8 easy Japanese recipes to try at home

Forget about sushi and sashimi, there are easy Japanese recipes out there for you to try at home. Fellow Asian countries like Malaysia already have the basic Japanese ingredients like rice and soy sauce. Other traditional ingredients that you might require to make your own Japanese cuisine at home are miso, dashi,

What makes a good tourism board website?

Although some travellers prefer travel blogs and social media, tourism board websites still remain important resources for accurate information on travelling to a specific country. Most tourism board websites have evolved over the years, utilising social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their countries and give more insights on travelling

Innovation Space for Digital Nomads in Kuching

Our internet connection here in Sarawak might not be optimal yet, but that hasn't stopped us from opening innovation spaces for start-up communities and digital nomads. Innovation space has become a big thing in Malaysia, particularly Kuching with many start-ups communities and digital nomads starting to grow and flourish. With aspiring Digital

5 viral dance moves which took Malaysia by storm

Nothing brings people together better than viral dance moves. Generally Malaysians have accepted viral dance moves with open arms and sometimes with a lot of sense of humour. But of course, some of the viral dance moves that came were not without controversy. That being said, here are five viral dance

15 Wildlife Photographers you should follow on Instagram

Wildlife photographers have the toughest job of capturing animal behaviour at the right moment to create a powerful image. The job requires not just skill but also great patience and persistence. Thankfully, wildlife photographers have taken to social media to share their images while also highlighting important conservation issues. Here are some outstanding

5 best free stock photos sites for you to download images legally

There are plenty of useful sites out there offering free stock photos under the Creative Common (CC) license. What does it mean by a CC license? It is one of several copyright licenses which allows free distribution of otherwise copyrighted works. Designers, journalists, bloggers find these sites a Godsend as they can

10 special needs cats that will warm your heart

Special needs cats are often neglected, abandoned or even worse, euthanised. Due to their conditions, they need special people to take care of them. Only special people with great patience, dedication and love can these cats find their forever homes. Meet some of these special needs cats and their amazing hooman parents. We assure

Sarawakian ghost stories found online you’ve probably never heard of

Everybody loves ghost stories, especially when they're familiar with the places where they allegedly happened. While Peninsular Malaysia is host to infamous haunted sites like Highland Towers, Karak Highway and Villa Nabila, we have our own share of spooky tales here in the Land of the Hornbills. Here are some Sarawakian ghost

8 Korean food blogs to follow for home cooked recipes

Korean food blogs for you to stalk and learn how to cook at home With the rise of the K-pop wave, Korean food is getting more popular around the world. More and more Korean food outlets are opening up, introducing Korean dishes such as bibimbap and bulgogi. Additionally, Korean grocery shops are slowly