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10 Facebook pages you must follow if you love food

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If you love food but spend most of your time on social media than in the kitchen, here are 10 Facebook pages you’ll want to follow.

Be warned! These Facebook pages might inspire you to channel your inner Nigella Lawson and whip up something to eat!


When it comes to food-related Facebook pages, somebody’s sure to mention Tasty.

It is a Buzzfeed division that produces food-related content. It is widely known for posting series of videos featuring short recipes on Facebook.

What makes it interesting is how you can watch the food being prepared from a first-person point of view.

This Facebook page was launched on July 31, 2015 and by December 2016, it gathered 77 million followers!

2.Proper Tasty

Proper Tasty is the first international adaptation of Tasty focusing on British cuisine.

It describes itself as “Food that’s tasty, tempting and a bit naughty. Unique twists on beloved British recipes you’ll want to cook. Like Tasty, but in grams not cups.”

3.Tasty Japan

What makes Japanese food so interesting is none other than their food presentations!

Only the Japanese would have thought simple fried rice could be presented as a sleeping teddy bear with a thinly fried omelette for a blanket.

Tasty Japan is a must follow page if you are looking for not just feast for your tummy but feast for your eyes.

4. BuzzFeed Food

Staying true to BuzzFeed style, this Facebook page shares listicles types of stories on food.

The headlines are borderline click-bait, but if you scan through properly, BuzzFeed Food actually shares helpful cooking tips.

And again staying true to the BuzzFeed’s identity, the page also loves to share nonsensical quizzes like ‘pick some food and we tell you what is your ultimate city’.

Nonetheless, this page is a must-follow if you love food-related humour or share-worthy cooking disasters.

5. Allrecipes

If you Google or web search any recipe, one of the top results that usually comes up is from the website

While you can find all its latest updates and articles on its Facebook page, you’ll also find its Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr pages with the #allrecipes hashtag.

6.Food Network

Food Network is not just a food channel but it has also spread its content to a website and magazine.

Its sister channel, Food Network Asia is also a must-follow if you are into Asian Cuisine.

7. Taste of Home

This American cooking magazine shares best-loved recipes from ordinary home cooks.

You can find tonnes of cooking tips and reviews here at this page too.

They also love to do ‘We tested these so you don’t have to’ types of articles.

8. Cooking Panda

The description of this page is a little bit quirky. It goes:

“Once upon a time lived a panda who got bored with eating just bamboo. Thus he went around the world searching for ethe best recipes and cooking them his own way to get the most delicious meals he’d ever taste. Always exploring any possibilities in the kitchen, he enjoyed more and more of his own cooking and started to think of sharing the joy with others.”

It doesn’t matter if a panda is behind this page, it still shares great video recipes and more on its website.

9. Asian Food Channel

This page is the online engagement platform for the tv show Asian Food Channel (AFC).

It claims to be the region’s leading food-focused channel that “celebrates the unique Asian culinary experience with the added touch of global flavour.”

Here you can find recipes, snippets of shows featured on the channel and contests for readers to participate.

10. The New York Times Food

The New York Times Food is an official New York Times production.

This Facebook page usually shares various recipes from desserts to main courses such as Bavarian-style soft pretzels, chicken congee and roast chicken with fennel.

Most of the posts on this page lead to its website

It used to post quick and easy how-to videos and cooking live shows but they were short-lived.

As expected from New York Times, the page also occasionally shares serious food-related issues and new store openings in New York.