10 adult art projects to try for non-creative people

Italian poet Eugenio Montale once said, “In reality art is always for everyone and for no one.” As comforting as it might sound to non-creative people that art is for everyone, the reality is there are people out there who are just not artistic at all. Having said that, non-creative people sometimes

8 Korean food blogs to follow for home cooked recipes

Korean food blogs for you to stalk and learn how to cook at home With the rise of the K-pop wave, Korean food is getting more popular around the world. More and more Korean food outlets are opening up, introducing Korean dishes such as bibimbap and bulgogi. Additionally, Korean grocery shops are slowly

10 DIY blogs that will inspire your crafty side

These 10 DIY blogs will inspire you to grab your glue guns, make a trip to the craft store and make something new. About six years ago, I aspired to be a DIY blogger. I stalked a whole host of DIY Bloggers, tried their step-by-step instructions and got down to creating