Filem Tempatan “Aku Bukan Gila” Dibintangi Beto Kusyairy & Fasha Sandha Kini Disiarkan secara Eksklusif & Percuma menerusi Perkhidmatan Penstriman WeTV iflix!

Sempena pelancaran "Aku Bukan Gila" yang mengujakan, tetamu media, selebriti dan tetamu kehormat berkumpul di Flamingo Hotel Ampang untuk menyaksikan pratonton filem eksklusif (Kiri ke Kanan): Vijay Munisamy (Executive Producer of WeTV iflix Malaysia), Beto kusyairy, Rahila Ali, Dato’ Normashayu, Fasha Sandha, Wanna Ali, Sissy Imann, Heng Aik Kuang (Country Manager

KajoPicks: 8 Korean dramas about second chance romance to watch

One commonly seen theme in South Korean dramas is second chance romance. It is when a divorced couple gives their relationship a second chance and finding themselves falling in love all over again. While in reality, most divorced couples do not rekindle their relationship. These South Korean dramas offers hope in

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If you need a dose of whodunit or what-on-earth-is-going-on type of entertainment, here are 10 South Korean mystery movies to watch: 1.Helpless (2012) Imagine David Fincher’s Gone Girl (2014) but with an even darker approach. Based on the bestselling novel All She Was Worth by Japanese writer Miyabe Miyuki, this South Korean mystery/psychological

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Orion Cinema Network (OCN) is a movie channel on basic cable in South Korea. It is one of the cable channels in the country besides Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (jTBC), Channel A and Total Variety Network (TvN). Among Korean drama fans, OCN channel is known to air the best thriller dramas. If

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On, we have covered Korean revenge movies so here are our favourite Korean revenge dramas you need to watch: 1.Doctor Prisoner (2019) What would you do if you were fired unfairly from your job? Normal people would file a complaint with the labour department, but in this Korean revenge drama, the