KajoPicks: 5 variety shows you must watch on KBS World

Patricia Hului

KBS World is a South Korean channel operated by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) aimed at international audiences.

It is available in 117 countries including US, European countries and most Asian countries such as China, Japan as well as Malaysia.

Viewers can also watch KBS World through its Youtube channel.

Every Korean broadcasting company has its own distinct style when it comes to their drama production. For example, OCN is known for its thriller and crime drama.

Meanwhile, viewers can expect heartwarming stories circling on family and love from KBS World.

Even their variety shows manage to combine both humour and life lessons while entertaining the audience.

Here are KajoMag’s top five favourite variety shows you must watch on KBS World:

1.Boss in the Mirror

Watch how Boss Yang Chi-seung coping with his business due to Covid-19 here.

This variety show focuses on Korean celebrity bosses going through self-examinations to create better working environment for their employees.

Every episode features inspiring bosses, all of whom have their own flaws.

Meanwhile, each company featured on this show has different kinds of working environments. Moreover, it is interesting to watch the interaction between the bosses and their employees

During this digital age, for instance, business owners should know how to re-strategise their business in order to survive.

Born in 1956, Korean designer and hanbok store owner Park Sul-nyeo is a strong believer in the power of social media.

She even teaches one of her younger employees how to write an Instagram caption and use hashtags to promote her business.

Another inspiring boss on the show is Jini, a Korean Youtuber who has at least 2.35 million subscribers on her channel.

She runs a startup company to handle her Youtube channels.

2.Battle Trip

Watch this episode of Battle Trip at Kota Kinabalu here.

Even if you are not able to travel, it is always fun to watch a travel show.

Battle Trip is known to be helpful for travellers, giving useful tips on food to eat and things to do.

Viewers can easily get a rough idea of what to plan for their itinerary as well as budget.

Apart from that, viewers can take note of what to watch out for if you are planning to go to the same destinations.

If you are watching KBS World on Youtube, the channel now features snippets of Battle Trip’s episode focusing only on their eating sessions.

3.Star’s Top Fun-Staurant

This is the moment when dalgona coffee was made famous

If you have ever heard or tried the internet-famous dalgona coffee, you have to thank this show called Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant.

In one of the episodes, actor Jung Il-woo went to Macau and had its local coffee. He gave it the nickname dalgona for its resemblance to the traditional Korean sponge candy of the same name. Since then, the internet has gone wild, making it the most famous beverage in 2020.

The outline of this show is to have celebrities competing to make new products for the convenience stores.

In South Korea, the convenience stores are more than just a place for you to grab things. It is also a place to have a proper meal.

Patrons can buy these frozen meals and pop them in the microwave oven then enjoy their meal right there at the convenience store.

The aim of this show is to promote Korean agricultural produce such as wheat, pork or chicken.

In every round of the competition, the celebrities have to create a recipe using the designated agricultural produce.

Before that, these celebrities will go on food hunts not only around South Korea but sometimes other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and Macau where Il-woo had his dalgona coffee.

One of the celebrities Lee Kyung-kyu had a bowl of Sarawak laksa in Taiwan and did not like it.

If the celebrity won, his or her recipe will be produced into a frozen or instant food made available in all the convenience stores in South Korea.

The best part is that the profits are given to help undernourished children.

Besides watching these celebrities having ups and down in creating their recipes, it is also helpful to take note of the places they eat at in the shows.

4.The Return of The Superman

What happens when fathers are left to care for their kids alone for 48 hours without any help while wives get to have some time off?

This show showcases multiple celebrity dads spending alone time with their children when their mothers are not around.

As you can expect, the first part of the show usually shows the wife leaving home before the 48 hours begin and ends at the 48-hour mark.

During this time, the fathers and their children sometimes caery out a task left by their wives.

Sometimes, they just explore new activities with their kids.

What makes this show amazing is how well-behaved these children can be. Professional football player Park Joo-ho’s five-year-old daughter Na-eun for instance knows how to take care of her younger brother three-year-old son Geon-hoo. She even knows how to prepare a simple breakfast for her brother.

The Park family is currently on hiatus from the show right now due to the birth of Na-eun and Geon-hoo’s younger sibling. We will miss watching Nae-eun speaking fluently in four languages (Korean, English, German and Spanish) on the show.

Nonetheless, other children especially Gary’s son Haoh and Moon Hee-jun’s daughter JamJam are so cute to watch.

5.2 Days 1 Night

The Burning Sun Scandal really marred the Korean entertainment industry like never before.

The 2019 entertainment and sex scandal which involved K-pop idols and even police officials started with a prominent nightclub in Seoul, Burning Sun. It was later investigated for prostitution, drug trafficking and police corruption.

From there, the scandal erupted to allegations of rape and spy cam. Singer and entertainer Jung Joon-young confessed to secretly filming having sex with women and sharing the videos in a chatroom.

Following the scandal, Joon-young announced his resignation from the entertainment industry, quitting all the shows which he starred in.

The production team of 2 Days & 1 Night also announced that Joon-young was permanently removed from the show.

This move resulted in KBS halting all production and broadcast of 2 Days & 1 Night. The chatroom also exposed another two members of the show Cha Tae-hyun and Kim Jun-ho’s involvement in illegal gambling. With this, the third season of 2 Days & 1 Night ended abruptly.

Thankfully, the fourth season of the show returned in December 8, 2019 with only one original cast member, Kim Jong-min.

Together with Yeon Jung-hoon, Moon Se-yeon, Kim Seon-ho, DinDin and Ravi, the new members give a breath of fresh air to the show.

Most of them are relatively new in variety shows. It is fun to see these actors Kim Seon-ho and Yeon Jung-hoon as well as K-pop idol Ravi shedding their public images and let loose on the show.

The concept of the show is to recommend various places of interest that viewers can visit in South Korea. Along this trip, the members of the show would play games and compete against each other.