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What makes a good tourism board website?

Although some travellers prefer travel blogs and social media, tourism board websites still remain important resources for accurate information on travelling to a specific country.

Most tourism board websites have evolved over the years, utilising social media platforms such as Instagram to promote their countries and give more insights on travelling tips.

While others still have lots to improve on, (*cough cough* Malaysia…) here are some things which can make a tourism board website stand out:

1. Good travel stories

Lake Tekapo in New Zealand. Credits: Pixabay.

Gone are the days where tourism board websites are only filled with press releases of official events.
For example, Tourism New Zealand’s media section has plenty of stories (and story ideas) covering a wide range of topics from activities and sports to nature and ecotourism as well as insights on Maori culture.
Go behind the scenes of famous eateries in New Zealand as the website also features interviews with chefs.

2. Full of tips and guides

Yosemite National Park in California, US. Credits: Pixabay.

There are a lot of tips and guides out there but what we need is specificity.
Like in the blogosphere, some travel bloggers are specialised in luxury travel while others give backpacking and budgeting tips.
When it comes to a good tourism board website, what we need it to be is an all-rounder.
It needs to be full of tips and guides covering all travelling needs.
The Visit California website, for example, offers various tips from how to travel with kids to how to pack for a trip to California.

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3. It is all about the details

A good tourism board website website will tell you things that you never thought you needed to know.
Is the place wheelchair friendly? Do they provide baby strollers?
Is it kid-friendly? Where else can you visit in the nearby areas?
Go To Bermuda for instance, even explains to its future visitors how it’s like to drive in Bermuda.

4. More about food please

A night view of Stockholm. Credits: Pixabay.

To write about eating places is more than just listing down what to eat at a certain town.
Again, travellers need and want the details.
One very good example is Visit Stockholm website.
If it is a restaurant you are looking for, it narrows down to budget, mid-price or gourmet categories.
Looking for a cafe? Do you want it to be a cozy, trendy or a classic cafe?
How about a place to hit at night in town? The website details to a bar, a place with live music, or a club and even an LGBT bar.

5. Don’t forget about pop culture

Pop culture tourism is the reason why The Abbey Road in London is famous. We want to go where the famous people go, to eat what the famous people eat, to visit where the famous films or dramas were filmed.
South Korea capitalises the popularity of its Kpop and Korean dramas by promoting Kpop music festivals and filming locations.
Visit Korea website lists downs all the filming locations for famous dramas including Goblin, Legend of the Blue Sea, Love in Moonlight, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo and Uncontrollably Fond.

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