The Mujahidin Grand Mosque is located at Jalan Ahmand Yani which is quite visible from the main road

Iconic Landmarks in Pontianak That You Should Visit

If you just happen to find yourself having to spend only a day in Pontianak, which of its iconic landmarks would you visit?

For those who might have a hard time deciding where to go, just follow this Kajo-worthy list on where to go in Pontianak so that you don’t miss out a lot on its history and culture.

  1. Visit Rumah Radakng

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    Rumah Radakng is the largest replica house of the Dayak Kanayatn community in Kalimantan. (Photo credit

Rumah Radakng is one of the top iconic landmarks in Pontianak. Constructed by the city government from ironwood, Rumah Radakng is a replica of the traditional house of the Kanayatn Dayak community in Kalimantan.

Standing at 7 meters in height, 8 meters in width and 138 meters long, Rumah Radakng is the biggest traditional house in Indonesia.

  1. Try coffee at Warung Kopi Asiang

Coffee lovers would appreciate this humble yet vibrant local cafe that serves good coffee (Picture source from

This local cafe deserves a spot in this list of iconic landmarks to visit in Pontianak due to its humble yet vibrant atmosphere.

According to locals, Warung Kopi Asiang at Jalan Merapi is the best place to get your daily caffeine intake. Open since 1958, the cafe is a popular hangout spot especially during breakfast.

While there, you can order coffee with milk and sugar, or only with sugar or just plain black. Aside from that, you may also order food to go along with your coffee such as half boiled eggs or an assortment of buns and cakes.

  1. Visit the Equator Monument

    equator monument
    The Equator Monument in Pontianak built to mark the division between the North and South hemispheres. (Photo credit Krasowski.)

The Equator Monument is next on the list of iconic landmarks to visit in Pontianak because it is the only city that sits on the equator.

According to the Wonderful Indonesia website, the shadowless sunlight occurs here twice a year as the sun reaches its zenith on the Vernal Equinox (March 21st-23rd), and the Autumnal Equinox (September 21st-23rd).

  1. Visit Singkawang

DSC 0377
The parade of Tatung occurs during Chap Goh Meh month.

While Singkawang is not exactly a landmark in Pontianak, it would be a shame not to visit this unique town.

A peaceful town, another top thing to do while in Pontianak is to visit Singkawang. It is best visited during the Chap Gog Meh celebration.

Singkawang is located about 150 km from Pontianak and you may reach there in just under four hours by bus. When approaching the town, you will notice a lot of small temples along the road.

Typically, local Buddhist residents will pray at their respective temples before Chap Goh Meh.

On the day itself, a Tatung parade will take place.

  1. St Joseph Cathedral

DSC 0109
St Joseph Cathedral is the largest church in Pontianak

Currently the biggest Catholic cathedral in Pontianak, the beautiful interior of the cathedral is really a sight to see.

The original cathedral was said to be built in 1908 but was demolished in 2011 to build a bigger one to accommodate more people.

  1. Mujahidin Grand Mosque

DSC 0095
Located at Jalan Ahmand Yani, the mosque is quite visible from the main road

Built in 1974, this recently renovated mosque is the largest in West Kalimantan as it can hold up to 1,000 people.

Located at Jalan Ahmand Yani main road, the mosque is pretty accessible and easy to spot due to its grand architecture.

The mosque’s distinct features are its four minarets covered with gold on top, so it is easy to spot from the main road.

  1. State Museum of Pontianak

This should be on the list of iconic landmark to visit in Pontianak because where else could you know everything about the city if not the museum?

  1. Pusat Souvenir Pontianak


    A visit to Pontianak would not be complete if you are to end your trip without making a stop at Jalan Pattimura.

    As one of the list of iconic landmarks in Pontianak, the souvenir centre is a pit stop for those who want to buy gifts such as traditional costumes, snacks and even accessories.

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