Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching?

Searching for beading supplies in Kuching can be a headache especially when you do not know where to start.

When it comes to beading, there are so many things that crafters need and it is not just beads alone.

Even for its stringing, beaders need to decide to use beading thread, wire, leather or elastic cords.

Plus, there are other supplies such as headpins, split rings, clasps, earring findings and many more.

Fret not because here at KajoMag we narrowed it down for you where to stock up your beading supplies in Kuching, Sarawak.

1.Beads Story By Xing Ya Enterprise

This is the Mecca for all the beading supplies in Kuching. Located at Kota Sentosa, it is the best place in town to buy Toho and Miyuki beads. Both brands are high quality Japan-made glass seed beads.

There are other types of bead being sold there too including tube, acrylic, wooden, faux pearls and many more.
Even for other supplies such as stringing materials, pliers, beading boards and even accessories displays are readily available.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 3
Beads Story by Xing Ya also offers semi-precious beads such as amethyst, quartz and agate.
Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 4
This store is the best place all the beading supplies one go in Kuching.
2. F.A.H

Fabric Accessories House or commonly known as FAH is the place to be to buy fabric in Kuching.
However, the store also has a good selection of beads for sell.

On top of the beads and fabric, the choices of ribbons, laces and rhinestones would give any crafters a glimpse of heaven. It is the best place for crafters to get buy their fabric and beading supplies in one place.

The store has few outlets all over the city but perhaps the most-visited one is at Gambier Street.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching
The FAH branch located at Gambier Street has two floors; the ground floor is dedicated to all the fabric while the first floor is all about beading and sewing supplies.
Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 7
The variety of laces and ribbons at FAH.
3. Jing Lee Travel Souvenier Wholesale

Located at Ewe Hai Street, it is also selling souvenirs to tourists apart from beading supplies. The best part of this store, sometimes you can find old Orang Ulu beads in its collection. You might be feeling the pinch but it is definitely worth it.

4. Satex at Kuching Sentral

Similar to F.A.H., Satex at Kuching Sentral is also selling beading supplies on top of its fabrics. But, their beading collection is limited to seed beads only.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 5
If you are running out seed beads, Satex is another option for you to restock your supply.
5. SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop
Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 2
Fancy anything from SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop?

Every year during Chinese New Year, Kenyalang Park Commercial Centre would come alive with people busy looking for house decoration.

The whole commercial area is known for affordable food and beauty supplies. But at SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop, crafters can also stock up their beading as well as embroidery and crochet supplies.


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