8 Korean food blogs to follow for home cooked recipes

Korean food blogs for you to stalk and learn how to cook at home

KajoMag’s pick on eight Korean food blogs to follow. Credits: Pixabay.

With the rise of the K-pop wave, Korean food is getting more popular around the world.

More and more Korean food outlets are opening up, introducing Korean dishes such as bibimbap and bulgogi.

Additionally, Korean grocery shops are slowly popping up too, allowing more people to have access to Korean ingredients.

From gochujang to doenjang which are now easily available, there is no excuse not to whip up Korean food on your own.

Here are eight Internet gurus (aka Korean food blogs) to follow for delicious homemade recipes:


Screenshot from Maangchi
Screenshot from Maangchi.

The New York Times called her Youtube’s Korean Julia Child.

Emily Kim who founded Maangchi has been enjoying cooking since she was young.

She posted a video of herself cooking on April 9, 2007 just for fun and the people on the net loved her.

Since then, she kept on making videos and now has a website to go with them.

Kim prefers authentic Korean recipes because that is what she raised on and that is what she knows.

If you do not know where to start when comes to cooking Korean food, fret not! Kim has written The Beginner’s Guide to Korean Cooking for all you noobs out there.

2. Seon Kyoung Longest

Screenshot from Seon Kyeong Longest.
Screenshot from Seon Kyeong Longest.

Seon Kyoung was a cartoonist and a belly dancer before she finally made her career change to a food enthusiast.

Her cooking journey began when she left home in South Korea and moved to the US in March 2009 after marrying her American husband.

With no friends and no job, Seon Kyoung turned to food to fill her free time.

Slowly, she improved her cooking skills till she won the competition for Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Express. Seon Kyoung was the only self taught home cook in the competition.

Her food blog has everything from appetisers, drinks to side dishes and main course.

Just in case you get lost while following her instructions, she has videos for you to catch up.

3. Korean Bapsang

Korean Bapsang
Image Source: https://www.koreanbapsang.com/

What do you do if you try to cook something on your own and you get stuck?

You call your mum.

That was what inspired Hyosun Ro to create her blog called Korean Bapsang (table) back in 2009.

Her children always called her asking how to cook certain dishes. So, Ro put together her blog to teach her children her homecooked recipes.

Ro’s recipes are well-organised into various categories including appetisers, main dish, side dish, soup, stew, slow cooker, traditional holiday food and vegetarian.

4. My Korean Kitchen

My Korean Kitchen

Her husband suggested she start a food blog focusing on Korean food back in March 2006. So she did.

In My Korean Kitchen, Sue Pressey writes about her love for Korean food and fusion food.

The blog includes step by step instructions, cultural topics and even products and restaurant reviews.

She also understands your pain when it is hard to find Korean ingredients.

Having said that, Sue put up a list of 30 essential Korean cooking ingredients and tips on what replacements to look for if you can’t find the real deal.

5. Kimchimari

Screenshot from https://kimchimari.com/.
Screenshot from https://kimchimari.com/.

Here is another mother leaving a keepsake to her child through a food blog.

Lee Jin Joo started her blog in 2010 to share Korean recipes with her daughter as she went off to college.

She was a former computer scientist and now is a full-time blogger.

If you are planning to have a Korean food-themed party, Lee can guide you through her Korean Party Menu.

6. Aeri’s Kitchen

Check this out at http://aeriskitchen.com/.
Check this out at Aeri’s Kitchen (http://aeriskitchen.com/).

Aeri Lee’s passion was to teach so she studied education in college.

Since 2008, she has been teaching Korean cooking and a little Korean language along the way through her website.

She shares her recipes while adding her own personal touch to each post, sharing her experience making the dishes.

Many Korean food blogs are very interactive with their readers including Lee.

She accepts recipe requests from her readers and never fails to give special shout outs for those who requested them.

7. Beyond Kimchee

Beyond Kimchee
Fancy any of these recipes? Check out Holly’s blog at http://www.beyondkimchee.com/.

Holly has travelled the world and has even lived in Malaysia and Argentina before.

She credited her passion for cooking to the experiences she had travelling the world and the exposure she received from different cultures.

Beyond Kimchee is one of the many Korean food blogs which try to be a little experimental when comes to cooking.

So make sure you check out her Korean fusion recipes; there you can find east-meets-west cuisine such as Gochujang Sloppy Joe, Cheesy Rice Balls and Hambak Steak.

8. ZenKimchi

The Korean Food Journal. Credits: http://zenkimchi.com/
The Korean Food Journal. Credits: http://zenkimchi.com/

Finally, a man on the list!

Joe McPherson has been blogging about Korean food since 2004.

McPherson told The Korea Times in 2014 that he is living the dream and he has figured out a way to combine his love of food, writing, technology and history.

“When I started ZenKimchi, the plan wasn’t necessarily to make it something big. I didn’t know my little hobby could attract the mainstream media.”

Attract people, he did. McPherson had consulted popular show such as The Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods and even got to hang out with Eric Ripert.

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