10 adult art projects to try for non-creative people

Italian poet Eugenio Montale once said, “In reality art is always for everyone and for no one.”

As comforting as it might sound to non-creative people that art is for everyone, the reality is there are people out there who are just not artistic at all.

Having said that, non-creative people sometimes find ways to channel their inner creativity and craftiness.

Of course, the results might not be as good as those who are artistically-inclined and sometimes even far from being sell-able.

If you are looking for adult art projects to try own especially when you are feeling crafty, here are few suggestions:


To make collage art, you can use everything under the sun, from magazine and newspaper clippings to photographs and old postcards.

You can even recreate a famous art piece such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Watch the video here.

2.Hand lettering

If you love quotes and poems, this is an adult art project for you. Pick up a brush or a calligraphy pen to practice your hand lettering.

Once you get the hang of it, move on to create a homemade card or a quote display as a gift or just hang it in your room.

Watch the video here.

3.Photo embroidery

Forget about conventional embroidery, embroidered photographs is the in thing now.

Take your favourite photos and embroider something on it. Maybe put a pair of wings on the photo of your mum or a pair of horns on your least favourite teacher.

rawpixel 668356 unsplash
How about giving origami a try? Credits: Unsplash.

All you need for origami is origami paper and of course tutorials which can be easily found online.

Once you master the art of origami you can turn them into wall decorations or simply as a gift.

Watch the video here.

5.Mod podge craft

The art of decoupage was originated in France in the 17th century. Now with the existence of mod podge, the craft of decoupaging has never been this easy.

Known for its fine finish and strong adhesiveness, you can use mod podge on flip flops, coasters, wooden boxes, cake stands and even table tops.

Watch the video here.


If someone told you that tie-dye was for hippies, don’t believe them.

Widen your imagination and you can tie-dye almost everything, from a bag to a curtain and your short jeans.

Watch the video here.

7.Fabric Marker

Unleash your inner craftiness by drawing on a plain T-shirt with a fabric marker.

Draw a random asymmetrical design or write your favourite quote. You can also use fabric marker to personalise your own shoes, tote bag and cushion cover.

Watch the video here.

8.Vegetable printing

Vegetable printing are not just for kids. With the right materials, you can make your own cushion covers, coffee mug, paper wrappings and gift tags.

As for what vegetables you can try, see if you can use potato, carrot, celery and winged beans.

Watch the video here.

9.Washi tape

The Japanese people are a source of tons of brilliant ideas, one of those ideas including washi tape.

This decorative tape can be used for anything you can imagine.

You can decorate your book, table, computer keyboard, plastic cups for a party, even use it as wallpaper.

Watch the video here.


Beadwork can be easy if you stick to the basic of stringing beads together with a thread to produce a necklace, lanyard, or bracelet.

If you want to challenge yourself, you can also move on to harder beadwork skills such as bead crocheting or 3D beading.

Watch the video here.

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