4 Unique Experiences You Can Get in Western Australia in 2020

Couple snorkelling at Greens Pool
Despite (or because of) the bushfire tragedy in Australia, Tourism Australia has been fighting to get its tourism industry back on its feet.

One of the ways it’s been doing that is launching its Holiday Here This Year campaign, where they’re encouraging Australians to support their fellow countrymen and plan a local holiday to show that they are open for business and welcome visitors.

Here’s a list of the best activities you can dive into in Western Australia in 2020.

Easily accessible via a 5.5-hour flight from Kuala Lumpur, Western Australia is perfect for all types of travellers – from those looking for a quick getaway to those embarking on a sabbatical.

For inspiration, here’s a list of fun-filled things you can do in Western Australia in 2020.

1.Spend some time frolicking in the sun

Couple snorkelling at Greens Pool

With plenty of sunny days, you’ll be sure to enjoy a day out in the sun at the many white, sandy beaches in Western Australia during any time of the year.

Along its 12,500 km coastline, you’ll find some of the most stunning World Heritage scenery and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters for a truly unforgettable beach holiday.

For those looking to get in some good old Vitamin Sea, head to Greens Pool in the South West region – one of Western Australia’s most iconic beaches.

The beach is truly an Insta-worthy spot with a view of clear emerald waters, pure white sand and sculpted rocks, making it the perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling and diving.

You can also check out the many other beaches in Western Australia in 2020, including those located along Perth’s 80km coastline. It offers an endless supply of sun, sea and sand.

Popular destinations among the 19 beaches situated in Perth include Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach and City Beach which offers the best beach-front activities for travellers all over the globe.

2.Enjoy the best seasonal food of Western Australia in 2020

Hunting for truffles, The Truffle & Wine Co.

No matter the time of year, there’s sure to be plenty of gastronomical experiences awaiting you across the five regions of Western Australia.

If you’re curious to know the stories behind Western Australia’s produce, take the Swan Valley Fresh Seasonal Produce Trail where you can meet the people behind the produce that adorn the amazing dishes throughout the four seasons.

If you’re looking to “hunt” your food, the annual Truffle Kerfuffle is a weekend long celebration of Manjimup’s famous black truffles.

Held at the beginning of truffle season in June, festival goers can join truffle hunters and their truffle dogs to sniff out prized truffles, visit the festival village to meet the producers and get a taste of the region, or get a truffle fix at a multitude of exclusive dining events.

3.Go on an exciting road trip

Another great perk of Western Australia’s sunny weather is that you can plan to go on a road trip during any long weekend or public holiday throughout the year – earning it its title as the road trip state.

Western Australia offers some of the most gorgeous coast-hugging scenic drives along the Coral Coast.

If you can’t stay away from the crystal clear waters of the sea, try going on an adventure along the Coral Coast Highway where you will be brought to the two wonders that put Ningaloo and Shark Bay on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

For those looking to go off the beaten track and enjoy longer drives, try planning for a road trip to the South West and Golden Outback where you’ll witness the landscape changing right in front of you as you travel south from the city skylines of Perth to witness the spectacularly diverse landscape as you take an adventure to the great South West Edge.

4.Be one with nature

Photographing the wildflowers located near Carnarvon.

Western Australia boasts an amazing line up of natural events and attractions, many of which are found only in a handful of locations on Earth.

Regularly occurring during different seasons of the year, these events offer unique opportunities for you to immerse yourself in nature.

For starters, there’s the collection of wildflowers in Western Australia, which is one of the largest on Earth. More than 12,000 species, over 60% of which are found nowhere else on Earth, call Western Australia home.

Beginning from the north in June, the flowering season moves south by September to reach Perth and moves on to the South West by October.

Another event you ought to bookmark for your trip to Western Australia is the whale migration season.

Between May and December, the Humpback, Southern Right and Blue Whales make their way along the coast, often coming close to shore where you can see them with binoculars or even the naked eye from coastal vantage points.

Besides, you can get close to these gentle giants of the ocean by making a trip to Coral Bay or Exmouth, particularly from June to November.

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family getaway, be sure to check out the friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia where wild dolphins have been visiting the shoreline virtually every day for over 40 years, making this spot a must-visit.

Whale watching near Busselton

With this list, we’re sure you’ll be able to plan for the best trip in western Australia – be it a weekend getaway or a long vacation.

For more details and destination inspirations, head over to Tourism Western Australia’s website at https://www.westernaustralia.com.

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