Swimming in small area such as Piley Cove is much more comfortable during low season due to a lesser crowd.

While most vacationers would pick December till April to take a trip to Krabi in southern Thailand for the warm seawater and tanning, some visitors might prefer otherwise.

The low season in Krabi season is from May to October when the monsoon winds bring cooler temperature and more rains in the area.

You would be surprised how many visitors are still willing to flock to this tourist spot even during low season.

Here are some of the reasons why travelling to Krabi during low season is a good idea:

Even the monkey looks relaxed during low season at Maya Bay.

1. Escape the crowd

Practically, it is less crowded on the beaches and islands.

A tour operator told me that if it was during high season, the streets in Ao Nang would be crawling with tourists.

Additionally, you can hardly see any long stretches of sand on favourite tourist sites such as Maya Bay from ashore, only a sea of humans during high season.

Just a dog relaxing at a beach in Ao Nang.

 2. Cheap, cheap cheap

Unsurprisingly, food and accommodation are cheaper during low season compared to high season.

You could get up to 20% discounts off your bill dining at some of the restaurants in Ao Nang.

A bed at a hostel could go as low as 250 baht per night.

Some tour operators even offer half price discount for their travel packages.

Tour operators sometimes offer up to 50% discounts for their travel packages.

The downside?

However, the biggest disadvantage of travelling during low season is you are the mercy of Mother Nature.

Pick a wrong day, and you could spend time in your hotel room doing nothing if it rains the whole day.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy drinking, might as well spend your time sipping on cocktails and local beers at the bar while watching the rain drop.

Just enjoy your lattes during the rainy season at The Coffee Club in Ao Nang.

One cocktail could cost you 90 to 100 baht during low season – about half the price compared to high season.

There are several local coffee joints such as The Coffee Club in Ao Nang which offers a good caffeine fix on top of great ambiance for you to enjoy a moment alone with your book.

You could also spend your day at any of the spas for a massage or manicure.

All of these make vacationing in Krabi during low season a risk worth taking after all.

A glass of cocktail such as Mai Tai and Magherita can go as low as 90 baht.

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