10 special needs cats that will warm your heart

Special needs cats are often neglected, abandoned or even worse, euthanised.

Due to their conditions, they need special people to take care of them.

Only special people with great patience, dedication and love can these cats find their forever homes.

Meet some of these special needs cats and their amazing hooman parents.

We assure you that watching their videos will brighten your day.

Watching these videos of special needs cats will brighten your day. Credit: Pixabay.

1. Maya the Cat

Maya is a tabby cat born with a chromosomal abnormality. When she was found behind a Chinese food restaurant, they brought her to a shelter to be euthanised.

Just because she looks a little different than other cats.

She has some problem with her eyesight and she sneezes a lot.

The Odd Cat Sanctuary then took her in and put her up for adoption.

That was how her hooman Lauren Beader in Massachusetts found her and she called her Maya.

2. Monty

Monty from Copenhagen, Denmark was born without a nose bone also due to chromosomal abnormality.

His hoomans Mikala Fuglesang and Michael Bjorn took him home from a shelter on August, 2013.

Bjorn told The Huffington Post, “I looked into his eyes and started stroking him gently on his head. I saw his personality and I’m sure he saw mine and liked what he saw. From that moment on, both Mikala and I started creating a very strong bond with Monty. We tend to think that we did not choose him but he chose us.”

Since then, Monty has been living happily with his hoomans and two siblings Malle and Mikkel.

3. Blossom and her family

In 2015, the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York rescued a cat with a severe eye infection.

The rescue and adoption centre made the decision to have Blossom’s eyes removed.

Radio personality and animal advocates Howard Stern and his wife Beth fostered her for a while until she recovered.

Then Blossom found her furrever home with Susan Smith who already had other special needs cats.

Her siblings include blind Donavan, as well as Donny and Ozzy who have cerebellar hypoplasia.

4. Smush official

Smush was born with genetic abnormalities causing her to have a cleft lip and facial deformities.

She was found abandoned during the summer in 2017 and was quickly taken to University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

The veterinarian students there took care of Smush, feeding her every four hours.

Now, Smush is living happily with her hoomans Florida resident Shannon Jackson and her wife Sarah.

5. Lil Bub

This American cat celebrity was born in July 21, 2011 in Indiana, US.

She was born with an extreme form of feline dwarfism causing her limbs to be quite small.

Her tongue always hangs out because of her short lower jaw.
If you think Lil Bub looks familiar, perhaps you have seen her in the 2016 film Nine Lives.

She even has her own documentary, Lil Bub & Friendz.

6. Lil Bunny Sue Roux

This little angel was born without her front legs.

That doesn’t stop her from jumping around and being active.

She was born in New Orleans and rescued from an animal shelter by Jackie Deak Akey in 2014.

With almost 60,000 followers on Facebook, this cat/bunny/kangaroo/T-rex really know hows to draw a crowd.

7. Helix

Helix was born with cerebellar hypoplasia which affects his motor skills.

The condition causes him to wobble in his movement.

He was rescued from the streets but now is living with his family in Austin, Texas.

Putting aside his imbalanced mobility and lack of coordination, Helix is as healthy and playful like any other cats.

8. Kanga Roo the Cat

She was brought to a vet clinic in Northern California for euthanasia because she was different from other cats.

She was born with a condition called radial agencies, a defect affecting the formation of the radius born in the arm.

Cats like Kanga have problems using their front legs to hold weight.

She was rescued by Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco and later adopted into a family.

Her siblings include two canine brothers named Brandon and Brownie and two feline siblings named Skittles and Hector.

9. Ryder

Ryder looks a little different from other cats.

That is because he is suffering from a condition called eyelid agenesis causing him to have no eyelids.

He went to surgery to make his eyes better and now he lives a normal feline life in Raleigh, North Carolina.

10. Max and Grace

These two blind rescued felines were adopted from a shelter in San Francisco.

Max was adopted first before his sister Grace came into the picture.

They both quickly bonded and now they do everything together.

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