KajoPicks: 10 Housewife vloggers you might want to follow on YouTube

20 years ago, you would never imagine a common housewife could have millions of followers online by just sharing what she did in her daily life like cooking and cleaning.

But that is the reality we live in today. People on the net are actually interested in watching a stranger doing something that our mothers or grandmothers did on a daily basis.

These housewife vloggers sometimes even scored impressive brand deals while making content at home.

There have been some debates online for examples on Reddit about the safety of producing family vlogs.

Questions are raised especially when parents are sharing too much online about their children with almost no regards for their privacy. For instances showing their children’s names, ages and faces as well as their bedrooms.

What makes these housewife vloggers on this list different from other typical family vlogs is that the focus are on them and their lives as homemakers.

Some of their children are not even in these vlogs and even if they did, their faces are never shown.

With the amount of times that they spent daily running their households, these amazing women naturally have many cooking and cleaning tips as well as recipes to share.

Here are 10 housewife vloggers you might want to follow on Youtube:


Roha is one of many South Korean housewife vloggers who has been sharing their lives online.

Her journey on YouTube started before she was pregnant with her first child. Now her daughter has grown into a toddler.

While it is fun watching her spending her daily life cooking and visiting cute cafes for her 609,000 subscribers, there is one video of hers that is definitely worth watching even if you are not a housewife.

It is a tutorial video on how to care and store your fresh ingredients in the kitchen.

Check out her channel here.


With more than 2.2 million subscribers, Haegreendal sure proved that you can make it big online even while staying at home.

All of her videos were nicely recorded with pretty props and aesthetic vibes.

Unfortunately, her most recently uploaded video was back in February 2022.

Regardless, her old contents especially her recipes are still relevant to this day.

Check out her channel here.


Hamimommy is a housewife in her mid-30s living in Seoul. She is currently taking a leave of absence from work to take care of her child.

During this break of hers, she is producing one of the best homemaking Youtube channels.

She started her channel in August 2019 and since then she has gathered at least 2.26 million subscribers on Youtube.

Her most popular video is a vlog of her daily cleaning routine which has more than 11 million views.

While her cleaning vlogs are so thearaputic to watch and might inspire to do your own cleaning, we also love her cooking meals for her family.

Check out her channel here.


Scrolling through heymayday’s channel and looking at her video titles, viewers can see that she is excited to share her life as a Korean housewife.

From showing her daily life as a Korean housewife, her winter life as a Korean housewife to a Korean housewife’s night routine, we can watch them all on her channel.

However, our favourite ones are videos of her sharing her favourite items that she uses at her home.

While we might not bother to buy them for our own homes such an auto sensor trash can from Xiaomi, still we enjoy watching strangers online using fancy stuffs at their homes.

Check out her channel here.


A housewife that has a passion for crochet is not something rare.

This Youtuber shares not only her daily works as a homemaker but also her hobby crocheting.

Some of her crochet works include bag, indoor shoes and artificial flowers.

Overall, her vlog channel is about living a simple, relatable life as a housewife.

Check out her channel here.


With an impressive audience of 2.09 million subscribers on Youtube to date, Honeyjubu has been making content since December 2019.

Behind the camera lens, she is a simple housewife living in Seoul with her husband, two children and a cute puppy named Lucy.

Apart from sharing her daily life that usually starts from 5 in the morning, she also shares some homemaking tips to her viewers.

These tips include on how to store bulk ingredients and how to cut down on disposables.

Check out her channel here.

7.Housewife Story

Admit it; there is at least on homemaker that you personally know who is obsessed with cleaning.

This South Korean vlogger is definitely one of them.

Looking at the way she cleans, we bet there is no dust at every nook and cranny of her home.

If you are like her who finds pleasure and satisfaction in cleaning, do check out her channel.

Or if you need some inspiration to tidy, watching her clean on Youtube might inspire you.

Check out her channel here.


Speaking of cleanliness, are you the type that love to clean everything up to the point that you microwave your toothbrush?

This is one of many housekeeping tips shared by this housewife vloggers.

How about those icky stains on your grouts? Heo-ssam suggested in one of her videos to rub candle back and forth along the grouts after cleaning them. This will keep the grouts clean for a long time.

Check out her channel here.


What makes this channel different from the rest on the list is because it features two housewife vloggers.

The content of SisLetter is produced by two sisters Yohee and Joy who live on the opposite coasts of the United States.

Yohee who lives on the west coast is the older sister while Joy the younger sister lives on the east coast.

They both shares their daily lives of cooking and cleaning while raising their kids.

Check out their channel here.

10.Leni Mizzle

From South Korea, we are moving to Indonesia for our next homemaker Youtube channel.

Lenni Mizzle is a mother of two who shares her life online that circles around being a mom, homemaking and succulents.

Besides the usual contents of cooking and cleaning her house, she also shares some tips on planting succulents.

Check out their channel here.

Patricia Hului is a Kayan who wants to live in a world where you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

She grew up in Bintulu, Sarawak and graduated from the University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science.

She is currently obsessed with silent vlogs during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to her obsession, she started her Youtube channel of slient vlogs.

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