How to travel from Tubau to Belaga 70 years ago

Today, it only takes two to two-and-a-half hours to drive from Tubau to Belaga. It depends on the weather, road conditions and how many timber-laden lorries you come across along the way. However, did you know that to travel from Tubau to Belaga 70 years ago would have taken roughly two and

Sarawak traditional handicrafts in danger of being lost

In a paper published in the Sarawak Museum Journal in August 1983, former Sarawak Museum director Lucas Chin came up with a list. The list is made of Sarawak traditional handicrafts he had observed would become extinct. It has been almost 40 years since Chin listed down these items. Going through the

What was it like living in Sarawak in 1912?

Have you every wondered what life was like in Sarawak over a hundred years ago? Thanks to a contributing writer of The Sarawak Gazette in 1948 who wrote under the initials ‘O.F’, we had a glimpse of old Sarawak through his writing. So here is the author’s account of what it was

5 interesting Sarawak stories as recorded by Harrison W. Smith

About 100 years ago, an article was published in The National Geographic Magazine about Sarawak. The article ‘Sarawak: Land of the White Rajahs’ was written by Harrison W. Smith and published in February 1919. Smith basically described his experience in Sarawak mingling with the Iban, Bidayuh and Kayan peoples in the 58-page

#KajoTries Nyems Sekal Cafeteria

Are you scrolling through Foodpanda and undecided about what you want to eat? If you feel like local cuisine for lunch or dinner, you could try Nyems Sekal Cafeteria. Their menu selection on Foodpanda offers diverse types of dishes served with your choice of Nasi Kukus, Nasi Putih, Mee/Kuey Teow or

The Limbang Rebellion from a local point of view

On Dec 8, 1962, Limbang witnessed bloodshed when Sheikh Azahari Sheikh Mahmud (famously known as A.M. Azahari) ordered an attack on the town. He was the leader of the Brunei People’s Party and North Kalimantan National Army (TNKU). After attacking the police station, they captured several rifles and machine guns. They then held

Remembering Miri’s ‘Drinking Horse’ formation on Tusan Beach

A year ago on Feb 20, 2020, the iconic rock formation dubbed the ‘Drinking Horse’ or 'Horse Head' at Tusan Beach, Miri collapsed. Located about 40 minutes from Miri city, the geographical formation which resembles a horse drinking water was one of the major attractions of Tusan Beach. The beach is also

What we can learn about Iban customs from Rev Edwin H. Gomes

Reverend Edwin Herbert Gomes was an Anglican missionary in Sarawak at the beginning of the twentieth century. During his 17 years of working here, he wrote several books about Sarawak including Seventeen Years Among the Sea Dyaks of Borneo (1911). He received permission from ethnologist Dr Charles Hose to use his photographs