Old customs when building a new Iban longhouse

In the olden days, building a new longhouse was usually heavily influenced by superstitions. Reverend William Howell once recorded his observation of the Iban customs when building a new longhouse. He stated, “It is not uncommon among uncivilised races, whose lives are influenced or rather haunted by superstitions of various kinds, to

Reminiscences of former Sarawak Museum Curator Edward Banks

Founded in 1888 and opened in 1891, the Sarawak Museum is the oldest museum in Borneo. Since its inception until 1974, the head of the museum was called ‘Curator’. After this, the title for the head of the museum became “Director.” Sarawak Museum has seen so many curators and directors passing

James Brooke’s role in the Battle of Marudu Bay 1845

“The Battle of Marudu Bay sees James Brooke enlisting the help of the British Royal Navy in Singapore to defeat Sherif Osman, a pirate leader from North Borneo, effectively ending his piracy,” this is what you will find on the Sarawak goverment's official website of what happened in 1845. But