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Why do Malaysians call these stores ‘kedai berhantu’?

Malaysians are talented in making up trendy phrases and urban slang. Makcik bawang (literally means ‘onion aunties’) for instance, refers to women who like to gossip.

Why the onions? The gossiping usually happens while they are in the kitchen chopping onions, hence the name ‘makcik bawang’.

Another common lingo among Malaysian netizens is ‘kedai berhantu’ or ‘haunted store’. Despite what it sounds like, there is no supernatural activity going on at the so-called haunted store.

Let say you go into a store wanting to buy a chopping board. A couple hours later you come out with not only a chopping board but also a laundry basket, a notebook, a tablecloth, a screwdriver and a pet collar (although you don’t own a pet)… then that store is referred to as kedai berhantu.

Basically, a kedai berhantu is a shop that will make you lose your self-control and any self-discipline you may have had in managing your finances as you suddenly indulg in some retail therapy that you didn’t really need. While we cannot attest to the quality of items bought in these ‘kedai berhantu’, we can confirm the variety of items offered there.

shopping 1015437 1280

So here are the famous ‘kedai berhantu’ that can be found throughout Malaysia:

1.Mr DIY

The first branch of Mr DIY was first opened in July 2005 and now it has claimed to be the largest home improvement retailer in Malaysia.

While the name said ‘DIY’, most of the items offered are ready made with 16,600 types of products.

Unless you want to do some repair works DIY, then this is the place to be. You can get everything you need to fix your plumbing, electrical appliances and sew your clothes here.

You can also get your car accessories, toys and furnishing items at Mr DIY.

If you are organising a kid’s party, this is also the place to be. You can get everything from party decoration, party favour to presents for kids here.

Mr DIY’s most underrated category is in fact its stationary section. If you are into bullet journals or book decorating, there are so many kinds of affordable stickers, sticky notes and notebooks to choose from.

2. The ‘kedai berhantu’ from Japan, Daiso

This 100-yen shops franchise was founded in Japan way back in 1977.

Now, it has more than 2,800 stores in Japan and 700 stores outside of Japan such as in Malaysia, Australia and Oman.

With more than 100,000 products to offer, these items are actually made in Japan, China and South Korea.

Since the Japanese are renowned for their creativity and innovativeness, you can expect out-of-the-ordinary items from Daiso.

They have products that you never thought you might need but they are undeniably useful.

For example, have you ever thought you might need a cover for your table or standing fan? After using this fan cover, you might not need to disassemble your fan every time you clean it.

How about special powder to get rid of stray cats from your compound? We cannot guarantee it would work but it is worth giving it a try.

If you are into mini block puzzle or 3D puzzle, it is definitely worth to buy one from Daiso because of its affordable price.

Trying to make cute bento for yourself or your children? Daiso is a starter place for you to buy the essentials to make cute bento.

In Malaysia, all products are priced RM5.90.

3.ECO Shop

In West Malaysia, every item costs RM2.10 while it is priced RM2.30 in East Malaysia. Nonetheless, every item from ECO Shop is still worth the money.

Besides the usual kitchenware, gardening tools and household items, ECO Shop offers a great variety of food and drinks.

You can splurge on junk food and soft drinks here. Other supply such as spices, instant food can be found here too.

Let say if you are craving for a 3-in-1 Milo drink but you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy the whole packet, you can buy a few sticks of it for RM2.30 or less.

Or you want to make a pancake at home and you don’t want to make a large batch, you can find a small packet of instant pancake at ECO Shop.

Overall, it is a perfect place for someone who lives alone or has a small family.


If you are strongly convinced that your home does not have enough containers or hangers, Ninso is the place to be.

How about more baskets or water bottles at your home?

Like other ‘kedai berhantu’ on this list, Ninso is a store where you think one more item wouldn’t hurt your pocket.

And in the end, you walk out telling yourself that you might not need it today but you will need it one day.

You can also find products from famous brands such as 100Plus, Pantene, Colgate and Julie’s.

5. The ‘kedai berhantu’ for interior design enthusiasts, Kaison

If you are into interior design, Kaison might be considered as ‘kedai berhantu’ for you.

There are many decorative items such as plastic plants and flowers as well as wall decoration at Kaison.

Their rugs, throw pillows, fancy decorative lights are perfect for those who want to touch up their homes.

For those who are looking into wedding planning or event management business, Kaison is a great place to get your items to decorate your events.

Besides that, other items that worth buying from Kaison are fluffy toys, tote bags, toiletries bag and notebooks.

It is the place to be if you ever need to buy a housewarming gift or present for a friend who just started a new job.

Do you have other Malaysian stores that you consider ‘kedai berhantu’? Let us know in the comment box. If you are visiting Malaysia for the first time, make sure to visit one of these ‘kedai berhantu’. Do not be surprised how many random things you can get in a trip.

Pasar Batu Tarakan, where Indonesians shop for Malaysian products

When visiting Indonesians want to buy souvenirs at Tarakan island in North Kalimantan, the place most people suggest is Pasar Batu Tarakan.

But for Malaysians, it might not be the most ideal place. This was because Pasar Batu Trakan sells mostly Malaysian products.

Most of these products were brought in from Tawau, Sabah which is a 40-minute plane ride or four-hour boat ride from Tarakan island.

Malaysian Milo, the most sought after item at Pasar Batu Tarakan

If you ever take a flight from Kuching to Pontianak, you might notice many Indonesians carrying Milo as their hand-carry items.

They found Malaysian Milo to be more delicious than the Indonesian-made one. Plus, it is thicker, less sweet but richer in cocoa flavour than theirs.

So Malaysians, do not be surprised if you can find Milo at every stall at Pasar Batu Tarakan.

They are sold in different weights as well as 3-in-1 versions, just as you would find them in Malaysian supermarkets.

Other Malaysian beverages sold at Pasar Batu Tarakan were Nespray milk, Old Town Coffee, Ovaltine, Quaker Oat and children’s milk Lactogen.

Speaking of oats, one of the hottest items at Pasar Bayu Tarakan is made-in-China Twinfish Oat Choco. However be careful, as this is supposedly the most counterfeited item in Malaysia. Its distributor Jie Cheng Hang Sdn Bhd claimed that there are over 16 brands of the similar product in Malaysia. And the one found at this souvenir market came from Malaysia.

Apart from Twinfish Oat Choco, Indonesians also love Malaysian Apollo cakes. A Malaysian favourite childhood snack, the market also sold plenty variety of Apollo cakes there.

So what do Malaysians buy at Pasar Batu Tarakan?

Although Malaysian products made up 90% of the items being sold at Pasar Batu Tarakan, it does not mean Malaysians cannot buy anything interesting from there.

You can buy affordable crackers (kerupuk) made from locally caught fish like ikan tipis and ikan bulu ayam.

If you are a coffee lover, you must take one packet of Kopi Malinau Equato. It is one of North Kalimantan’s very own robusta available in dark and medium roasted variety.

I only spent RM10 at the Second Time Around Books Kuching

Kuchingites know it is the end of the year when the Second Time Around Books fair is in town.

The annual book fair is famous for offering up to 90% discounts on a wide range of books.

This year, the Second Time Around Books fair is being held at The Hills from Nov 3 till Dec 9. There are at least 100,000 used books for children and adults alike up for grabs.

And the fun part is it has a bargain section with up to 8,000 books for only RM1, RM2 and RM3.

Here at KajoMag, we want to make the most of our RM10 and these were the books we bought in the bargain section of Second Time Around Books:

1.Perfect Timing by Olga Bicos

Second Time Around Books 11
Perfect Timing by Olga Bicos for RM1.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet and the ever-ready smartphone, you can read the reviews first if you want to take a chance on an unknown writer.

Luckily for me, this 1998 book by Cuban author Olga Bicos had great reviews on Amazon. According to the reviewers, Perfect Timing is one of her best works. (Score!)

The story follows Cherish, Alec and Conor who survive a horrible airplane crash. A year after the incident, Cherish receives a strange message which unites her with Alec and Conor.

2.Home for Christmas by Anita Stansfield

Second Time Around Books 4
Home for Christmas by Anita Stansfield for RM1.

Since Christmas is around the corner, how about a book which complements the season? Home for Christmas by Anita Stansfield is a romance story. (Yes, there is a section on Romance at the Second Time Around Books fair for those who want to indulge that guilty pleasure.)

The reviews found online for Home for Christmas are mixed; some say it is a must-read during the holidays to get the Christmas mood going, while others found it too cheeky.

Nonetheless for that dose of Christmas spirit, perhaps this book is worth a try.

3.Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra

Second Time Around Books 10
Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra for RM1.

As you can see from the cover, Hollywood made a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE out of this book which is a nonfiction story about four friends who took the law into their own hands.

Set in the 60s, after a prank goes wrong and leaves a man seriously injured, the four friends are sent to a juvenile detention centre where they are sexually abused by the prison guards.

The story follows what happens years after their release.

4.Night by Elie Wiesel

Second Time Around Books 9
Night by Elie Wiesel only for RM1.

I first heard about this book when it was featured on Oprah’s Book Club in 2006. Then I tried to find it in nearby bookstores but failed. Back then there was no MPH Online or Book Depository and in the end the book slipped out of my mind.

So I actually gasped the moment I saw Night by Elie Wiesel which was selling at the price of RM1.

First published in 1960, the book is about Wiesel’s experience with his father in the Nazi German concentration camps at Auschwitz and Buchenwald in 1944-1945.

5.Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

Second Time Around Books 8
A classic by William Thackery for RM2.

Here is another tip when it comes to choosing a book title; when in doubt, choose a classic because you can never go wrong with a classic. This classic English novel was first published as a 19-volume monthly serial from 1847-1848.

Vanity Fair follows the lives of Becky Sharp and Emily Sedly during and after the Napoleonic Wars.

6.Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Second Time Around Books 3
Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah only for RM2.

The first Kristin Hannah book I read was about 5 years ago. So I thought it was about time to break the long drought and pick – not so much of a favourite – but a familiar author.

Firefly Lane is about two friends Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey. One chose marriage and motherhood while the other opted for career and celebrity.

What I gained from my first impression was that it was a typical Hallmark friendship movie, making it a quick vacation read.

7.Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Second Time Around Books 7
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick at RM2.

So far, we have picked up a Hallmark movie plot, a Christmas romance, a 19th century classic and even some true stories.

The last book which rounded up our RM10 total purchase at Second Time Around Books fair is an adult fantasy novel.

It focuses on Nora Grey, a teenager whose life is at risk after starting a romance with Patch. And in true adult fantasy fashion, Patch is actually a fallen angel with a dark connection to Nora.

With so many books to pick at Second Time Around Books, try to be a little bit more adventurous with your reading. Of course, there were more famous writers at the fair such as Sidney Sheldon, Mary Higgins Clark, Danielle Steele and so on.

Pick a new writer for yourself or try a different genre, you might be surprised what you can find at the Second Time Around Books even with only RM10.

Top five shopping spots in Sydney this holiday season

Sydney is known for its food and coffee culture, but it is also a top shopping destination brimming with luxury international brands, local artisan finds, and standout Aussie fashion.

If you are heading out early on Christmas shopping, here are top five shopping spots in Sydney, Australia:

1. Birkenhead Point

Birkenhead Point
Levels of discounted shopping at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre, Drummoyne.Credits: Destination NSW

This is Sydney’s answer to Los Angeles premium shopping outlets. Birkenhead Point has a classic, shopping mall feel with loads of top brands under one roof.

To top it all, it offers a free nanny service, Visitor Passport, bus tour drop offs and a direct ferry service.

The Shopper Hopper ferry is a great way to see the harbor and get to Birkenhead. Just jump on board for the 20-minute ride to Sydney’s largest outlet centre for $13 one-way or $22 return.

Once inside, both domestic or international travellers can present their IDs to the customer service desk to receive a complimentary Visitor Passport with over 35 discount offers.

There are plenty of to shop from luxury goods, fitness gear, shoes and children’s clothing.

End your shopping trip by enjoying crispy squid with soft polenta, tomato and herbs with a glass of bubbles at Café Birkenhead.


Boutique and designer brands lining Military Road, Mosman in Sydney’s lower north shore. Credits: Destination NSW

Located on Sydney’s north shore, Mosman had a bustling village feel with many sophisticated multi-concept retailers.

Walk its pretty streets where you can find cafes, florists and beautiful boutiques. Then, make a stop to fuel up at The Mews, tucked into a laneway in Mosman Square. There you can give the Poke Bowl and a Green Peace Smoothie with kale and coconut water.

At the newly opened Moya, visitors can find a carefully curated collection of Equipment shirts, AG Jeans and Max Mara.

Or you can to Fox and Dove where you can pick a stylish sunglasses, a Zulu and Zephyr swimwear and an Oganised Life Zodiac notebooks.

3. Pyrmont

Women enjoying a day of shopping for Australian designs at Urban Oasis, Pyrmont. Credits: Destination NSW

With luxury shopping at The Star Casino and unique retailers popping up a round Union Street, innercity village Pyrmont is having something of a shopping renaissance.

The luxe arcade in The Star has high-end brands Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Gucci, Moda Emporio along with G-Star Raw and IM Lingerie.

For unique finds, Urban Oasis has cute gifts such as S ’Well water bottles and quirky stationery.

Meanwhile, go to St Frock as it is popular for its Aussie-designed, floral-print midi dresses.

For lunch, just head to The Star’s top eateries—sample Asian street food at Fat Noodle, a burger at Fuel or coffee from Antidote.

Then, what better way to end your shopping trip than perusing the bookshelves and sipping a martini at Edition BookBar.

4.The Intersection, Paddington

The Intersection Paddington
The Intersection shopping precinct, Paddington. Credits: Destination NSW

The Intersection is the tree-lined point where Glenmore Road meets Oxford Street,Paddington.

The Chic enclave is the home of high-end Australian designer boutiques; niche art galleries and hole-in-the-wall cafes.

Start at Jackie’s Café with a lazy sunlit brunch in their leafy courtyard. After that, head to Lee Mathews for sophisticated blouses, skirts and dress.

There are plenty to shop at this part of Syndey, from a cashmere-blend shawl from Jac+Jack or a standout accessory from Sass and Bide.

Then, enjoy a vegan coffee with almond milk at Orchard street or a crisp rosé at historic Village Inn.

5.Surry Hills

Surry Hills
French antiques, accessories and furniture on sale at ici et la in Surry Hills. Credits: James Horan, Destination NSW.

If vintage is your style, this is the shopping spot for you in Sydney. In this vibrant inner-city suburb of working-class origins, you will find one-off vintage finds and seriously cool collectibles.

Start with a taste of Surry Hills at Kawa Café with a Chai Latte and Generous ‘Best Breakfast’.

From here, you can find some of the best vintage clothing in Sydney. Zoo Emporium is a treasure trove of vintage dresses and accessories.

It offers treasures throughout the eras, from 1920s art deco sequined numbers to faux-furc apes, 1940s suits and delicate jewellery.

Or go to Cream on Crown which is a busy secondhand den overflowing with seventies shirts, vintage denim and coats.

Across the road is Oscar and Friends Booksellers, with an interesting collection of non-fiction novels, teen tales and sweet giftcards.

For lunch, have a healthy buffet at About Life or settle into The Winery for their signature ‘Picnic’, $45pp and a glass of Bilpinapple cider.

This article is based on the press release provided by Destination New South Wales, the official tourism board for the state of Australia. 

3 reasons why you should buy secondhand clothes

Not everyone is a fan of secondhand clothes. Here in Malaysia, there are plenty of bad impressions about them, even with the cuddly label of ‘pre-loved’.

“They are dead people’s clothes.”

“You will never find something fashionable.”

“They are all outdated.”

Secondhand clothes are usually called ‘baju bundle’ or bundle clothes because they are sold in bundles or bulk.

pexels photo 965632
Secondhand clothes are usually called as baju bundle in Malaysia. Credits: Pexels.      

Lay your bad impressions of baju bundle aside and consider these three reasons why you should buy secondhand clothes:

1. It saves money

Buying pre-loved clothes is undeniably way cheaper than the original price. If you are the fashionable type who likes to curate your outfit of the day daily, with secondhand clothes you can do that without burning burning holes in your pocket.

There are few instances in life that perhaps will make you change your whole wardrobe – losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time is one of them.

Recreating a whole new look and buying a new range of outfits for your wardrobe is affordable with secondhand clothes.

Additionally, it frees up money for other things like vacations or emergency funds.

pexels photo 994523
You will never know what you find when shop for secondhand clothes. Credits: Pexels.

2.You are helping the environment

Do you know that it takes 700 gallons of water to make a cotton shirt? Do you know that clothes can take up to 40 years to decompose?

There are people out there who throw out clothes after wearing them only a few times. Imagine if everybody was doing the same thing; the amount of clothes piling up in our landfills would be unbelievable.

It is best for all and Mother Nature if everybody would wear their clothes till they are completely worn out. Then it could take decades before our clothes reach the landfill.

Hence, wearing secondhand clothes allows you to do your part for the environment.

pexels photo 1078958
You are reducing waste when you buy pre-loved clothes. Credits: Pexels.

3.The closest you can get to a treasure hunt

You will never know what you will get when you are looking for pre-loved clothes.

Based on my personal experience, I’ve found items from GAP, Banana Republic, Armani Exchange, Forever 21 at one of the thrift shops in Kuching.

The best thing about buying these branded secondhand clothes? They only cost as low as one tenth of the original price.

WhatsApp Image 2018 07 27 at 12.07.54
AB Bundle Matang, one of the chain thrift shops in Sarawak.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching?

Searching for beading supplies in Kuching can be a headache especially when you do not know where to start.

When it comes to beading, there are so many things that crafters need and it is not just beads alone.

Even for its stringing, beaders need to decide to use beading thread, wire, leather or elastic cords.

Plus, there are other supplies such as headpins, split rings, clasps, earring findings and many more.

Fret not because here at KajoMag we narrowed it down for you where to stock up your beading supplies in Kuching, Sarawak.

1.Beads Story By Xing Ya Enterprise

This is the Mecca for all the beading supplies in Kuching. Located at Kota Sentosa, it is the best place in town to buy Toho and Miyuki beads. Both brands are high quality Japan-made glass seed beads.

There are other types of bead being sold there too including tube, acrylic, wooden, faux pearls and many more.
Even for other supplies such as stringing materials, pliers, beading boards and even accessories displays are readily available.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 3
Beads Story by Xing Ya also offers semi-precious beads such as amethyst, quartz and agate.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 4
This store is the best place all the beading supplies one go in Kuching.

2. F.A.H

Fabric Accessories House or commonly known as FAH is the place to be to buy fabric in Kuching.
However, the store also has a good selection of beads for sell.

On top of the beads and fabric, the choices of ribbons, laces and rhinestones would give any crafters a glimpse of heaven. It is the best place for crafters to get buy their fabric and beading supplies in one place.

The store has few outlets all over the city but perhaps the most-visited one is at Gambier Street.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching
The FAH branch located at Gambier Street has two floors; the ground floor is dedicated to all the fabric while the first floor is all about beading and sewing supplies.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 7
The variety of laces and ribbons at FAH.

3. Jing Lee Travel Souvenier Wholesale

Located at Ewe Hai Street, it is also selling souvenirs to tourists apart from beading supplies. The best part of this store, sometimes you can find old Orang Ulu beads in its collection. You might be feeling the pinch but it is definitely worth it.

4. Satex at Kuching Sentral

Similar to F.A.H., Satex at Kuching Sentral is also selling beading supplies on top of its fabrics. But, their beading collection is limited to seed beads only.

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 5
If you are running out seed beads, Satex is another option for you to restock your supply.

5. SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop

Where to buy your beading supplies in Kuching 2
Fancy anything from SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop?

Every year during Chinese New Year, Kenyalang Park Commercial Centre would come alive with people busy looking for house decoration.

The whole commercial area is known for affordable food and beauty supplies. But at SL FLowers and Handicraft Shop, crafters can also stock up their beading as well as embroidery and crochet supplies.


How to master secondhand shopping for your wardrobe

Secondhand shopping is a skill that needs to be learned. It requires practice and perseverance so that you won’t leave a thrift or vintage store with regrets.

Furthermore, mastering secondhand shopping also allows you to grab that one perfect piece of clothing before everybody else.

Here are Kajo-tested and approved techniques on how to master secondhand shopping for your wardrobe:

pexels photo 374677
Never miss a rack when secondhand shopping.

  1. Don’t miss a rack

There are plenty to see when you go for secondhand shopping but no matter what happens, never lose your focus.
Go through every rack and check every hanger because you never know what you’ll find.
Also, wear something comfortable and be patient when you go out shopping.

2. Never buy anything with a stain on it.

It doesn’t matter how good it looks or how well it fits you, do not buy anything with a stain on it. No matter how big or small the stain is, it is better to play safe and don’t purchase a stained piece of secondhand clothing.

Never assume you can get rid of the stain later.

3. Check every zip and button

pexels photo 1232131
If the clothes need major repairs, skip them.

Secondhand shopping is like working on quality control section of a factory: You have to check every part of the clothes especially the buttons, seams and zips.

If it only needs minor repair such as sewing in a missing button, then it is worth to buy.

If the clothes need major repairs like a broken zip, however, it is better to drop it.

4. Black is always the safest colour

pexels photo 219554
Black clothes are always a good idea.

When secondhand shopping for your wardrobe, it is best to pick fashion neutrals. These are colours that go with anything.

Basic neutral colours are black, gray, navy, brown, khaki and white. The best out of these fashion neutrals is of course black, while the riskiest choice is white.

Try to avoid printed fabrics unless they look timeless. Most prints come and go so you can easily which era some specific prints come from.

5.Go for the classic, timeless style

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn when secondhand shopping for clothes. Aim for classic and timeless designs which will make you effortlessly chic.

Say no to big puffy sleeves that definitely scream 80s fashion unless you are shopping for a Halloween costume.
Hepburn was known for her form-fitting long sleeve shirt, striped shirt, smart black trousers, button up shirt and A-line skirt or dress.

When in doubt, go for Hepburn-inspired little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can never ever go wrong with an LBD.

Style guide for women: 5 easy tips on how to dress better instantly

We’ve heard the phrases “dress for success” or “dress for the job that you want, not the job you have.”

Dressing up will boost your self-confidence, promote self-respect and give a good impression.

As Coco Chanel’s famous quote goes, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress. Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

Now comes the question on how to be effortlessly more stylish with little effort.

Here are KajoMag’s five easy tips on how to dress better instantly without changing your whole wardrobe:

1. Don’t know what to wear? Pick a one-piece outfit.

pexels photo 985635
Pick a dress or a jumpsuit if you are too lazy to mix and match your outfit. Credits: Pexels.

Ever have one of those days when you just don’t know what to wear? Most professionals advise that we should plan our outfits the night before so that you don’t have to make that decision in the morning. But if you are really stuck and tired of playing the mix and match game, pick a one-piece like a dress or a jumpsuit.

2. Highlight one feature on your face

pexels photo 789305
Rock a red lipstick and you definitely look effortlessly stylish. Credits: Pexels.

You don’t need to have professional skills or a suitcase of cosmetics to know how to apply makeup.

First of all you need to pick your favourite facial feature, then start to work some magic on your face.

Put on a bold red lipstick with super light eye makeup or wear a pair of fake lashes while rocking nude lips. Either way, highlight only one feature on your face so that way you won’t spend tonnes of time on makeup and still look polished.

3. Fix your hair

pexels photo 973402
Give your a quick blow dry before going out from the house. Credits: Pexels.

For women, our hair is the crown that we never take off. So no matter how lazy you are in the morning, the least you can do is to simply comb your hair.

There is no need to go full blown salon style on your hair. As long as you tame that frizzy mane, you are good to go.

4. Choose one statement accessory

necklace jewelry silver woman 46288
Pick only one statement accessories and your outfits would immediately looked more stylish. Credits: Pexels.

Even if you outfit is plain and uninteresting, dress better instantly by pairing it with a statement accessory.
Choose a pair of statement earrings or necklace depending on your outfit. Accessories do make you look like you dressed to impress.

5. Wear a pair of covered shoes

pexels photo 1260599
A pair of close-toed shoes is always a good choice. Credits: Pexels.

Have you heard the saying, “I make shoe contact before eye contact?” Your shoes can be the first thing people notice when they see you.

However, if it is hard to make a choice of which pair of footwear to go with, go for covered shoes. Covered heels will always make you look more professional than a pair of open toed shoes. A pair of white sneakers, for example, definitely looks better with your jeans than flip-flops.

If you don’t believe a pair of shoes can make a difference, just remember Cinderella.

10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed

At the mention of beauty masks, one immediately thinks of the facial mask.

Not surprisingly though, the beauty industry has come up with so many innovations within this decade that you can find a mask for every inch of your body!

Well… Not exactly every inch of your body, but gone are the days when beauty masks are only meant for your face.

anna sullivan 642832 unsplash
The beauty industry has come with so many innovations over the last decade. Credit: Unsplash.

Here are 10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed:

1. Foot mask

While most people are busy taking care of their faces and hair, some of us often neglect our feet. (Raise your foot if you wished your feet were smooth and soft before adulthood made them dry and cracked.)

The hottest thing in the beauty industry now is the foot peeling mask, which has becomean effective way to get rid of the dead skin on your feet. Be warned, the mask actually helps your feet peel like insects going through the molting process.

Place these masks like a sock on your freshly-cleansed feet and let the chemical do its magic. You will only see the results five to seven days after applying these masks when all the dead skin starts to peel off.

Some widely reviewed foot masks online are TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid and Baby Foot Lavender.

2. Chin mask

This is reportedly a surgical-free way of lifting your jawline. V-mask, face lift mask, chin up mask are basically masks designed to reduce the appearance of your double chin. You can also use this to say goodbye to turkey neck.

Most of these masks for your chin claimed to to work to redefine your jawline after one 30-minute treatment.

3.Under-eye mask

Puffiness, fine lines and dark circles… these are some of the problems we have under our eyes.

Nowadays, you can easily find comma-shaped masks at Malaysian drug stores work to reduce these problems. They are known to be a quick fix to brighten your eyes while giving a cooling effects on your skin.

4. Lip mask

Forget about lip balms, we are taking our lip care to another level with lip masks.
Famous beauty brands such as Laneige, TONYMOLY and Sephora have all come out with their own lip masks which work to soothe, replenish, moisturise and nourish your dry and cracked pout.

But if you are not willing to spend that kind of money, slathering your lips with butter and leaving it on overnight works too.

5. Elbow mask

South Korea will always a solution for every problem you have on your body no matter how small.

A couple years back, Etude House from South Korea came up with masks to moisturise and brighten your dry and rough elbows.

Well, that is definitely something we need just in case anybody noticed we have rough elbows in the first place.

6. Hand mask

This is another beauty inspiration which comes from South Korea.

Hand masks are meant to nourish your rough hands and brittle fingernails. L’Occitane has a product to gently slough off the dead skin on your hands. Lush also offers a hand mask that works like a specialised bath for your hands.

Gone are the days that you apply only lotion on your hands.

7. Body mask

Now what about the rest of our bodies? No worries, the 21st century beauty industry has you covered in that area too.

Body mask products are aimed to give users that spa-like experience at home, leaving your body smooth and refreshing.

8.Boob mask

The public won’t be able to see your breasts from top to bottom, but it doesn’t meant that you should neglect them.

Boob sheet masks are apparently a thing, and were created to hydrate the chest areas. They also have anti-aging and skin-brightening properties, ensuring your chest will look great in those décolleté tops and dresses.

9.Belly mask

Show some love to your belly! Pregnant mamas now can lighten the appearance of stretch marks while carrying their babies with beauty masks designed for their pregnant bellies.

They are also meant to soften scars after Caesarean section.

10. Butt mask

Finally, we are now talking about the tush! If you think your buttocks lack suppleness, firmness and bounciness, fret not! There are masks designed to restore those qualities to your butt.

Canada-based beauty brand Nannete de Gaspé is one of the leading players in the industry when it comes to beauty masks.

They introduced to the world the concept of dry masks in 2016. So it is no surprise, this brand offers masks for different parts for the body and that includes the bust and butt.

Serikin: Sarawakians’ favourite border market

Located on the border between Indonesia and Malaysia, Serikin is famous among local Sarawakians for its affordable household items and batik-themed clothing.

The reason why prices at the market here are so cheap is due to the fact that the sellers come from neighbouring country Indonesia.

The market is located about 15km from Bau town and 80km from Sarawak’s capital, Kuching city.

It is held every weekend and has been around for more than 25 years since it was first erected in 1992.

Pick your rattan furniture at Serikin Weekend Market.

Is it worth the drive to Serikin?

For foreign tourists, driving for more than an hour to Serikin might not be worth the trip.

This is because most of the items sold are household items such as kitchenware, woven mats, woven food covers, mattresses, pillows and rattan furniture.

Serikin 2
If you love woven items, Serikin is definitely a must-visit place.

Unless you are willing to pay for excess baggage fees or ship these items back home, these are not easy-to-carry items you want to haul across the airport.

If you are looking for a memento, you can find more compact souvenirs in more varieties at Kuching city centre than Serikin.

The Malaysian locals including West Malaysian visitors love the market as you can see them bargaining for items like woven mats and mattresses.

Serikin 4
Woven mats of different sizes and patterns and rice winnowing baskets.

Serikin 3
Buyers browsing through a selection of woven mats to purchase.

But if you are a fashionista visiting Kuching, the drive to Serikin is definitely worth the trip.

Serikin offers a wide range of affordable fabrics with colourful and attractive designs.

You might find similar designs in and around Kuching and other major towns in Sarawak, but bear in mind that the prices offered in Serikin are slightly lower.

Hence, this makes Serikin also famous among wholesalers.

Serikin 8
Channel your inner designer by turning these fabrics into your own style of clothing.

Most of the designs for fabrics and clothing are Sarawak motif-inspired or batik-themed, perfect for those who want a pop of colour or a tribal design for their wardrobe.

Serikin 7
A range of batik-themed clothing on display at Serikin.

Some tips and tricks

If you are planning to do your shopping at Serikin, make sure you pack along some bargaining skills.

There is no guarantee bargaining will work in each stall, but it is worth a try.

Besides, the vendors tend to give some discounts if you purchase a large quantity.

Serikin 12
Compare the price at different stalls before making your purchase.

Another shopping tip is to always compare prices. Some stalls sell the same item mostly for the same price but you can always ask to double check.

The market stretches over one kilometre so walking from one end to another can be tiring, especially under the hot sun.

Serikin 10
Take your time to enjoy your stroll along the one-kilometre long market.

Plan your visit early in the morning or in the evening before it closes at 6pm to avoid the heat.

Even better, carry an umbrella and bring along a bottle of water for you to enjoy your shopping.

But if you forgot to bring your own umbrella or a cap, there are traditional woven hats easily available at the market.

There are grocery shops and small family-run cafes at the market just in case you need food and drinks.

After a visit to Serikin and on your way back to Kuching, you can always drop by to visit other Bau’s attractions such as Fairy Cave, Wind Cave and Tasik Biru.

Serikin 6
There are local farmers trading their produce at Serikin.

Serikin 5
A visitor browsing through denim clothing.

Serikin 9
Visitors can also pots and other kitchenware at this border market.