KajoPicks: 10 Korean series to watch if you love ‘chaebol’ dramas

If you are not familiar with the term chaebol, in South Korea, it means a large industrial conglomerate which is run by a family. In some cases, they have been criticised for itheir monopolistic behaviour such as favour controlling shareholders and government corruption. Outside their high-rise offices, their antics have often made

KajoPicks: 15 webtoon adaptations into Korean dramas you should watch

A webtoon is a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. Just like how J-dramas are often inspired by manga or anime, there are more South Korean dramas based on webtoons these days. So here are KajoMag’s pick of 15 webtoon adaptations into dramas you should watch: 1.Orange Marmalade (2015) Watch

10 things behind the scenes of Korean dramas you might not know

More popularly known as K-dramas, Korean dramas are television series produced in South Korea. Due to the spread of Hallyu (literally means Korean Wave), Korean dramas have become a popular source of entertainment worldwide. How did the term Hallyu first come about? According to Korean Culture and Information Service South

10 things you might not know about Korean drama Hotel del Luna (2019)

Hotel del Luna's official photo. Credits: Youtube Written by famous screenwriter siblings the Hong Sisters, Hotel del Luna (2019) is the tenth-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. It was a commercial success, recording the highest ratings in its time slot throughout its run. The series first aired on tvN on