Ten DIY blogs you must follow

10 DIY blogs that will inspire your crafty side

These 10 DIY blogs will inspire you to grab your glue guns, make a trip to the craft store and make something new.

Ten DIY blogs you must follow
10 DIY blogs you must follow. Credit: Pixabay.

About six years ago, I aspired to be a DIY blogger. I stalked a whole host of DIY Bloggers, tried their step-by-step instructions and got down to creating my own DIY piece-of-art.

However, that dream didn’t last long. I simply didn’t have enough creative juice and my frustrations over failed projects quickly dampened my drive to be a DIY blogger.

But the stalking continues.

Here are my 10 DIY blogs to follow; some I have followed from six years ago and some which recently made me a new fan:

1. I Spy DIY


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I spy with my little eye and I see an amazing DIY blog called I Spy DIY.

Its founder Jenni Radosevich uses glue gun, jewellery pliers and a sewing machine to make fashionable items she sees in the magazines and on the runway.

According to her, everyone including high-end designers respond to pro DIYers.

Jenni stated in her blog, “I think if someone really wants to buy the designer version, they will. I don’t really think it competes with high-end designers.”

2. New Dress a Day


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My love for DIY projects started after I quit my job in the retail line. Perhaps that was why I could identify with Marisa Lynch from New Dress a Day.

After she was laid off from her editor job, Lynch suddenly had a surge of creativity drive while watching Julie & Julia.

So Lynch challenged herself, making 365 items for 365 days on a $365 dollars budget.

Unlike most bloggers who look demure or elegant in their photos, Lynch posts herself pulling quirky poses and funny expressions in her blog.

Since 2009 when she first started her blog, Lynch continues to make a new dress a day.

3.Wild Amor


Wild Amor was formerly known as Studs and Pearls, but the creative mind behind it is still the same.

The founder, Kirsten Nunez identifies herself as a lifestyle journalist, editor, and author.

Through her blog, Nunez shares how to DIY crafts, home decor, fashion items and recipes.

With a Masters degree in nutrition under her belt, you can count on Nunez for healthy, wholesome recipes.

4. A Beautiful Mess


A Beautiful Mess has come a long way from being just an ordinary blog. It was first started by Elsie Larson before her sister Emma Chapman joined.

Now, the team has expanded to even include positions like staff writer, community engagement manager and business development manager.

Plus, they even founded an app company called A Color Story, teaching online classes and publishing books.

Talk about expanding your business!

5. Lovely Indeed


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She used to make macaroni necklaces as a child and now she makes things for adults and children alike.

Chelsea Foy is the founder and editor of Lovely Indeed.

She even has contributors adding on creative contents on this DIY blog.

Additionally, you can visit her print shop online to see if there is any art print you like; they are lovely indeed!

6. HonestlyWTF


Erica Chan Coffman is the founder and editor of HonestlyWTF.

She also founded HonestlyYUM, a website circling on food, cocktails and entertaining ideas.

Besides her love for making things from bracelets to bags and belts, Chan Choffman also enjoys exploring the world.

She pens down her thoughts on traveling in her blog and contributes to Conde Nast Traveler.

7. Almost Makes Perfect


Clay wall hangings, floral bath salts, minimal soap bottles, leather cat litter scoops, copper circle earrings – Molly Madfis from Almost Makes Perfect makes almost everything you can think of.

She named the blog Almost Makes Perfect because she could never do anything perfectly, something most of us non-crafty people can relate to.

8. P/S I Made This


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Erica Domesek believes in the concept “I see it. I like it. I make it”.

No wonder Elle Magazine once dubbed Domesek the “Fashion Queen of DIY.”

The highlight of her blog is her Craft Math where she simplifies DIY tutorials with photos and math equations.

9. Paper & Stitch


Brittni Mehlhoff quit her job as a high school art teacher to fully dedicate her time to Paper & Stitch.

Besides giving how-to for crafts and gifts, Mehlhoff also provides plenty of revamping idea for your home.

On top of that, she shares travelling tips and her love of road trips.

A DIY website and a travel blog combined; Paper & Stitch is definitely a must-follow.

10. A Pair and a Spare


A Pair and a Spare was created by Geneva Vanderzeil in 2010 as a journal for her DIY projects.

From there, the blog grew to become a DIY and how-to website publishing tutorials, recipes, interviews and studio tours.

You can also follow Vanderzeil’s adventure on her Instagram while she spends most of her time between Hong Kong and Australia and other exotic locations in between.

Time to grab new tools to DIY everything. Credit: Pixabay.
Time to grab new tools to DIY everything. Credit: Pixabay.
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