5 YouTube channels featuring unsolved cases you need to follow

There is something about unsolved cases, especially cold cases that transfix true crime fanatics out there.

Perhaps, all the unanswered questions and the conspiracy theories keep the stories of these unsolved cases being retold over and over again.

For the victims who have disappeared without a trace, everyone who knows of the stories want answers, whether it’s in the hope that those families will have closure, or to restore their own sense of justice in the world.

For those thirsting for justice on behalf of those murdered, unfortunately, many perpetrators of these unsolved murder cases were identified long after their natural deaths.

If you are interested in unsolved cases, here are 5 YouTube channels to follow:

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There are many reasons why criminal cases remains unsolved such as lack of evidence and human factor. Credits: Pixabay.

1.Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

With more than 3.55 million subscribers, Buzzfeed Unsolved Network gives viewers everything from the unsolved crimes, disappearances, conspiracy theories to supernatural incidents.

The best part of these videos especially on unsolved cases is that it presents all the possible theories of what might happen.

From famous unsolved cases such as the death of JonBenet Ramsey to lesser known cases such as the disappearance of Dorothy Arnold; Buzzfeed Unsolved Network has them all.

Speaking of Dorothy Arnold, she was an American socialite and heiress who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in New York in December 1910.

On that day, Arnold told her friend that she had planned to walk through Central Park before returning home. When she failed to return home for dinner, her family grew suspicious.

There are so many theories, alleged sightings and rumours surrounding her disappearance even decades after she was last seen. These theories include kidnapping, suicide and abortion gone wrong.

One of thing for sure, her fate remains unknown to this day.

2.Heavy Casefiles

This YouTube channel does not only cover cold cases but also latest unsolved murders and disappearances.

It also keep viewers updated with cold cases that were finally solved.

For instance, the murder suspect of two sisters who was finally identified 31 years later.

On March 5, 1984, Yleen and Lillie Kennedy were found found dead with gunshot wounds in Houston, US. Despite the extensive investigation, the authority was not able to identify any suspects.

In 2009, the DNA found on the crime scene was processed with latest technology but there were no matches found. Finally in 2015, the suspect Edmond Beauregard Degan was identified and subsequently charged with the double murder of the Kennedy sisters.

If you are interested in unsolved mysteries, missing persons cases or unresolved crimes, this is the YouTube channel for you.


With more than 200,000 subscribers, Merc makes videos about mystery, true crime, horror, facts and short documentary videos.

The channel upload almost once a week. Its cold cases fall under ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ which now has at least 79 videos.

There are many unresolved cases out there being featured on this channel including Oklahoma Girld Scout murders.

Less than two months before the murders, a camp counselor discovered that her belongings had been ransacked and her doughnuts stolen at Camp Scott in Oklahoma, US.

Inside the empty doughnut box, there was a disturbing hand-written note vowing to murder three campers. The management of the camp thought it was just a prank.

Then on June 13, 1977, the bodies of three girl scouts between the ages of 8 and 10 were found 140m from their tent at the camp.

Evidence showed that they had been raped, bludgeoned and strangled. At first, the case was classified as solved when Gene Leroy Hart, a local jail escapee with a history of violence, was arrested.

However, he was acquitted when he stood trial for the crime so the murders still considered unsolved.

4.Cold Case Detectives

In October 2015, an American woman Ebby Steppah made an erratic phone call to her older brother, Trevor. Her brother described her as seeming “disoriented” during their conversation. Her last words to Trevor was “I’m f**ked up” then the phone call ended. This was the last know contact anyone had with her.

Days before her disappearance, she had accused four men of gang-raping her at a party she attended.

Two days after her disappearance, her abandoned car was discovered in a park.

Ebby remained a missing person for nearly three years before her body was discovered in a drainage pipe not far from where her car had initially had been found.

Authorities classified her death as a homicide. It is one of the unsolved cases featured on Cold Case Detective.

Created by TJ Ruesch and the team behind Top5s and DestinationDeclassified, the viewers can also send a request to research a specific cold case.

5.Criminally Listed

This Canadian-based YouTube channel is curated for fans of true crime. It aims to bring the most interesting true crime stories and unsolved cases that most viewers have never heard of before.

They have at least 29 videos dedicated to unsolved mysteries. They cover all kinds of topics such as unsolved mass murders, unsolved disappearances ad unsolved serial murders.

In addition to that, this channel also has playlists on serial killers, true crime stories and cannibals.

One of the unsolved cases featured on the channel is the Keddie Murders.

The murders took place in Cabin 28 of the Keddie Resort probably during the late evening of Apr 11, 1981.

Glenna Susan ‘Sue’ Sharp, her son John Steven Sharp, daughter Tina Lyn Sharp and John’s friend Dana Hall Wingate were all found dead.

Sue’s two younger sons Rick and Greg together with their friend Justin Smartt were also in the house but left unharmed.

There were multiple suspects over the years but to this day, no charges have been filed.

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