Where to find Thai designers in Chiang Mai and Bangkok

Thailand has talents as proven by numerous occasions when young Thai designers have been recognised on the local and global stages. For over a decade, the government has been very supportive with various institutions and initiatives aimed at fostering local talents. Government’s support for Thai designers The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

5 things you might not know about torch ginger or bunga kantan

Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) is widely known as bunga kantan in Malaysia. It is also known as ginger flower, torch lily, Philippine wax flower, Indonesian tall ginger, rose de porcelaine and porcelain rose. Here in Malaysia, the bud of the torch ginger makes an important ingredient in dishes such as laksa

Places to visit near Bangkok’s four new MRT stations

The opening of four new MRT stations in Bangkok’s Old City or Rattanakosin neighbourhood and Chinatown, as part of a longer extension to the city’s subway, has made exploration of the area and its various attractions all the more easier. The four MRT stations are part of a 14-km extension to

Asian female ghosts who made it to the big screen

Some say anything men can do, women can do better, which is probably applicable in the case of haunting people as well. Asia being the Earth’s largest continent, is rich with legends, folktales, myths and of course ghost stories. And the main characters of these haunting stories are mainly women. (The idea of

The perks of travelling to Krabi during low season

While most vacationers would pick December till April to take a trip to Krabi in southern Thailand for the warm seawater and tanning, some visitors might prefer otherwise. The low season in Krabi season is from May to October when the monsoon winds bring cooler temperature and more rains in the

Your ultimate island hopping essentials

Packing for your vacation can be stressful at times. Even more so if you have no idea what to expect. On one hand, you do not want to pack too much that you look like you're moving to another country. On the other hand, you don't want to end up saying, "Shoot,

6 gorgeous Hollywood filming locations you can visit in Southeast Asia

Have you planned out your 2018 travel destinations yet? If not, how about walking the paths of Hollywood stars by visiting beautiful filming locations in Southeast Asia? Here are the top six scenic Hollywood filming locations to visit in 2018: 1. Palawan, Philippines - The Bourne Legacy El Nido in Palawan served as one

How to travel ethically in Thailand

Ethical travel in Thailand requires a little bit of extra effort and awareness but it's not impossible. It'll make you feel better about the impact you have on another country and who knows, you might inspire some travelling companions to be responsible travellers too. Here are some simple ways you can be

Visiting Krabi’s Emerald Pool and Hot Spring

A visit to Krabi, Thailand is not all about its islands and beaches. If you are willing to trade the warm seawater for cooling, refreshing freshwater, make a pit stop at Krabi Emerald Pool. Emerald Pool Located at the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve about 70km from Krabi town, this large natural pool