7 people who turned their daily lives of living alone into YouTube sensations

Patricia Hului

If you think living alone is not interesting enough to be filmed and put on YouTube, then think again.

There are people out there who have posted their ordinary lives of living alone on YouTube. Some of these channels even have more than 2 million views.

How do you spend your alone time? Credits: Pexels

Imagine millions of people watching you doing the things you usually do on a normal day, like making your bed, cooking for breakfast and preparing to go to work. Heck, some of these YouTubers have even filmed themselves cleaning up, but the effect is so cinematic!

Maybe because of the cinematographic work put into these videos, these real-life Home Alone channels are quite interesting to watch.

Some of these videos could even be mistaken for a short film or commercial video.

Most of them do not talk on their videos or even show their faces, relying on captions to tell their stories.

Some viewers commented these videos are ‘inspiring’, ‘calming’ and ‘therapeutic’. We could not agree more because watching other people waking up early to make breakfast really reminds ourselves how lazy we are.

The phrase sometimes used to describe these videos is “hygge”, a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfort as well as contentment.

Thanks to the internet, people are watching everything online. From watching people eating on camera (“mukbang”) to watching people studying on camera (“gongbang”).

Now, watching people living alone is also a thing.

As for filming oneself while living alone, there is a South Korean TV show showcasing celebrities living alone in their homes.

If you are interested to watch people living alone in their respective homes, here are five YouTube channels to follow:

1.Tina’s Life

Racking up with more than 285,000 subscribers, this channel is run by a Japanese woman living alone in Tokyo. She welcomes her viewers to add in subtitles onto her video, so do not be surprised if you can see so many language options on her videos. Some of the languages are Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean and so on.

Her videos can be divided into two categories; her routine and Vlog. Most of her videos show how she prepares a meal for herself at home. The effort she puts on her food, even for simple snacks, is just inspiring, especially for those who always eat instant noodles when living alone.

The best part about Tina’s Life is that she even shows her mistakes on her channel. One time, she baked a cake but accidentally mistaking salt with sugar.

Watch her video here.


There is not much to know about Ondo, except that she is a Korean woman. Apart from showing how she spent her time alone at home, she also filmed how she goes shopping alone.

Other videos include how she spent her hours after work and weekend with friends.

Ondo seems to enjoy entertaining so you can see in some of her videos how she prepares food when her friends come over.

That is the perk of living alone, you can invite your friends anytime you want and they do not have to tip-toe around your housemates or family members.

Basically, this YouTuber just show the people online her normal activities like cooking, decorating her home, doing bullet journals. By doing just that, she gathered more than 930,000 subscribers.

Watch her video here.


This Korean YouTuber filmed herself living alone with her dog Bebe while doing activities such as cooking and painting.

While her cute dog could have stolen the limelight from her, what is more impressive is the level of aesthetic of her videos. Combined with the soothing background music, her videos are almost addictive to watch.

Working as a freelancer means Sueddu spend a lot of times at home alone. According to her, her life as a freelancer and writer is a repetition of busyness and idleness.

She shared in one of her videos that it takes a lot to do everything alone including film herself, edit the videos and share them online. The things that a freelancer who lives alone can relate to.

Watch her video here.

4.Rhea Y.

Rhea Y. is originally from the Philippines but is living and working in Japan.

On her YouTube channel, she shows what happens in a day of her life, what she eats in a day while living alone and her minimalist lifestyle.

Though her contents are not as many as other homebody YouTubers, it is still fascinating to watch her living a simple life on her videos.

Her reactions while living alone are very honest like saying ‘O shit!’ when she accidentally screws up her cooking.

Watch her video here.


Understandably, most of these homebodies turned YouTubers did not reveal much about themselves. Since you are already telling the whole world that you are living alone, it’s not such a smart move to tell them about your identity.

For example, all we know about PlanD that she is a South Korean. She shows how she spends her weekends, preparing her meals and sewing.

Some of her videos do not have any English subtitles but she still managed to gather more than 97,000 subscribers.

Her video of how she spend a whole weekend by herself has more than 400,000 views. And when you thought spending time alone by yourself on weekend could be draggy!

Watch her video here.


Here is another aesthetic video of people living alone. Everything is so aesthetic about her videos; even when she filmed a Q&A video by answering subscribers’ questions using an old typewriter.

Nyangsoop admitted once that she does not know how to cook but continuously perfects her skills so that she can film herself cooking and baking.

And the highlight of her videos? Her cat who often make appearances in her YouTube channel.

As for the works behind her video, Nyangsoop shared that she uses tripod to film herself and then does the editing by herself.

She always come back from her work at night so she only films herself on weekend morning when the lighting is great. Then she spends the rest of the time editing the videos.

Watch her video here.


Do you know that some people love watching other people clean? If you are one of the people who have that fetish, then you might love this YouTube channel.

But let me warn you, her house already looks tidy and clean in the first place so it is not a home makeover kind of cleaning.

Get this, her video of cleaning shower curtains get more than 16,000 views.

Overall, her channel is mainly made of Vlogs of her almost wordlessly going through her days of living alone.

Watch her video here.