The Limbang Rebellion from a local point of view

On Dec 8, 1962, Limbang witnessed bloodshed when Sheikh Azahari Sheikh Mahmud (famously known as A.M. Azahari) ordered an attack on the town. He was the leader of the Brunei People’s Party and North Kalimantan National Army (TNKU). After attacking the police station, they captured several rifles and machine guns. They then held

Have you heard of Sarawak national war song ‘Rix Rax’?

‘Rix Rax’ was originally written as a Sarawak war song, but it eventually became a closing hymn for a party. The discussion on ‘Rix Rax’ in the Sarawak Gazette In a letter published to the Sarawak Gazette on Feb 29, 1956, N.S Haile inquired about what he called the ‘Sarawak National Anthem’. Haile

5 interesting Sarawak stories as recorded by H. Wilfrid Walker

During the 19th and early 20th century, many European explorers made their way to what they deemed as the "exotic" island of Borneo. Some were looking for wealth while others were seeking knowledge, to be the first one to discover something new. British novelist William Somerset Maugham for instance came to Sarawak

What you should know about the Battle of Beaufort

The Borneo campaign of 1945 was the last major Allied campaign in the South West Pacific Area during World War II (WWII) to liberate Japanese-held Borneo. One of the combats that took place during the campaign was Battle of Beaufort in 1945.   Located about 90 kilometers south of Kota Kinabalu, the

5 things you need to know about Operation Opossum during WWII

In 1945, the Australian Z Special Unit organised a dangerous mission to rescue the Sultan of Ternate, Muhammad Jabir Syah right under the Japanese nose. They called the mission Operation Opossum. Also known as the Kingdom of Gapi, the Sultanate of Ternate is one of the oldest Muslim kingdoms in Indonesia. It