Follow these 5 YouTube channels if you love fun facts

Discovery, National Geographic and History are all television channels aiming to widen your general knowledge. And general knowledge is always entertaining if it is presented in fun facts.

However, most of the shows are long and time-consuming. Thanks to YouTube, now you can watch informative videos in a short amount time. Unlike conventional documentary shows, these shows give viewers a wide range of fun facts from educational to funny and scary.

For those who are with short attention span, here are five YouTube channels to widen your general knowledge and give you fun facts along the way:

1.The Infographic Show

Have you ever wondered what are the most painful things a human being can endure? Or how you can defeat Freddy Krueger and survive?

According to The Infographic Show, facts are fun but are usually presented in boring or badly edited videos. So this YouTube channel aims to bring facts in fun and entertaining animation.

It also gives you food facts, military unit comparisons, facts about money and more!

2. Vox

On a more serious note, Vox want to help viewers cut through the noise and understand what goes behind the headlines.

With Vox Borders, the producers show a glimpse of stories behind international borders and those living on these lines.

Additionally, check out its Earworm’s playlist in which Emmy-nominated producer Estelle Caswell explains the stories behind some of your favourite songs.

3. Origins Explained

Your general knowledge would not be complete without knowing cool stuff about the planet earth!

Get to know the most mysterious ocean facts or world’s most dangerous and dramatic sinkholes with Origins Explained.

This is the YouTube channel for you if you are looking for answers for mysterious events and unsolved mysteries.

4.Most Amazing Top 10

If it is straight-forward, informative fun facts that you need, then Most Amazing Top 10 is for you. What kind of facts do you need to know? Strange ones? Scary ones? Funny ones? Interesting ones? Or do you want to find educational or mind-blowing facts?

They have all the stories you could ever imagine, from “Top 10 Scary Holiday Urban Legends” to “Top 10 Scary Coco Cola Urban Legends”.

5.The Richest

Here comes a listicle video of weird, mind-blowing and fun facts. It likes to tap into topics you never thought of.

For instance 10 roads you would never want to drive on and 10 women in history who pretended to be men.

Patricia Hului is a Kayan who wants to live in a world where you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

She grew up in Bintulu, Sarawak and graduated from the University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science.

She is currently obsessed with silent vlogs during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to her obsession, she started her Youtube channel of slient vlogs.

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