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KajoMag features Culture, Travel, Entertainment, Lifestyle and
‘Kajo’, a Kayan word for ‘beauty’ is what we at KAJOMAG aim to give our readers.

KAJOMAG is a Sarawak-based lifestyle website, created by Sarawakian women who believe that the unique region of Borneo has so many untapped stories left to explore and showcase to the world.

Borneo is a rare combination of the past and the present, reflected in its people’s devotion to their cultural and historical heritage and their drive to enjoy modern living.

KAJOMAG.COM celebrates Borneo’s unique relationship with the past and the present in its sections on Culture, Travel, Entertainment, Lifestyle and News & Features.

Designed with the ‘KAJO’ reader in mind, this Sarawak-based lifestyle website aims to appeal to the reader who is independent, adventurous, curious, whimsical and fierce, much like the people and natural environment of Borneo.

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Enjoy what you’re reading here at KajoMag and have your own story to tell? Find out how you can be a KajoMag guest contributor below:

  1. You are welcome to write about any subject which fits into our categories: Culture, Travel, Entertainment and Lifestyle. However, pieces that best reflect Kajo-style are most likely to be published.
  2. Articles should be between 500 and 1,500 words in length.
  3. Articles should be typed in Microsoft Word, submitted as an attachment and emailed to [email protected].
  4. If you have high-resolution photos that you would like to submit with your writing, feel free to include them. Only photos that you have taken, or have rights to, will be used. We may or may not use the photo, but the better the quality, the much more likely we will be able to use it.
  5. By submitting your article, you grant KajoMag one-time use rights to publish your work as a guest contributor. There is no monetary compensation offered or implied for these submissions, nor do we guarantee that your article will be selected or published.
  6. Feel free to include 2-3 sentences of your bio as well as a link to your site or profile.
  7. KajoMag reserves the right to make minor edits.
  8. All content must be new and original which means they have not been previously published.
  9. Once you submit an article to KajoMag, do not submit it elsewhere. Once published, we will not delete articles.
  10. Submissions that require too much editing or openly promote the author’s product or company will not be accepted. For advertisements or sponsored posts, please send us an email to [email protected] with the subject “ADVERTISEMENT”.

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