KajoPick: Top 5 Time-travel K-drama to Watch (Picture source: Pixabay)

KajoPick: Top 5 K-dramas about time travel to watch

Too many dramas, too little time….

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The concept of time has always been an interesting theme to watch.

And the good thing about time-travel stories is that, Korean series seems to never be short of them.

Here are some of KajoPicks top five time-travel K-dramas to binge-watch over the weekend.


This time-travel K-drama does not actually involve people travelling between time.

It does however, reconnect two strangers from two different periods of time through a walkie-talkie. (This might sound familiar to those who’ve watched Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid in Frequency).

Signal focuses on a young detective, Park Hae-young from the year 2015 who discovers an old walkie talkie.

He later finds out that he can communicate with another detective from the other end, Lee Jae-han from the year 2000.

While at first neither could believe that they each come from a different time period, they work together to investigate unsolved cases in the present while also solving cases from the past.

One of those cases also involves the disappearance of Lee Jae-han 15 years prior.

Working together with Park Hae-young in solving the case of the missing detective is Cha Soo-hyun who once had a crush on Lee Jae-han.

Total episodes: 16

Tomorrow With You

Yo So-joo is a CEO of a real estate company who has the ability to time travel through the subway.

During one of his trips to the future, he foresees that his future self will die.

So, to prevent it from happening, he marries Song Ma-rin, a photographer to help him evade his death.

This time-travel K-drama sort of reminds me of The Time Traveler’s Wife.

However, unlike the movie, (spoiler alert) you can expect a happy ending from this one.

Total episodes: 16


In 1986, a detective named Park Kwang Ho, finds himself transported 30 years into the future when he chases a criminal through a tunnel.

Confused, he tries to get back to the past to his wife and daughter. Helping him is a detective with the same name as him.

Meanwhile in the future, Park Kwang Ho helps solve a cold case that he was working on in the past.

Total episode: 16

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo

I am not going to lie. I’m going to spoil this drama for everyone.

If you are the type who does not like sad endings, then don’t bother watching this drama.

This time-travel K-drama revolves around a young woman from the 21st century being transported back to the Goryeo period.

She wakes up in the body of Hae-soo and encounters 14 princes of the royal family.

She falls in love with the brooding fourth prince, but it does not end happily for the tragic couple.

What I thought initially would be a comedic time-travel K-drama series, Moon Lovers quickly turns darker in the second half.

When the series ended, some fans felt that the ending of the series was left hanging and demanded a second season.

I thought the ending was fine the way it is. Not to spoil the romance for everyone, but she deserved better.

Total episodes: 20

Go back Couple

This time-travel K-drama asks the question, what would you change if you could go back in time?

Go Back Couple focuses on married couple Choi Ban-do and Ma Jin-joo would were once head over heels with each other.

But after a decade of marriage and a baby, now they just cannot stand each other.

Their relationship reaches a boiling point after a quarrel one night when Jin-joo accuses her husband of cheating on her.

But the truth is, Ban-do who was a medical sales representative was working late every night trying to provide for his family.

After quarrelling one night, they both find themselves waking up in their past as 20-year-old university students.

Neither were able to figure out how it happened or when they would get back to the future again.

But as they were both given the chance to go back to the past again, they were conflicted on whether they would change the past for a better future.  

Total episodes: 12

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