KajoPicks: 12 Korean silent vloggers you should subscribe to on YouTube

Patricia Hului

Raise your hand if you love watching vlogs but cannot stand loud vloggers.

As much as it is interesting to watch strangers living their normal lives, some vloggers out there really go all out with the TMI (Too Much Information).

Besides showing their daily activities, they talk about their ex-boyfriends, sex lives and family issues. For some, it may be cathartic or even therapeutic to hear that other people are having the same, or even more, problems than you.

Then we have the silent vloggers. Unlike other vloggers who unload their lives in front of the camera, these vloggers remain silent.

They do not talk to the camera but communicate with their audience through subtitles.

The country which offers so many silent vloggers on YouTube is none other than South Korea.

Most of these Korean silent vloggers are freelancers, stay-at-home mums and college students.

They document their lives doing normal activities such as grocery shopping, cooking and going to class.

At the same time, they promote slow living and minimalist lifestyle.

Most of these Korean silent vloggers have similar concept of living in a minimalist home.

If you are looking into a change of scenery on your YouTube channel subscription, here are 12 South Korean silent vloggers you should watch:


Sueddu is a freelance videographer and writer. Expect nothing but aesthetic vlogs from her.

The cinematography and colour tone that she uses are a whole other level from most vlogs.

Living alone with her pet dog Bebe, she enjoys cooking and painting.

With 772,000 subscribers, Sueddu is one of the most followed Korean silent vloggers on YouTube.


This YouTuber is one of many Korean silent vloggers who proves that being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t have to be boring.

She spends her time doing the usual household chores like any other stay-at-home mom, except she does it in front a camera.

This housewife, who is in her 30s, is taking leave of absence from work to take care of her 4-year-old son.

Besides showing her 378,000 subscribers how she cleans, gardens and organises, Hamimommy also share useful tips on living a zero waste life.


Before her career as a vlogger, this fashion design graduate worked as a designer.

Now, she juggles between running a bedding brand, producing videos and writing.

Her videos are mainly about her daily activity, minimalist lifestyle and recipes.


We bet that when you were a campus student, the last thing you would thought is to have 1 million people watching you living your normal life.

Most of her videos are of her preparing meal in between her classes.

This business administration student started her Youtube channel with cafe vlogs when she was working as a part-timer.

Now, her channel has grown to have 1.18 million subscribers.

Jihyunkkung is signed under CJ&EM DIA TV, a company in-charge online content creators.


Here is another Korean vlogger who is a college student. With 480,000 subscribers, Suzlnne started her channel with Gongbang. It is where people broadcast themselves studying in almost total silence.

During this Covid-19 pandemic, she shows how she goes through her daily life as a university student.

Her days mostly circle around cooking, eating, doing assignments and attending online lectures during the South Korea lockdown.


The most popular video of this Korean silent vlogger has 7.7 million views. Interestingly, it is a video about her trying 11 different egg dishes she has tried for the first time.

The second most viewed video is a video entitled “Vlog that makes you want to clean” and it has 4.5 million views.

She spices up her life as a stay-at-home mum by filming aesthetic videos of her cooking and doing chores.


Eyol proves that one can be funny even without uttering a single word as she is cute and hilarious in her subtitles.

Like many South Korean silent vloggers, her vlogs are ‘food diary’ entries, what she eats in a day.

Her most popular video is of her going to a BTS concert with 2.9 million views. That particular video really attracts other BTS’ fans out there.

Other than that, her 265,000 subscribers just enjoy her daily vlogs as a university student.


Most of these Korean silent vloggers rely on their foreign subscribers to help in the translation of their subtitles.

While it is a good thing since it is a free service, but an error in translation can go very wrong.In one of Nebom’s video which supposed to be about ‘Delicious food with boyfriend’ was translated as ‘delicious boyfriend’.

Anyway, who are we to say if her boyfriend is delicious or not. Nonetheless, the wrong translation on the video’s title turned out to be a good thing for her as it gathered 1.4 million views.

Her daily vlogs circle around her cooking at delicious-looking food at home and enjoying them at the end of her videos.

By doing that alone, she has gathered 221,000 subscribers with a total of 11,947,287 views since May 3, 2018.


Are you curious about the life of a cafe owner when she is not in her cafe? Hyonyeo give her 157,000 subscribers a glimpse of her daily life working in cafe and her off days through her Youtube channel.

From learning how to play the piano to a play session with her cat, Hyonyeo seems to live a fairy tale life.

Plus, her apron collection which is part of her working attire is just too adorable.


Here is another aesthetic silent vlog channel with soothing background music for you to subscribe.

Cardsu lives with her husband and two sons (one of them is away for college). The former interior designer promotes minimalist lifestyle through her vlogs.

She also shares recipes, interior designing tips and her life with minimal waste as possible.


With only 28 videos, Seungahne has already gathered 269,000 subscribers.

Similar to other Korean silent vloggers, she focuses on home-cooking videos and decorating her room.

Her most popular video is about her making over her home for winter with 1.7 million views.

12.With Anna

This YouTube is perhaps the most popular figure on this list. She is not exactly a South Korean but of Swiss nationality. Her children Na-eun, Gun-hoo and Jin-woo are perhaps among the most famous toddlers in South Korea.

Anna is the wife of professional footballer Park Joo-hoo. Joo-hoo and his children are the cast of The Return of Superman, a variety show about celebrity fathers spending times with their children.

She just started her YouTube channel last Sept 19, 2020 but her content already looks promising.

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