KajoPicks: 5 YouTube channels to follow if you love true crime stories

True crime stories can be morbid, gruesome to watch or read about.

Yet some of us are simply fascinated about them, especially when it comes to murder cases. Perhaps one of the reasons we are drawn to true crime stories is how they can trigger fear in us, the same way some people can enjoy a good horror movie even though they’re jumpy while watching it.

With the existence of specialised YouTube channels, videos covering the horror and depravity of all types of crime have become so accessible.

KajoMag’s five Youtube Channels to follow if you just love true crime stories. Credit: Pixabay.

So here are five YouTube Channels to follow if you just love true crime stories:

1. BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime

Buzzfeed Unsolved is one of BuzzFeedBlue’s weekly web series.

Its creator Ryan Bergara co-hosts the show together with Shane Madej where they highlight famous unsolved crimes throughout history and present possible theories.

Even though it’s heavy material, the duo manage to narrate it with some sense of humour, making the videos so entertaining to watch.

That being said, Bergara seems to have better chemistry with Madej who replaced his former co-host Brent Bennett.

2. Criminally Listed

Putting aside the dull narrations in the videos, Criminally Listed features great listicles of true crime stories.

The channel comes up with morbidly interesting themes like “3 Cases of Teachers Killing Their Students” and “3 Haunting Family Christmas Murders”.

The Canadian-based YouTube channel brings you true crime stories every Thursday and Sunday.

3. Vintage Files

Revisit old crime scenes with the Vintage Files.

They feature solved and unsolved crime cases, sliding in some paranormal mysteries in between.

We bet videos like “5 Strange Events that Happened in WW1” and “5 Most Evil Doctors in History” are stories they never taught in any history class.

4. Rob Dyke

Internet personality Rob Dyke manages to combine comedy and tragedy in his videos featuring some of the scariest, creepiest stories in the world.

He dedicates Sunday to gruesome murders in history so watch out for his video on that.

He has a playlist of serial killer videos on his channel that he named “Anatomy of Murder”.

5. Cayleigh Elise

Cayleigh Elise brings you horrifying crime cases in her video series “Dark Matters”.

She features well-known cases like Elisa Lam (the girl whose body was discovered in the water tank of a Los Angeles hotel) to lesser known crime like the missing crew of the Sarah Joe.

Cayleigh has another playlist of videos, which can be too sad to watch for some, called “Nameless” which features unidentified victims.

On top of true crime stories, she also covers urban legends, folklore and the paranormal.

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