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10 ingredients to spice up your baked chicken breast

If you are looking for a quick, delicious and less guilty source of protein to make for your dinner, look no further than baked chicken breast.

Chicken breast is a great source of lean protein. It is perfect for those who are looking to build their muscle mass since it contains low fat.

Additionally, it is easy to cook, especially if you buy it skinless and boneless from the supermarket.

You can reduce the oil in your cooking by making baked chicken breast with simple seasoning such as salt, pepper and olive oil.

But what if you get bored with your own cooking, especially if you are not even close to Gordan Ramsay’s skills?

Here are 10 ingredients to put some varieties in your usual baked chicken breast:

chicken 1081088 1280
How do you like your baked chicken breast? Credits: Pixabay

1.Pesto sauce

pesto 2152234 1280
Pesto sauce

Do you know that pesto is the past participle of the verb ‘pesta’ which means ‘to pound’ or ‘to crush’ in the Genoese dialect in northern Italy?

This term refers to the original method of making a pesto whereby the ingredients are crushed or ground in a mortar.

Traditionally, it consists of garlic, European pine nuts, coarse salt, basil leaves, hard cheese such as Parmesan cheese and blended with olive oil.

While it is commonly used on pasta, pesto is also good with baked chicken breasts.

There are plenty of cooking blogs publishing 2-ingredient or 4-ingredient pesto chicken recipes.

Basically, these recipes are all the same. It is made with skinless and boneless chicken breast fillets covered with pesto sauce as well as salt and pepper to taste.

The dish is then baked in the oven for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Tasty of Buzzfeed upgrades their version of pesto chicken by topping them with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

2.Barbecue sauce

Besides pesto sauce, you can also make baked chicken breast with barbecue sauce.

Just cover your chicken with your favourite BBQ sauce along with a little salt, pepper and oil then oven-bake it.

However, if you want to grill the chicken, do not brush it with barbecue sauce. Instead, grill the chicken on greased grill over medium heat for seven to eight minutes on each side. Then turn and brush the chicken on both side with the sauce for the last few minutes.

Check out this recipe!

3.Teriyaki sauce

The four main components of a teriyaki sauce are soy sauce, sake or mirin, sugar and ginger.

To use it for you cooking, soak the meat, vegetables, fish or tofu for at least half an hour before cooking.

If you want to make baked chicken breast in teriyaki sauce, you can start by arranging your chicken breasts on a lightly greased baking dish.

Cover your chicken with teriyaki sauce before covering the baking dish with foil. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes in a preheated or until the chicken is cooked.

Once it is cooked, do not waste any excess liquid. Drain the pan and pour the remaining teriyaki sauce over the chicken before serving.


Have you ever wondered why there are different colours of mustard out there?

This condiment is basically made from the seeds of a mustard plant. Then, these seeds are either ground, cracked or bruised before mixing them with water, vinegar, lemon juice and salts.

The colour ranges from bright yellow to dark brown depending on the added flavourings or spices such as turmeric or green juice of unripe grapes.

The most common ingredient that goes along with mustard when preparing baked chicken breast is honey.

Other common ingredients are olive oil, apple cider vinegar and of course salt and pepper to taste.

Since there are many types of mustard out there from dijon mustard to French mustard, you can always try which type suits your taste the best.


honey 1006972 1280

Speaking of honey, a honey garlic baked chicken breast is another common dish. The marinade is made by whisking together soy sauce, honey, garlic, lime juice, Sriracha, sesame oil and cornstarch.

If you are not a fan of garlic, The Spruce Eats has a recipe for honey baked chicken breast.

The ingredients are honey, brown sugar, red wine, light soy sauce, flour, salt, dried leaf thyme, paprika, ground black pepper, butter and canola oil.

6.Italian dressing

If you have a bottle of Italian dressing in your fridge, you can opt not to just use it on your salad but also to marinate your chicken breast too.

Commonly found in American and Canadian cuisine, Italian dressing is a vinaigrette-type consisting of water, vinegar or lemon juice, vegetable oil, chopped bell peppers, usually sugar or corn syrup.

The best part of making baked chicken breast using this ingredient is that you do not need any other ingredient – not even salt and pepper.

All Recipes came up with a recipe by combining six skinless, boneless chicken breast with one bottle of Italian-style salad dressing.

Seal them in a zip lock bag and place it in the refrigerator for one hour, or even overnight.

Then bake the chicken in an oven for at least one hour.

You can check out the recipe here.


To make yogurt baked chicken breast, you need at least two other ingredients; garlic and panko bread crumbs.

Firstly, marinate your chicken with plain yogurt, crushed garlic for one to six hours.

Then transfer the chicken to a baking pan. Sprinkle the bread crumbs over the chicken before baking.

If you need that extra taste of herbs, add in thyme in your yogurt mixture.


If you are not familiar with gochujang, it is basically Korean red chilli paste. It is a fermented condiment made from chilli powder, glutinous rice, fermented soybean powder, barley malt powder and salt.

Gochujang is an essential ingredient in making Korean cuisine such as Korean braised chicken.

Korean food blogger Jin Joo from Kimchimari reinvented Korean spicy chicken by oven baking them.

The key step in making this recipe is to make gochujang marinade. She combines chopped garlic, grated ginger, soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, sesame oil, Korean red chilli pepper, black pepper and not forgetting gochujang.

Then she marinates the chicken breasts overnight in the fridge.

Finally, she bakes the breasts in the oven for 17 to 18 minutes. Jin Joo also suggests broiling the chicken for one extra minute to caramelise it.

9.Alfredo sauce

If you have Alfredo sauce laying around the house, you can use it to bake your chicken breast. Or you can make one from scratch if you don’t have one.

Add cream and butter to a saucepan over medium heat and bring it to simmer. Then whisk in the garlic and simmer for 30 seconds.

Turn off the heat and whisk in the Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. To make the sauce smooth and creamy, continue to whisk it until the cheese has fully melted.

As for your baked chicken breast with Alfredo sauce, spread a layer of the sauce on the baking dish. Place the chicken breast over sauce before season the meat with salt and pepper.

Add some chopped broccoli over the chicken. Before the chicken make it to the oven, pour the remaining sauce over the chicken and broccoli.

You can top it with Parmesan cheese if you want to. Finally, bake it for 40 minutes.

10.Balsamic vinegar

Here is another ingredient from Italy that makes the list. Balsamic vinegar is a very dark, intensely flavoured vinegar, made wholly or partially from grape must.

It is used sparingly to enhance the flavour of steaks, eggs or fish.

Make a marinade using balsamic vinegar, then you can make another version baked chicken breast.

Mix together balsamic vinegar, olive oil and other flavouring such as salt, black pepper and garlic to make the marinade.

Remember, you can always tenderise your chicken breast before baking using a meat mallet or rolling pin. Check out baked balsamic chicken recipe here.

5 YouTube channels featuring unsolved cases you need to follow

There is something about unsolved cases, especially cold cases that transfix true crime fanatics out there.

Perhaps, all the unanswered questions and the conspiracy theories keep the stories of these unsolved cases being retold over and over again.

For the victims who have disappeared without a trace, everyone who knows of the stories want answers, whether it’s in the hope that those families will have closure, or to restore their own sense of justice in the world.

For those thirsting for justice on behalf of those murdered, unfortunately, many perpetrators of these unsolved murder cases were identified long after their natural deaths.

If you are interested in unsolved cases, here are 5 YouTube channels to follow:

police 850054 1280
There are many reasons why criminal cases remains unsolved such as lack of evidence and human factor. Credits: Pixabay.

1.Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

With more than 3.55 million subscribers, Buzzfeed Unsolved Network gives viewers everything from the unsolved crimes, disappearances, conspiracy theories to supernatural incidents.

The best part of these videos especially on unsolved cases is that it presents all the possible theories of what might happen.

From famous unsolved cases such as the death of JonBenet Ramsey to lesser known cases such as the disappearance of Dorothy Arnold; Buzzfeed Unsolved Network has them all.

Speaking of Dorothy Arnold, she was an American socialite and heiress who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in New York in December 1910.

On that day, Arnold told her friend that she had planned to walk through Central Park before returning home. When she failed to return home for dinner, her family grew suspicious.

There are so many theories, alleged sightings and rumours surrounding her disappearance even decades after she was last seen. These theories include kidnapping, suicide and abortion gone wrong.

One of thing for sure, her fate remains unknown to this day.

2.Heavy Casefiles

This YouTube channel does not only cover cold cases but also latest unsolved murders and disappearances.

It also keep viewers updated with cold cases that were finally solved.

For instance, the murder suspect of two sisters who was finally identified 31 years later.

On March 5, 1984, Yleen and Lillie Kennedy were found found dead with gunshot wounds in Houston, US. Despite the extensive investigation, the authority was not able to identify any suspects.

In 2009, the DNA found on the crime scene was processed with latest technology but there were no matches found. Finally in 2015, the suspect Edmond Beauregard Degan was identified and subsequently charged with the double murder of the Kennedy sisters.

If you are interested in unsolved mysteries, missing persons cases or unresolved crimes, this is the YouTube channel for you.


With more than 200,000 subscribers, Merc makes videos about mystery, true crime, horror, facts and short documentary videos.

The channel upload almost once a week. Its cold cases fall under ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ which now has at least 79 videos.

There are many unresolved cases out there being featured on this channel including Oklahoma Girld Scout murders.

Less than two months before the murders, a camp counselor discovered that her belongings had been ransacked and her doughnuts stolen at Camp Scott in Oklahoma, US.

Inside the empty doughnut box, there was a disturbing hand-written note vowing to murder three campers. The management of the camp thought it was just a prank.

Then on June 13, 1977, the bodies of three girl scouts between the ages of 8 and 10 were found 140m from their tent at the camp.

Evidence showed that they had been raped, bludgeoned and strangled. At first, the case was classified as solved when Gene Leroy Hart, a local jail escapee with a history of violence, was arrested.

However, he was acquitted when he stood trial for the crime so the murders still considered unsolved.

4.Cold Case Detectives

In October 2015, an American woman Ebby Steppah made an erratic phone call to her older brother, Trevor. Her brother described her as seeming “disoriented” during their conversation. Her last words to Trevor was “I’m f**ked up” then the phone call ended. This was the last know contact anyone had with her.

Days before her disappearance, she had accused four men of gang-raping her at a party she attended.

Two days after her disappearance, her abandoned car was discovered in a park.

Ebby remained a missing person for nearly three years before her body was discovered in a drainage pipe not far from where her car had initially had been found.

Authorities classified her death as a homicide. It is one of the unsolved cases featured on Cold Case Detective.

Created by TJ Ruesch and the team behind Top5s and DestinationDeclassified, the viewers can also send a request to research a specific cold case.

5.Criminally Listed

This Canadian-based YouTube channel is curated for fans of true crime. It aims to bring the most interesting true crime stories and unsolved cases that most viewers have never heard of before.

They have at least 29 videos dedicated to unsolved mysteries. They cover all kinds of topics such as unsolved mass murders, unsolved disappearances ad unsolved serial murders.

In addition to that, this channel also has playlists on serial killers, true crime stories and cannibals.

One of the unsolved cases featured on the channel is the Keddie Murders.

The murders took place in Cabin 28 of the Keddie Resort probably during the late evening of Apr 11, 1981.

Glenna Susan ‘Sue’ Sharp, her son John Steven Sharp, daughter Tina Lyn Sharp and John’s friend Dana Hall Wingate were all found dead.

Sue’s two younger sons Rick and Greg together with their friend Justin Smartt were also in the house but left unharmed.

There were multiple suspects over the years but to this day, no charges have been filed.

10 times when Chinese YouTuber Li Ziqi impressed us with her life skills

If you are looking for an example of sustainable living, watch Li Ziqi living her life on her YouTube videos.

Living in a rural part of Sichuan province in southwestern China, this Chinese internet celebrity makes everything from scratch and films it in a very artistic way which oozes a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon type of serenity.

She told Goldthread in a rare interview in Sept 2019 that she simply wanted people in the city to know where their food comes from.

While her talents in the kitchen making food is impressive, her life skills of crafting and making something are equally awe-inspiring.

Here are ten times when Li Ziqi blew our minds with her skills:

Li Ziqi
Li Ziqi. Credits: Youtube

1.When Li Ziqi made an entire cloak from wool

Viewers can watch the whole process of processing the wool, drying it , winding it with a spool, dyeing it and finally knitting the wool into a cloak.

According to the video description, she incorporated braiding into the knitting technique (meaning braid first and then knit) for everyone’s convenience.

Additionally, she said it was an easy and simple way for making clothing, blankets and scarves.

Perhaps Li Ziqi’s definition of ‘easy’ is completely different from the rest of us.

2.When she made one whole living room furniture set out of bamboo

This YouTuber never failed to surprise us with her life skills and in this video, she actually made one whole set of furniture from bamboo.

So where did she gets her bamboo from? She harvested them by herself, of course.

It is so impressive to watch her, from dragging all the bamboo, from the forest to sawing and putting everything together.

3.When she built her own oven like a badass

One of the perks of building your own oven is that you can shape it however you want. Here Li Ziqi decided to build her oven in the shape of a cute dog head.

Like all of her videos where she does not speak to the camera explaining to her audience what is she doing, in this video viewers are also left with lots of questions. For instance, what are the function of the glass bottles? Why mix the clay with the grass straw?

But who actually cares right? Nobody is going to build his own clay oven after watching the video.

Watch the video here.

4.When she makes shoes for her grandma

Remember those days when people used to make their own shoes? You don’t remember? Me neither.

In this video, viewers can see the tedious work that goes into making your own shoes. At the end of the video, some viewers might thank the heavens above that there are shoe outlets and factories to make shoes nowadays.

Watch the video here.

5.When Li Ziqi made her own woodblock printing

Woodblock printing in China has been around since the 7th century. It is a method used on textiles and later paper to publish books and other texts.

Here Li Ziqi makes her own woodblocks to print a letter. Again, another tedious job of carving the letters out (in Chinese calligraphy, remember!) to make small wooden stamps that only people like Li Ziqi has the patience to do.

Watch the video here.

6.When she reared silkworms to make a quilt out of silk

Here Li Ziqi introduces her viewers to sericulture or silk farming where she cultivates silkworms to produce silk. Did you know that silk was believed to have first been produced in China as early as the Neolithic Period?

We might not know how long it took for her to rear them, harvest the silk and then turn them into a comforter, pants and shirt for her grandma. But we do know that she needs to place the silkworms and mulberry leaves on trays, then put the silkworms on twig frames for them to form cocoons.

Once the cocoons are ready, she soaks them and winds the silk on spools. She then stretches them before sewing them into a comforter.

Watch the video here.

7.When Li Ziqi dyed a dress from grape peels

Every culture has its own natural dyes, whether they are derived from the leaves, roots or fruits of a plant that are used to colour food or textile.

While artificial colouring is widely available, it seems like we are going back to the olden days. This is because natural dye is in the ‘in’ thing now as it is more environmentally-friendly.

If you are looking to dye your textile using a commonly found natural ingredient, try grape peels like Li Ziqi did.

Watch the video here.

8.When she took up Shu embroidery, a traditional Chinese craft

It is never too late to take a traditional craft skill. Take it from Li Ziqi who took classes with a Shu embroidery master to learn this ancient skill.

Also know as Sichuan embroidery, it is among the oldest known embroidery styles in Chinese history.

Using satin cloth and coloured silk thread, the handwork is painstakingly refined.

Watch the video here.

9.When she makes cosmetics the Chinese traditional way

If you are wondering how did the Chinese actresses in your old kungfu dramas have full makeup? This video will answer your questions.

It also tells you how the red paper used as lipstick in period drama was made.

Watch the video here.

10.When Li Ziqi made her own aromatherapy

Li Ziqi is known for her cinematic, captivating scenery in her videos. This video of her making aromatic dew is perhaps one of her most beautifully shot videos.

Watch her collect magnolia lilies, roses, grapefruit flowers, rosemary and Centella leaves and purify them to collect their essences.

Watch the video here.

Do you have any favourite videos of Li Ziqi? Let us know in the comment box.

15 poets you should follow on Instagram

Whether you like it or not, social media has been redefining a lot of things including the world of poets.

Social media apps such as Instagram has become a platform for poets to freely share their rhymes and verses to an audience.

And if they are good enough, they can even score a book deal or two for making their works accessible to the world.

So if you are looking for sincere, relatable words to soothe your poetic soul in the midst of the viral craziness of social media, here are 15 poets you should follow on Instagram:
1.Lang Leav

Love & Misadventure, Lullabies, Memories, The Universe of Us and Sea of Strangers; these are published poetry and prose books written by Lang Leav.

Taking matter into her own hands, Lang self-published her first book Love & Misadventure. When the book started to top best-seller charts, publishers began calling her for book deals and now she signed up with Writers House.

Apart from her books, you can find some of her works on her Instagram account where she also shared about her future events.

2.Michael Faudet

And we cannot talk about Lang Leav, without talking about Michael Faudet. Faudet is Lang’s partner and perhaps the only one who knows how Faudet looks like in real life.

Unlike Lang’s work, Faudet is known for his erotic writing style, which you can tell even by the title of his books such as ‘Dirty Pretty Things’.

3.Rupi Kaur

Before this poet shared her work on Instagram, she started to share them on Tumblr back in 2013.

Rupi Kaur’s Instagram feed of poetry and illustrations started in 2014. Then, she published her first book, milk and honey on Nov 4, 2014.

The book sold more than 2.5 million copies and was on The New York Times Best Seller list for over 77 weeks.

The success of Kaur’s book is indeed a far cry from her days writing poems on Tumblr account.


What does Atticus looks like? No one knows (or at least none of his followers do, anyway). The poet always wears a mask even during his public readings of his book and on TV.

Is he a good poet? His 1 million followers on Instagram think so.

His Instagram feed is carefully curated in monochrome mostly with one-liners that hit straight to your heart.

5.Nikita Gill

The scariest thing about putting your work online is to have people sharing them without crediting you. And no one knows this better than Nikita Gill.

A couple years ago, Khloe Kardashian shared one of her poems without credit. Even after people tried to inform her, Kardashian refused to respond.

The poet shared her thought about it during an interview with Fashion Magazine, “The longer it’s been out on the Internet, the longer the Internet seems to think that it belongs to them. It’s scary being a creative person sharing their work online.”

So, if you are reposting any poems from these poets on Instagram, do not forget to give them proper credit!

6.Najwa Zebian

In 2016, Najwa Zebian self-published her first collection of poetry and prose. And she continued to publish her works in books like The Nectar of Pain and Mind Platter.

Her upcoming book Sparks of Phoenix is set to release this coming Mar 5.

Meanwhile, she continued to share some her lines on Instagram.

7.Alison Malee

Malee is a poet/author/artist. This New York-based poet has been featured in The Huffington Post, Bustle, Thought Catalog.

You can find her poems, quotes and prose on her Instagram, mostly posted with flowers as her background.

8.Amanda Lovelace

She is the winner of 2016 Goodreads Choice Award-winning poet. Her first published book has a title which screams feminism, The Princess Saves Herself In This One.

The titles of her books are always intriguing; The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One, To Make Monsters Out Of Girls, The Mermaid’s Voice Returns In This One.

Recently, Lovelace joined power with two other bestselling authors Nikita Gill and Trista Mateer to publish Dragonhearts.

9.Tyler Knott Gregson

What is the best part about following Tyler Knott Gregson on Instagram? He currently publishes a raw poem from his “Typewriter Series” every day!

And he wrote “Daily Haiku on Love” on a piece of paper and posted it daily too! Wait, we are not done yet. Gregson is also a professional photographer so he posted his photo on his Instagram.

Combining these three kind of photos on his Instagram feed; we have his typewriter-written poems on the left column, a handwritten note in the middle column and a photograph on the right column.

There you have it; one of the most perfectly curated Instagram account and it comes with poems.

10.Nayyirah Waheed

The first word to describe Nayyirah Waheed’s style of poetry is unconventional. Let just say that, she is not a fan of capital letters and traditional punctuation.

Nonetheless, her short lines and few words style of poems manage to draw about 700 000 followers on Instagram.

11.Christopher Poindexter

How to get Christopher Poindexter’s attention on Instagram? Get a tattoo of his poems on your body, post it on Instagram, do not forget to tag his account and he might repost your photo!

Poindexter started to write poems when he was 18. Since then, he had published three books; Naked Human, Lavender (Remastered) and Old Soul Love.

12.Robert M. Drake

With 1.9 million followers on Instagram, it is no surprise that Robert M. Drake is also the author of several best-selling books.

Like some of the poets on this list, Drake is also a popular street artist which you can see his work in all major cities in the US.

13.Marisa Crane

Like many other poets, Marisa Crane also write her non-poetical poems such as fiction and non-fiction pieces.

And the coolest thing about Crane? She is also the co-founder and editor of Collective Unrest, an undergound resistance magazine to promote social unity and political unrest.

14.Pavana Reddy

Most poets write because they found peace and serenity in the rhythmic and metaphoric words of poetry. The same thing can be said about Pavana Reddy who found solace in poetry after losing her sister at a very young age.

You feel how she talked about her pain, love and loses though her poems on Instagram.

15.Amanda Torroni

This author of Stargazing at Noon and Poetic Conversation is currently based in Summerville, South Carolina, US.

Her Instagram profile shows a mixture of poems and prose as well as some glimpse of her personal life.

Occasionally, she posted videos of her reciting her poems.

Do you have any favourite poets on Instagrams which are not on this list? Let us know on the comment box.

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5 reasons why you should follow Dianxi Xiaoge on YouTube

If you have not heard of Dianxi Xiaoge, then you have missed out on something really awesome on the Internet, especially if you’re a foodie!

One of the trends on YouTube is making videos of cooking traditional food in the most realistic, authentic way.

These YouTubers show you how they live their daily lives in the countryside, farming, harvesting, collecting plants in the jungle and cooking dishes using ingredients fresh off the farm.

Imagine if we had a Sarawakian who documented their lives at the longhouse, working on the farm, making burak (Kayan rice wine) and pounding on cassava leaves for dinner.

Interestingly, these videos have gathered a lot of subscribers and views on YouTube. Though Dianxi Xiaoge’s videos are loosely translated, non-Mandarin speakers can still understand the gist of this interesting show.

Dianxi Xiaoge
Dianxi Xiaoge. Credits: YouTube

Here are five reasons why you should follow Dianxi Xiaoge on YouTube:

1.She introduces you to new dishes, particularly from Yunnan province

Dianxi Xiaoge prides herself on being a local Yunnan girl. She films seasonal ingredients, special local products and everything which reflects the uniqueness of Yunnan cuisine.

Yunnan is a province located in south-central China. It is known for its rich resources as well as being one of the most ethnically diverse provinces of China.

Watch the video here.

That being said, it is no surprise that Yunnan is home to a variety of unique dishes. Being proud of her roots, Dianxi Xiaoge shares plenty of Yunnan traditional dishes. Most of these dishes are unheard of especially in Malaysia.

One of Yunnan dishes which Dianxi Xiaoge introduced to her subscribers is the Zianyi Chilli Chicken. The dish has a history spanning over 100 years. It is cooked differently from the more famous Sichuan Chilli Chicken. The chili is first boiled before being pounded to cook with the chicken while Sichuan uses chili oil.

Another unique Yunan dishes are Bamboo Pipe Cakes. (Yes, it is exactly what you expect it to be.) It is a dessert made in bamboo. The snack is more popular in western Yunnan province.

Other Yunnan dishes featured on her channel are Pig’s head with Dried Daikon, Yunnan-style Grilled Lemongrass Pork Rib and Yunnan Red Bean and Ham Rice.

2.You will never take your food and farmers for granted after watching Dianxi Xiaoge

Besides cooking, Dianxi Xiaoge also shows the sweat and blood that goes into her farms. From pumpkin to soybean, she shares what she farms according to different seasons.

Watch the video here.

Not all of her ingredients are planted on her farms. She also harvests some crops from her relatives’ farm or picks them up straight from the jungle.

3.She makes you want to hug your grannies!

This YouTuber speaks fondly of her grandparents in her videos, especially her grandpa who works hard on the farm to make a living. So, some of the videos dedicated to her grandpa are those which she cooks his favourite dishes such as Brown Sugar Sweet Bean Curd Jelly.

Watch the video here.

Additionally, Dianxi Xiaoge inspires viewers to learn from the elders on traditional recipes and methods before it is too late. In some of her videos, she showcases how she learns how to cook certain recipes from her grandma.

4.Dianxi Xiaoge teaches you to make things from scratch

Speaking of grandparents, Dianxi Xiaoge also gets them to try food they had never eaten before such as hamburgers. Her grandparents had only seen hamburgers on TV.

She lives 20km away from the nearest town and even in town, they only sell traditional food.

Watch the video here.

So what Dianxi Xiaoge did was beyond amazing: She made hamburgers from scratch. Can you imagine whipping out tomato sauce from wild tomatoes?

Watch the video here.

Apart from that, she also educates her viewers on traditional cooking methods and it is her way of documenting this traditional knowledge.

While factory-processed sausages are common today, she shows how to make sausages the traditional way which she calls a genius idea from their ancestors which allows for long-term storage of meat.

5.She might turn you into home-based distiller or vintner

What makes Dianxi Xiaoge more impressive is that she is also a distiller and vintner. In one of the videos, she makes her grandfather’s favourite corn liquor.

She also shows how she makes her own wine and mulberry wine.

Watch the video here.

10 books being made into movies in 2019 you need to read

The trend of turning books into movies continues into this brand new year of 2019. While there seems to be too many books being turned into into dramas or Netflix original series to catch up with, here are 10 books you might want to read before they head to the cinema.

1.Pet Sematary by Stephen King (Apr 19)

Who doesn’t love it when Stephen King’s horror novels are turned into movies? Pet Sematary is a 1983 horror story by King which was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1986.

In the 2019 film adaptation of the book, Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) and his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) together with their two young children move from Boston to Maine.

There, the family discovers a mysterious burial ground near the family’s home.

With the successful film adaptation of King’s It in 2017, movie buffs definitely have high expectations for Pet Sematary.

2. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

This is a series of eight science fiction fantasy novels written by Irish author Eoin Colfer. Kenneth Branagh directed the movie adaptation of the film while Michael Goldenberg, Adam Kline and Connor McPherson wrote the screenplay.

In order to rescue his criminal father and restore the family fortune, Artemis Fowl II (Ferdia Shaw) and his servant and bodyguard Butler seek the existence of fairies in hopes of robbing them.

3. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (Dec 25)

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women has been adapted for cinema six times since it was published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869.

This American classic follows the lives of the four March sisters; Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. It is loosely based on Alcott’s own life and her three sisters.

The movie stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern and many more.

4. A Dog’s Way Home (Feb 21)

Dogs are said to be a man’s best friend for many reasons. And one of it is because only a dog would travel more than 400 miles to find her owner.

A Dog’s Way Home is the film adaptation for W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose.

Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, Alexandra Shipp, Wes Studi star in this family drama film.

5. The Rhythm Section by Mark Burnell (Feb 21)

How far would you go in search of the truth? Author Mark Burnell tells the story of a woman who seeks to uncover the truth behind a plane crash that killed her family.

Stephanie Patrick (Blake Lively) then discovers that the crash was not accidental so she embarks on a mission to track down those responsible by assuming the identity of an assassin.

6. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness (Feb 28)

After The Hunger Games, we clearly need another young adult dystopian movie so here comes Chaos Walking.

It is based on The Knife of Never Letting Go, the first book of the Chaos Walking series written by British novelist Patrick Ness.

The story is set in a world where all living creatures can hear each other’s thoughts in a stream of images, words and sounds called Noise.

7. Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott

Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott might remind you of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.

First-time author Lippincott tells the story of two sick teenagers who could never physically touch each other because of their sickness.

You might need to prepare some tissues both for the book and movie.

8. The Woman in the Window by A.J Finn

Dr. Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is an agoraphobic child psychologist who lives alone in a recluse New York city home.

So she spends her time like any woman would living alone; drinking wine, watching movies and spying on her neighbours.

Then moves in the Russells into the house across her home. While spying on her neighbours, she witnesses a crime and determines whether to call the police.

9. The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (Oct 11)

This 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner is told in the first person by Theodore Decker who survives a terrorist bombing at an art museum.

Then the story follows Theodore (played by Ansel Elgort) where he tumbles through a series of adventures that finds him living in Las Vegas with his deadbeat father and later involved in art forgeries.

10. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

If you loved Everything, Everything then you might also fall in love with The Sun is Also A Star.

It is Yoon’s second book after the success of Everything, Everything which was also turned into a movie in 2017.

The story follows a girl played by Yara Shahidi who falls in love in the midst of family conflict.

What are you waiting for? Read these books before they hit the cinema.

Follow these 5 YouTube channels if you love fun facts

Discovery, National Geographic and History are all television channels aiming to widen your general knowledge. And general knowledge is always entertaining if it is presented in fun facts.

However, most of the shows are long and time-consuming. Thanks to YouTube, now you can watch informative videos in a short amount time. Unlike conventional documentary shows, these shows give viewers a wide range of fun facts from educational to funny and scary.

For those who are with short attention span, here are five YouTube channels to widen your general knowledge and give you fun facts along the way:

1.The Infographic Show

Have you ever wondered what are the most painful things a human being can endure? Or how you can defeat Freddy Krueger and survive?

According to The Infographic Show, facts are fun but are usually presented in boring or badly edited videos. So this YouTube channel aims to bring facts in fun and entertaining animation.

It also gives you food facts, military unit comparisons, facts about money and more!

2. Vox

On a more serious note, Vox want to help viewers cut through the noise and understand what goes behind the headlines.

With Vox Borders, the producers show a glimpse of stories behind international borders and those living on these lines.

Additionally, check out its Earworm’s playlist in which Emmy-nominated producer Estelle Caswell explains the stories behind some of your favourite songs.

3. Origins Explained

Your general knowledge would not be complete without knowing cool stuff about the planet earth!

Get to know the most mysterious ocean facts or world’s most dangerous and dramatic sinkholes with Origins Explained.

This is the YouTube channel for you if you are looking for answers for mysterious events and unsolved mysteries.

4.Most Amazing Top 10

If it is straight-forward, informative fun facts that you need, then Most Amazing Top 10 is for you. What kind of facts do you need to know? Strange ones? Scary ones? Funny ones? Interesting ones? Or do you want to find educational or mind-blowing facts?

They have all the stories you could ever imagine, from “Top 10 Scary Holiday Urban Legends” to “Top 10 Scary Coco Cola Urban Legends”.

5.The Richest

Here comes a listicle video of weird, mind-blowing and fun facts. It likes to tap into topics you never thought of.

For instance 10 roads you would never want to drive on and 10 women in history who pretended to be men.

Follow these five Facebook pages to build your own Tokyo travel guide

Are you looking for the ultimate Tokyo travel guide? Nowadays, Facebook has been more than just a social media tool – by following the right (and most accurate) pages, this social networking site can also be your ultimate travel guide.

If you are heading to the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun, follow these five Facebook pages:

1.Savvy Tokyo

Basically, this is a page for women and their families looking for the latest information on getting the best out of life in Tokyo.

For travellers, however, it compiles the weekend activities to do in Tokyo. Plus, there are nitty-gritty types of information like best souvenir shops to buy gifts for your loved ones or festive shows in the city.

2.All About Japan

It is an info platform for Tokyo and all around Japan. What makes it a great Tokyo travel guide is that it highlights specific locations and instructions on how to get there from Tokyo.

On top of informing you where to shop, the page also teaches on some local customs.

3.Tokyo Fan Club

This Facebook page cannot get anymore accurate as a Tokyo travel guide as it is the official account of Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It gives you travelling tips and directories to museums, wholesale markets, fish markets, parks and restaurants in Tokyo.

4.Dive Japan – 1minute Travel Guide

If you only have one minute to be seduced to visit a new place, this is the page for you to follow. It even gives you the visual guide on how to get there.

Foodies and social media influencers would definitely love this page because it features traditional food, hipsters cafes and famous streets in Japan.

5.Visit Japan International

Who offers you one of the best Tokyo travel guides if not a government agency? Visit Japan International is the official Facebook page for Japan National Tourism Organisation.

If you need help, it offers you information who to contact. Plus, there are other travel information such as things to do and food to eat.

And the best part? They are quite helpful in answering your questions. So hit them up on the comment box.

10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed

At the mention of beauty masks, one immediately thinks of the facial mask.

Not surprisingly though, the beauty industry has come up with so many innovations within this decade that you can find a mask for every inch of your body!

Well… Not exactly every inch of your body, but gone are the days when beauty masks are only meant for your face.

anna sullivan 642832 unsplash
The beauty industry has come with so many innovations over the last decade. Credit: Unsplash.

Here are 10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed:

1. Foot mask

While most people are busy taking care of their faces and hair, some of us often neglect our feet. (Raise your foot if you wished your feet were smooth and soft before adulthood made them dry and cracked.)

The hottest thing in the beauty industry now is the foot peeling mask, which has becomean effective way to get rid of the dead skin on your feet. Be warned, the mask actually helps your feet peel like insects going through the molting process.

Place these masks like a sock on your freshly-cleansed feet and let the chemical do its magic. You will only see the results five to seven days after applying these masks when all the dead skin starts to peel off.

Some widely reviewed foot masks online are TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid and Baby Foot Lavender.

2. Chin mask

This is reportedly a surgical-free way of lifting your jawline. V-mask, face lift mask, chin up mask are basically masks designed to reduce the appearance of your double chin. You can also use this to say goodbye to turkey neck.

Most of these masks for your chin claimed to to work to redefine your jawline after one 30-minute treatment.

3.Under-eye mask

Puffiness, fine lines and dark circles… these are some of the problems we have under our eyes.

Nowadays, you can easily find comma-shaped masks at Malaysian drug stores work to reduce these problems. They are known to be a quick fix to brighten your eyes while giving a cooling effects on your skin.

4. Lip mask

Forget about lip balms, we are taking our lip care to another level with lip masks.
Famous beauty brands such as Laneige, TONYMOLY and Sephora have all come out with their own lip masks which work to soothe, replenish, moisturise and nourish your dry and cracked pout.

But if you are not willing to spend that kind of money, slathering your lips with butter and leaving it on overnight works too.

5. Elbow mask

South Korea will always a solution for every problem you have on your body no matter how small.

A couple years back, Etude House from South Korea came up with masks to moisturise and brighten your dry and rough elbows.

Well, that is definitely something we need just in case anybody noticed we have rough elbows in the first place.

6. Hand mask

This is another beauty inspiration which comes from South Korea.

Hand masks are meant to nourish your rough hands and brittle fingernails. L’Occitane has a product to gently slough off the dead skin on your hands. Lush also offers a hand mask that works like a specialised bath for your hands.

Gone are the days that you apply only lotion on your hands.

7. Body mask

Now what about the rest of our bodies? No worries, the 21st century beauty industry has you covered in that area too.

Body mask products are aimed to give users that spa-like experience at home, leaving your body smooth and refreshing.

8.Boob mask

The public won’t be able to see your breasts from top to bottom, but it doesn’t meant that you should neglect them.

Boob sheet masks are apparently a thing, and were created to hydrate the chest areas. They also have anti-aging and skin-brightening properties, ensuring your chest will look great in those décolleté tops and dresses.

9.Belly mask

Show some love to your belly! Pregnant mamas now can lighten the appearance of stretch marks while carrying their babies with beauty masks designed for their pregnant bellies.

They are also meant to soften scars after Caesarean section.

10. Butt mask

Finally, we are now talking about the tush! If you think your buttocks lack suppleness, firmness and bounciness, fret not! There are masks designed to restore those qualities to your butt.

Canada-based beauty brand Nannete de Gaspé is one of the leading players in the industry when it comes to beauty masks.

They introduced to the world the concept of dry masks in 2016. So it is no surprise, this brand offers masks for different parts for the body and that includes the bust and butt.

10 adult art projects to try for non-creative people

Italian poet Eugenio Montale once said, “In reality art is always for everyone and for no one.”

As comforting as it might sound to non-creative people that art is for everyone, the reality is there are people out there who are just not artistic at all.

Having said that, non-creative people sometimes find ways to channel their inner creativity and craftiness.

Of course, the results might not be as good as those who are artistically-inclined and sometimes even far from being sell-able.

If you are looking for adult art projects to try own especially when you are feeling crafty, here are few suggestions:


To make collage art, you can use everything under the sun, from magazine and newspaper clippings to photographs and old postcards.

You can even recreate a famous art piece such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Watch the video here.

2.Hand lettering

If you love quotes and poems, this is an adult art project for you. Pick up a brush or a calligraphy pen to practice your hand lettering.

Once you get the hang of it, move on to create a homemade card or a quote display as a gift or just hang it in your room.

Watch the video here.

3.Photo embroidery

Forget about conventional embroidery, embroidered photographs is the in thing now.

Take your favourite photos and embroider something on it. Maybe put a pair of wings on the photo of your mum or a pair of horns on your least favourite teacher.


rawpixel 668356 unsplash
How about giving origami a try? Credits: Unsplash.

All you need for origami is origami paper and of course tutorials which can be easily found online.

Once you master the art of origami you can turn them into wall decorations or simply as a gift.

Watch the video here.

5.Mod podge craft

The art of decoupage was originated in France in the 17th century. Now with the existence of mod podge, the craft of decoupaging has never been this easy.

Known for its fine finish and strong adhesiveness, you can use mod podge on flip flops, coasters, wooden boxes, cake stands and even table tops.

Watch the video here.


If someone told you that tie-dye was for hippies, don’t believe them.

Widen your imagination and you can tie-dye almost everything, from a bag to a curtain and your short jeans.

Watch the video here.

7.Fabric Marker

Unleash your inner craftiness by drawing on a plain T-shirt with a fabric marker.

Draw a random asymmetrical design or write your favourite quote. You can also use fabric marker to personalise your own shoes, tote bag and cushion cover.

Watch the video here.

8.Vegetable printing

Vegetable printing are not just for kids. With the right materials, you can make your own cushion covers, coffee mug, paper wrappings and gift tags.

As for what vegetables you can try, see if you can use potato, carrot, celery and winged beans.

Watch the video here.

9.Washi tape

The Japanese people are a source of tons of brilliant ideas, one of those ideas including washi tape.

This decorative tape can be used for anything you can imagine.

You can decorate your book, table, computer keyboard, plastic cups for a party, even use it as wallpaper.

Watch the video here.


Beadwork can be easy if you stick to the basic of stringing beads together with a thread to produce a necklace, lanyard, or bracelet.

If you want to challenge yourself, you can also move on to harder beadwork skills such as bead crocheting or 3D beading.

Watch the video here.

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