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Filipino fried pork leg of Hong Fu Seafood, a must try food in Sibu town

When it comes to food in Sibu, most people think of kampua, dian bian ngu or kompia.

While they’re usually on top of the must-try food list of this inland town of Sarawak, there is one dish in Sibu which may be the best of its kind in town.

Hong Fu Seafood’s signature dish

Located at Jalan Wong King Huo, Hong Fu Seafood is a famous place among patrons to have dinner with their families.

Their signature dish, the Filipino fried pork leg is famous among local food bloggers that you just have to Google ‘fried pork leg in Sibu’ and you will find a host of online reviews.

So what makes this Filipino fried pork leg so famous?

First of all, it is the holy grail for all hardcore carnivores out there; crispy on the outside, the moment you bite through the skin, you’ll find the meat soft and tender.

For some added flavour, you can dip your pork leg into their vinegar, lime and soy sauce mix.

One portion of Filipino fried pork leg served in Hong Fu Seafood restaurant is huge especially for two people. It can even be enjoyed by up to four or five people.

Have it with a glass of cold beer and it is a perfect way to wrap up a night out in Sibu town.

Filipinio Fried Pork Leg in Hong Fu Seafood (3)
Filipino fried pork leg in Hong Fu Seafood, Sibu.

About Filipino fried pork leg

Hong Fu Seafood may call the dish “Filipino fried pork leg” but in the Philippines, it is called Crispy Pata prepared and served in much the same way.

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Crispy pata is also similar to Schwienshaxe in German cuisine.

For Schweinshaxe, it is a roasted ham hock which is the end of the pig’s leg, just above the ankle.

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Filipinio Fried Pork Leg in Hong Fu Seafood (2)
The skin is crispy and the moment you bite through it, you will find the meat inside is all soft and tender.
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