The story of Apai Saloi and how he lost his sago flour

Here is a story of Iban comedic folklore hero Apai Saloi, recorded by historian Benedict Sandin which was published in The Sarawak Gazette (Dec 31, 1965): Long time ago, in Gelong country where Apai Saloi lived, there was a great famine. So Apai Saloi took his sons, Saloi and Ensali, to

The legend of Iban warrior Unggang and goddesses of Mount Santubong

The legend of Iban warrior Unggang and goddesses of Mount Santubong If it weren’t for Benedict Sandin (1918-1982), many Iban legends and folktales would have been forgotten by now. Originally from Paku, Benedict was an ethnologist, historian and Sarawak Museum curator (December 1966- March 1974). Mount Santubong Here is one of his

How New Year’s Day was celebrated in 1875 Sarawak

In many countries, New Year’s Day celebrations usually start as early as the night before with food and drinks and, of course, a fireworks display. Then the first day of the year proceeds with all kinds of activities. From going to picnic with families and friends, to last minute shopping

That one time James Brooke almost died of smallpox

In May 1853, the first White Rajah of Sarawak James Brooke contracted the smallpox disease. It was so severe that he almost died. At that time, he had just arrived in Sarawak from a visit to England. Unfortunately for him, there was no doctor in Sarawak. The only man with

A Sarawakian legend of durian you probably never heard of

A Sarawak Gazette writer, Lee Kok Yin published an article about a durian legend that he heard when he was teaching in rural Sarawak. Here is a legend from local Sarawakians about the King of Fruits - the durian - you probably never heard of: King of Fruits, Durian! Credits: Pixabay. Once

How Apai Saloi, the trickster, makes Loki look like a noob

During a particularly fruitful durian season, Tambap or better known as Apai Saloi made plenty of tempoyak (fermented durian) with his family. Looking at their work, Apai Saloi had an idea of selling their tempoyak to the people who lived up and down the Gelong River. He told Indai Saloi (whose