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Exclusive fashion brand Romyda_KL makes its East Malaysia debut

One of the outfits which stood out during the show. The model looks like she just walked out of a fairy tale.

Romyda_KL sashayed its way to East Malaysia on March 25 with a vibrant runway show containing all the label’s signature styles in a spectrum of colours.

The fashion brand which combines the prowess of Cambodian designer Romyda Keth and Malaysian PR maven Selina Yeop Jr featured 40 various style of outfits with the naturally well-lit Cha Bo Restaurant as its backdrop.

Citing Victoria Beckham as her favourite fashion icon, Selina said her brand was all about exuding a woman’s confidence.

Selina shared, “I made this collection specifically for Kuching. The concept of Romyda_KL is always about embracing the feminine form. It is about how women should be confident, showing off their silhouettes.”

Selina (fifth right) rocking the runway with her models during the debut show of Romyda_KL in Kuching.

Romyda_KL, a brand for all confident women out there

From figure hugging dresses that perfectly mould to the female form, to A-line dresses and jackets that stand out in any crowd, Romyda_KL’s designs are distinctive and can be recognised at a glance.

Romyda_KL carries a strong sense of colour throughout its designs as well as a handcrafted aesthetic shown through the ribbons hand embroidered in a criss-cross fashion on almost every dress.

The brand also carries very limited sizes for each outfit to keep things exclusive so fashionistas won’t have to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same dress.

Their styles embrace an increasingly global trend of modest fashion by featuring long dresses and flowing silhouettes.

Romyda_KL also took the opportunity to feature its latest modest collection, Romyda_KL Modest Couture collection.

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This elegant collection is notably more demure, gently embracing a woman’s curves while giving it an edgy modesty.

Selina, wearing her own design from Romyda_KL, said her brand is all about boosting a woman’s confidence.

Selina assured that every design was made to be worn regardless of age, shape or size.

Furthermore, these outfits are perfect to transition from day to night effortlessly. This allows a busy woman to leave work and go straight off to any function in style.

On her future plans in introducing Romyda_KL to other places, Selina said: “Wherever I have interesting market which receptive to my clothes, I am more than happy.”

With a combination of beautiful materials, timeless designs and exquisite craftsmanship, Romyda_KL is perfect for modern society ladies.

To view the latest collection by Romyda_KL (by appointment only) at The Conversation Studio, No.9, Lorong Beluntas 2, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur or call 012-6653508.

Scroll the gallery for more photos of the show:

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