8 things the Timugon Murut believe about Nabalu, or the afterlife

Different beliefs offer different views of the afterlife. In some views, the afterlife takes place in a spiritual realm. Another popular view is reincarnation. It is where the individual may be reborn into this world with no memory of his past life. Meanwhile in Sabah, the Timugon Murut people have their

Early records of inoculation and smallpox vaccination in Sarawak

If you are not familiar with inoculation or variolation (deliberately introducing the pathogen into an uninfected person), it is the method first used to immunize an individual against smallpox with material taken from a patient or a recently variolated individual, in the hopes that a mild, but protective infection would

How did the name of Sarawak’s capital get changed to Kuching?

In the olden days, Sarawak's capital was also known as 'Sarawak'. Kuching view. Credits: Pixabay. Why did the second White Rajah, Charles Brooke decide to change Sarawak's capital name to Kuching on Aug 12, 1872? Abang Othman Datu Haji Moasili wrote in The Sarawak Gazette on Aug 31, 1964 that explained the

Tungu Rubi, a Bidayuh reconciliation ceremony

Tungu Rubi is a traditional ceremony organised to reconcile two parties who are in dispute. Here is an example of how a Tungu Rubi took place in 1953 at Kampung Tapuh in Serian as recorded by R. Nyandoh: The story went that some women of Tapuh village considered they had been

Sarawak’s forgotten source of entertainment, Band Day

The current generation should be grateful that entertainment is so easily available nowadays. Imagine living in Sarawak in the late 19th century with no smartphone, internet or TV... how did people entertain themselves? Like most parts of the world in those days, people turned to music. For the-then Kingdom