like dolphins and whales getting caught in the fishing nets) and overfishing have also

5 reasons why you should follow Dianxi Xiaoge on YouTube

If you have not heard of Dianxi Xiaoge, then you have missed out on something really awesome on the Internet, especially if you're a foodie! One of the trends on YouTube is making videos of cooking traditional food in the most realistic, authentic way. These YouTubers show you how they live