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KajoAsks: What drives Sabah-based skincare brand The Borneo Scrub

What is it like to start a fully online skincare endeavor in Sabah? KajoMag asked Casandra Timothy the ups and downs of running The Borneo Scrub, a 100 per cent natural skincare solutions and cosmetics brand.

Established in 2015, the brand focuses on using locally sourced ingredients in Sabah. Their signature – and most sought after -item is the Coffee Face & Body Scrub.

Casandra Timothy
KajoMag: What sparked your interest in starting The Borneo Scrub?

Casandra: My husband, Azel, is a typical caffeine and coffee addict, he can’t live without his coffee and his multiple caffeine boosts. So one day out of the blue I joked about making a skincare product with the coffee he usually drinks (Ground Tenom Coffee). He said why not, I went ahead and made some scrub with ingredients we had on hand and the husband was also the first human guinea pig for the product.

The results were impressive even for the early unrefined batch. His skin, which was always dry and flaky had instantly transformed into baby skin after washing off the scrub. The rest of the family members became additional guinea pigs, then friends. They then started asking whether I was selling it and the rest is history.

KajoMag: What is the best part of running The Borneo Scrub?

Casandra: The best part about running The Borneo Scrub is seeing the reaction of people when they have tried your product. Seeing actual validation and approval of your handmade product, seeing how it amazes people is an indescribably good feeling and it still feels the same even now.

Another equally great part is meeting other entrepreneurs, business owners, all these people and social connections that would have never existed for us if The Borneo Scrub didn’t exist.

I know it should be one thing only but I have to say, if The Borneo Scrub did not exist we also wouldn’t have tried participating in business pitch competitions. It was a whole new level of learning and experiencing. My husband in particular really enjoyed this.

KajoMag: There is a rise of local SMEs using locally sourced ingredients to make skincare products in Malaysia. How do you deal with the competition?
Coffee Face and Body Scrub

Casandra: Competition is very normal. We honestly don’t worry about it a whole lot because we believe the customers can tell the difference. Furthermore, word of mouth and actual reviews tell the best story.

When we started to be more commercially active within Sabah, and Kota Kinabalu particularly, there were about 3-4 local home made businesses selling the exact same type of products e.g. natural body scrubs.

We all did our own thing, focused on quality and customer service. We never had any issues (that we personally experienced) with competition. The way we see it, as long as it can help the market grow and get the public more interested in home made products with local ingredients, no one really loses out on anything. Plus, we elevate the whole supply chain.

KajoMag: Can you name a moment of failure in your business experience that you learned from or that helped you improve your business or the way you work?

Casandra: For us, we don’t consider it moments of failure. This was because when everything is done and settled, and we look back and reflect it’s actually just ill made decisions that didn’t work out very well. One particular situation was acquiring a commercial property as a specialized production and retail HQ.

Seeing that we are a home based enterprise, after some months we realised we were losing money to a place that we rarely even used. Having your own store or place to sell your stuff is great and everything but it’s arguably not the most effective way, depending on your product and customers.

So after a few months we decided to let the place go. We lost a moderate amount of money due to renovation costs, tenancy contract etc. But looking back now we really did learn a lot from there.

unnamed 2
The Borneo Scrub’s Cazel’s Face Oil
KajoMag: Care to share any long-term goals for The Borneo Scrub?

Casandra: One of our targets is to be one of the must-have souvenir products for tourists to try, to buy and to gift to friends back home.

We’re currently supplying our products to Kadaiku (under Sabah Tourism Board) and souvenir chain stores in KK. We also have agents servicing various states. Currently it is going very well and next step is to partner and collaborate with beauty spas.

We also plan to diversify products, we had a few different products in the past. Unfortunately, the amount produced was not much due to high cost. Nonetheless, we have received great feedback on them. So we plan to pursue this option when we are able to.

In addition, at times we aren’t able to cope with the demand from souvenir stores since our products aren’t made in factories in large batches. Thus, we also hope to solve this problem (good problem to have) when we are able to.

unnamed 3
The Borneo Scrub’s Lip Care Line

Want to pick up a new skill? Women can go for these free classes at WWTC, Kuching

Calling out all women living in Kuching area! Did you know that you can take culinary, spa and beauty classes for free at Wisma Wanita Training Centre (WWTC)?

WWTC was officially launched by Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu on Oct 9, 2014.

It was established as a platform for women to pick up a new skill. At the same time, the training centre aimed to train women on how to earn extra income with the new skills they learned.

The classes are open to all women regardless of marital status, age or race.

All the participants need to do is find their way to the centre. However, spaces are limited, so remember to register early.

These two-day classes are mostly organised during weekdays but they do have some classes happening over the weekend.

Here are the classes available at Wisma Wanita Training Centre (WWTC) in 2019:
Free culinary classes at WWTC
pexels photo 256318
It is not too late to know how to use all of these ingridients. Credits: Pexels.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer cooking or baking, you can learn both at WWTC. From traditional Malaysian desserts such as onde-onde and seri muka to western cakes like butter cheesecake and Swiss rolls.

Additionally, interested participants can pick up how to whip up a dish or two to spice up your dinner table or start a food stall. There are classes to teach how to cook Nasi Kerabu, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Nasi Lemak Pandan, Shepard Pie, Nasi Tomato, Kimchi, Korean Hot Spicy Chicken and many more!

Free spa and massage classes at WWTC
pexels photo 332046
You can also learn how to do manicure and pedicure at WWTC. Credits: Pexels

Cooking or baking might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but no worries, there are free classes for those who are interested in beauty and spa.

The spa and massage classes at WWTC are organised weekly mostly on Thursdays and Fridays. Who knew there were so many different kinds of massage available out there?

Here, interested students can try to master the art of Thai, Japanese, Balinese massage or even Malaysian massage.

These days, there is a rising number of new mothers looking for postnatal care experts to make home visits. So, there are classes offer to teach postnatal care and massage.

Other classes include sauna and body scrub, foot spa, reflexology, stress reliever massage and more.

Free beauty classes at WWTC
pexels photo 208052
Learn how to do your own makeup for free at WWTC. Credits: Pexels

A makeup class can cost you at least RM200 these days depending on what kind of makeup and the popularity of your makeup gurus.

But at WWTC, you can learn how to touch up your face from day to night for free.

If you are looking to earn extra income as home-based makeup artist, this is a good place to hone your skill. Furthermore, there are different kinds of bridal makeup to choose from. Pick up a few hair-styling classes and lots of practices, you are ready to beautify a bride!

Take note that WWTC has the rights to change their schedule without prior notice. For more information on schedule and contact persons, check out their Facebook page here.

There will be certificates for those who complete these classes. Remember to dress up decently and appropriately for the class!

3 reasons why you should buy secondhand clothes

Not everyone is a fan of secondhand clothes. Here in Malaysia, there are plenty of bad impressions about them, even with the cuddly label of ‘pre-loved’.

“They are dead people’s clothes.”

“You will never find something fashionable.”

“They are all outdated.”

Secondhand clothes are usually called ‘baju bundle’ or bundle clothes because they are sold in bundles or bulk.

pexels photo 965632
Secondhand clothes are usually called as baju bundle in Malaysia. Credits: Pexels.      

Lay your bad impressions of baju bundle aside and consider these three reasons why you should buy secondhand clothes:

1. It saves money

Buying pre-loved clothes is undeniably way cheaper than the original price. If you are the fashionable type who likes to curate your outfit of the day daily, with secondhand clothes you can do that without burning burning holes in your pocket.

There are few instances in life that perhaps will make you change your whole wardrobe – losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time is one of them.

Recreating a whole new look and buying a new range of outfits for your wardrobe is affordable with secondhand clothes.

Additionally, it frees up money for other things like vacations or emergency funds.

pexels photo 994523
You will never know what you find when shop for secondhand clothes. Credits: Pexels.

2.You are helping the environment

Do you know that it takes 700 gallons of water to make a cotton shirt? Do you know that clothes can take up to 40 years to decompose?

There are people out there who throw out clothes after wearing them only a few times. Imagine if everybody was doing the same thing; the amount of clothes piling up in our landfills would be unbelievable.

It is best for all and Mother Nature if everybody would wear their clothes till they are completely worn out. Then it could take decades before our clothes reach the landfill.

Hence, wearing secondhand clothes allows you to do your part for the environment.

pexels photo 1078958
You are reducing waste when you buy pre-loved clothes. Credits: Pexels.

3.The closest you can get to a treasure hunt

You will never know what you will get when you are looking for pre-loved clothes.

Based on my personal experience, I’ve found items from GAP, Banana Republic, Armani Exchange, Forever 21 at one of the thrift shops in Kuching.

The best thing about buying these branded secondhand clothes? They only cost as low as one tenth of the original price.

WhatsApp Image 2018 07 27 at 12.07.54
AB Bundle Matang, one of the chain thrift shops in Sarawak.

How to be beautiful from the inside like Im Soohyang

South Korean actress Im Soohyang is currently wrapping up her latest drama My ID is Gangnam Beauty.

In the drama, the 28-year-old actress is playing a college student who did plastic surgery to become prettier.

Off camera, Soohyang believes taking care of your beauty also means nurturing your body from within.

During an episode of KBS Beauty Bible, Im Soohyang shares the four things she uses to be beautiful from the inside:

Im Soohyang
Soohyang mixing her detox drink to start her day as an actress.

1. Detox drink

The actress said her skin condition fluctuates depending on what she eats. Thus, she takes detoxifying beverages to get rid of excess toxins in the body. The key is to choose a cleansing drink that allows you to take food like usual, not the ones that require you to fast.

She said, “Detox drinks help me to reduce the toxins in my body and it is also a great for constipation. I usually get skin problems whenever I am constipated.”

2. Vitamin D Jelly Supplement

Do you know that vitamin D has antioxidant properties which can prevent skin damage and premature aging even when taken via supplements?

Speaking of supplements, Soohyang takes her extra dose of vitamin E – not in pill or liquid form – but in jelly form instead.
There is this product in South Korea called VAP Sunbeam Vitamin D Jelly which basically supplement made in jelly. According to the Korean actress, the best part of this supplement is that you can take it like a snack.

3.Skin collagen jelly

Besides Vitamin D jelly, Soohyang is also taking skin collagen jelly as a snack.
Collagen helps to promote skin elasticity, reverse skin aging and reduce cellulite.

4.LED Mask

Im Soo Hyang l
LED Mask helps to rejuvenate your skin at the end of the day.

Soohyang ends her day by wearing LED Mask. This revolutionary facial mask uses colour light therapy in specific wavelengths to increase facial blood circulation and promote collagen production.

There are plenty of good reviews of wearing LED Mask out there. Some of the changes are smoother skin, reduced crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and reduced pigmentation.

Watch the full segment of Soohyang’s Beauty 24 on Beauty Bible here:

5 things you need to know about ‘bedak sejuk’, a Malay traditional facial mask

Growing up in Malaysia, you may or may not have heard of this traditional beauty regime. Widely used among the Malay community, ‘bedak sejuk’ is a facial mask that will turn your face a ghostly white for one night as it works its magic.

The phrase ‘bedak sejuk’ in Malay is directly translated as ‘cold talcum’.

If you have never heard of it, here are five things you need to know about ‘bedak sejuk’ which is still widely used today.

1.The key to a good ‘bedak sejuk’ is in the rice.

This traditional facial mask is basically made of rice. The quality of a good ‘bedak sejuk’ depends on the quality of the rice.

To make your own bedak sejuk, the rice firstly must be soaked in an air-tight container for about four to six months. You have to remember to replace the water from time to time.

After the end of soaking period, the rice will turn soft. Then, put in a little bit of rose water and pinch the mushy rice into small teardrop shapes (see pic below). Dry the ‘bedak sejuk’ in the sun before storing them in an air-tight container. (Some people would store the ‘bedak sejuk’ with pandan leaves to make it more fragrant.)

If it is too much of a hassle to make, you can find them at the local grocery store, especially in the kampung areas.

Bedak Sejuk
Mix these bedak sejuk drops with water to make a paste before applying it on your face like a facial mask.

2.Traditionally, women used it during their confinement or postpartum period.

‘Bedak sejuk’ is usually used by Malay women after giving birth. This is to revitalise their skin after all the hormones changes during their pregnancies.

To apply them, take a bit of the bedak sejuk and mix it with water to turn it into paste. Then, cover your face with the paste like a mask and leave it on overnight. Wash your face as usual in the morning.

3.‘Bedak sejuk’ is believed to have many benefits.

Many believe that this facial mask gives plenty of benefits. It is good to smoothen your skin, reduce the oiliness of your face, the appearance of pimples as well as peel away dead skin.

Some people even go as far as covering their whole body with ‘bedak sejuk’ because of its aftereffect which leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth.

4.There is no scientific research done on it so far.

However, no scientific research has been conducted to prove that ‘bedak sejuk’ really works.

But there are many beauty brands out there that use rice as the base ingredient for their products. These include Rorec, Chriszen, The Face Shop and Skinfood.

5.There are other cultures that use rice in their beauty regime too.

The Malay community is not the only one which has been using rice as part of their beauty regime.

The Koreans have been using rice-infused water to wash their faces for generations. They believe it brightens the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The Yao people, a minority in China and Vietnam, use rice water to wash their hair. In Japan, Geishas use yu-su-ru (boiled-down rice water) to wash their faces. It helps to keep their skin elastic, smooth and fair.

How to master secondhand shopping for your wardrobe

Secondhand shopping is a skill that needs to be learned. It requires practice and perseverance so that you won’t leave a thrift or vintage store with regrets.

Furthermore, mastering secondhand shopping also allows you to grab that one perfect piece of clothing before everybody else.

Here are Kajo-tested and approved techniques on how to master secondhand shopping for your wardrobe:

pexels photo 374677
Never miss a rack when secondhand shopping.

  1. Don’t miss a rack

There are plenty to see when you go for secondhand shopping but no matter what happens, never lose your focus.
Go through every rack and check every hanger because you never know what you’ll find.
Also, wear something comfortable and be patient when you go out shopping.

2. Never buy anything with a stain on it.

It doesn’t matter how good it looks or how well it fits you, do not buy anything with a stain on it. No matter how big or small the stain is, it is better to play safe and don’t purchase a stained piece of secondhand clothing.

Never assume you can get rid of the stain later.

3. Check every zip and button

pexels photo 1232131
If the clothes need major repairs, skip them.

Secondhand shopping is like working on quality control section of a factory: You have to check every part of the clothes especially the buttons, seams and zips.

If it only needs minor repair such as sewing in a missing button, then it is worth to buy.

If the clothes need major repairs like a broken zip, however, it is better to drop it.

4. Black is always the safest colour

pexels photo 219554
Black clothes are always a good idea.

When secondhand shopping for your wardrobe, it is best to pick fashion neutrals. These are colours that go with anything.

Basic neutral colours are black, gray, navy, brown, khaki and white. The best out of these fashion neutrals is of course black, while the riskiest choice is white.

Try to avoid printed fabrics unless they look timeless. Most prints come and go so you can easily which era some specific prints come from.

5.Go for the classic, timeless style

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn when secondhand shopping for clothes. Aim for classic and timeless designs which will make you effortlessly chic.

Say no to big puffy sleeves that definitely scream 80s fashion unless you are shopping for a Halloween costume.
Hepburn was known for her form-fitting long sleeve shirt, striped shirt, smart black trousers, button up shirt and A-line skirt or dress.

When in doubt, go for Hepburn-inspired little black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can never ever go wrong with an LBD.

10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed

At the mention of beauty masks, one immediately thinks of the facial mask.

Not surprisingly though, the beauty industry has come up with so many innovations within this decade that you can find a mask for every inch of your body!

Well… Not exactly every inch of your body, but gone are the days when beauty masks are only meant for your face.

anna sullivan 642832 unsplash
The beauty industry has come with so many innovations over the last decade. Credit: Unsplash.

Here are 10 types of beauty masks you never thought you needed:

1. Foot mask

While most people are busy taking care of their faces and hair, some of us often neglect our feet. (Raise your foot if you wished your feet were smooth and soft before adulthood made them dry and cracked.)

The hottest thing in the beauty industry now is the foot peeling mask, which has becomean effective way to get rid of the dead skin on your feet. Be warned, the mask actually helps your feet peel like insects going through the molting process.

Place these masks like a sock on your freshly-cleansed feet and let the chemical do its magic. You will only see the results five to seven days after applying these masks when all the dead skin starts to peel off.

Some widely reviewed foot masks online are TONYMOLY Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid and Baby Foot Lavender.

2. Chin mask

This is reportedly a surgical-free way of lifting your jawline. V-mask, face lift mask, chin up mask are basically masks designed to reduce the appearance of your double chin. You can also use this to say goodbye to turkey neck.

Most of these masks for your chin claimed to to work to redefine your jawline after one 30-minute treatment.

3.Under-eye mask

Puffiness, fine lines and dark circles… these are some of the problems we have under our eyes.

Nowadays, you can easily find comma-shaped masks at Malaysian drug stores work to reduce these problems. They are known to be a quick fix to brighten your eyes while giving a cooling effects on your skin.

4. Lip mask

Forget about lip balms, we are taking our lip care to another level with lip masks.
Famous beauty brands such as Laneige, TONYMOLY and Sephora have all come out with their own lip masks which work to soothe, replenish, moisturise and nourish your dry and cracked pout.

But if you are not willing to spend that kind of money, slathering your lips with butter and leaving it on overnight works too.

5. Elbow mask

South Korea will always a solution for every problem you have on your body no matter how small.

A couple years back, Etude House from South Korea came up with masks to moisturise and brighten your dry and rough elbows.

Well, that is definitely something we need just in case anybody noticed we have rough elbows in the first place.

6. Hand mask

This is another beauty inspiration which comes from South Korea.

Hand masks are meant to nourish your rough hands and brittle fingernails. L’Occitane has a product to gently slough off the dead skin on your hands. Lush also offers a hand mask that works like a specialised bath for your hands.

Gone are the days that you apply only lotion on your hands.

7. Body mask

Now what about the rest of our bodies? No worries, the 21st century beauty industry has you covered in that area too.

Body mask products are aimed to give users that spa-like experience at home, leaving your body smooth and refreshing.

8.Boob mask

The public won’t be able to see your breasts from top to bottom, but it doesn’t meant that you should neglect them.

Boob sheet masks are apparently a thing, and were created to hydrate the chest areas. They also have anti-aging and skin-brightening properties, ensuring your chest will look great in those décolleté tops and dresses.

9.Belly mask

Show some love to your belly! Pregnant mamas now can lighten the appearance of stretch marks while carrying their babies with beauty masks designed for their pregnant bellies.

They are also meant to soften scars after Caesarean section.

10. Butt mask

Finally, we are now talking about the tush! If you think your buttocks lack suppleness, firmness and bounciness, fret not! There are masks designed to restore those qualities to your butt.

Canada-based beauty brand Nannete de Gaspé is one of the leading players in the industry when it comes to beauty masks.

They introduced to the world the concept of dry masks in 2016. So it is no surprise, this brand offers masks for different parts for the body and that includes the bust and butt.

Miss Korea Kim Jinsol shares her beauty secrets

When it comes to health and beauty, everybody agrees Korean women have most of the know-how.

They know plenty of sometimes unheard of tips; from taking traditional herbs to performing modern exercise for the wellness of the body and mind.

Kim Jinsol
Kim Jinsol, Miss Korea 2016.

During an episode of KBS’ Beauty Bible, Miss Korea 2016 titleholder Kim Jinsol impressed the viewers with her unfamiliar beauty tips.

1. Kickstart your day with juice

This 24-year-old beauty queen starts her day by drinking a glass of juice.

She blended various leaves vegetable including lettuce, perilla leaves, avocado and one glass of non-fat milk, one spoon of green apple powder and half a spoon of honey.

But her key ingredient is Angelica gigas also called Korean angelica.

It is traditionally used in Korean medicine to improve gynecological health. This herb is also used to improve cardiovascular and immune system.

Kim Jinsol 2
Make your own juice to-go in the morning.

2. Nail art stickers
Famous fashion designer Prabal Gurung once said, “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.”

Same goes for Kim who believes the finishing touch of fashion are her nails.

Instead of opting for nail polish, Kim preferred to use breathable nail art stickers.

This way she can change her manicure to complement her makeup and outfit.

Kim Jinsol 3
Use a nail art sticker for a quick manicure.

3.Da Vinci Bodyboard yoga
Kim’s third beauty secret is something that has yet to catch on here in Malaysia.

It is called Da Vinci Bodyboard yoga. Kim touts it as “a type of interval training which is famous around the world.”

The board has elastic bands attached to it for users to exercise and do their yoga moves.

Known to be an effective system which builds strength, it also works as a cardio exercise.

She added, “It creates a beautiful silhouette for your body. It also works out your thighs and bottom.”

Watch the full episode of Kim Jinsol in KBS’s Beauty Bible here:

We have tried these homemade beauty remedies and they actually worked

You have seen homemade beauty remedies on Pinterest and various social media. You have heard people testify them.

Yet, you have never tried them yourself.

Fret not, here are some homemade beauty remedies tried and tested by KajoMag:

1. Coconut oil as hair mask

Massage your scalp with coconut oil before going to bed. Rinse out with shampoo the next morning.

Continue this routine for weeks and you will notice that your hair will become less frizzy.

Coconut oil helps to moisturise and smoothen hair.

Homemade Beauty Remedy 2
Do you know you can use coconut oil as hair mask? Credit: Pixabay.

2. Butter as lip conditioner

If you have chapped lips, this is the most simple and cheapest homemade beauty product for you.

Before going to bed, apply a thin layer of butter on your lips. (Yes, you read right.) Even margarine will do.

Be prepared to wake up with soft and luscious lips.

Besides butter, coconut oil is also good for dry and cracked lips. Apply it on your lips several times a day.

Homemade Beauty Remedy
Apply a thin layer of butter on your lips before going to bed. Credit: Pixabay.

3. Homemade nose pore strip

All you need is one egg white and a paper towel.

Dip the paper towel into the egg white and place it on your nose. Then wait for it to dry.

The best part of this homemade beauty product is that it is affordable and it works.

The disadvantages of using this? You have to bear with the smell of egg while waiting for it to dry. Plus, it takes longer than your usual store-bought nose pore strip. But think of the savings!

Homemade Beauty Remedy 3
Use white egg to make your own homemade nose pore strip.

4. Apple cider vinegar facial toner

First of all, this homemade beauty product is not suitable for everybody, especially those with sensitive skin.

However, for some, apple cider vinegar works wonders as a facial toner.

You can find many different ratios of apple cider vinegar to water mixtures online.

If you are not sure which ratio works best with you, start with one part apple cider vinegar to four parts water first.

Then slowly adjust the ratio according to your preference.

Apply the toner to your cleansed face with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area.

After several weeks, your face should feel smoother and tighter.

5. Foot scrub

The basic formula for homemade scrub is one cup of white or brown sugar and a quarter cup of olive, almond or coconut oil.

Simply try to mix and match your own ingredients with your preferred essential oil.

We have tried mixing one cup of white sugar and a quarter cup coconut oil with a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Our verdict: the smell of coconut may overpower the lavender but it scrubs away dead skin just fine.

Other concoctions you can try are brown sugar, olive oil and orange essential oil or white sugar, olive oil and peppermint essential oils.

Exclusive fashion brand Romyda_KL makes its East Malaysia debut

Romyda KL 8
One of the outfits which stood out during the show. The model looks like she just walked out of a fairy tale.

Romyda_KL sashayed its way to East Malaysia on March 25 with a vibrant runway show containing all the label’s signature styles in a spectrum of colours.

The fashion brand which combines the prowess of Cambodian designer Romyda Keth and Malaysian PR maven Selina Yeop Jr featured 40 various style of outfits with the naturally well-lit Cha Bo Restaurant as its backdrop.

Citing Victoria Beckham as her favourite fashion icon, Selina said her brand was all about exuding a woman’s confidence.

Selina shared, “I made this collection specifically for Kuching. The concept of Romyda_KL is always about embracing the feminine form. It is about how women should be confident, showing off their silhouettes.”

Romyda KL 27
Selina (fifth right) rocking the runway with her models during the debut show of Romyda_KL in Kuching.

Romyda_KL, a brand for all confident women out there

From figure hugging dresses that perfectly mould to the female form, to A-line dresses and jackets that stand out in any crowd, Romyda_KL’s designs are distinctive and can be recognised at a glance.

Romyda_KL carries a strong sense of colour throughout its designs as well as a handcrafted aesthetic shown through the ribbons hand embroidered in a criss-cross fashion on almost every dress.

The brand also carries very limited sizes for each outfit to keep things exclusive so fashionistas won’t have to worry about bumping into someone wearing the same dress.

Their styles embrace an increasingly global trend of modest fashion by featuring long dresses and flowing silhouettes.

Romyda_KL also took the opportunity to feature its latest modest collection, Romyda_KL Modest Couture collection.

This elegant collection is notably more demure, gently embracing a woman’s curves while giving it an edgy modesty.

Romyda KL 28
Selina, wearing her own design from Romyda_KL, said her brand is all about boosting a woman’s confidence.

Selina assured that every design was made to be worn regardless of age, shape or size.

Furthermore, these outfits are perfect to transition from day to night effortlessly. This allows a busy woman to leave work and go straight off to any function in style.

On her future plans in introducing Romyda_KL to other places, Selina said: “Wherever I have interesting market which receptive to my clothes, I am more than happy.”

With a combination of beautiful materials, timeless designs and exquisite craftsmanship, Romyda_KL is perfect for modern society ladies.

To view the latest collection by Romyda_KL (by appointment only) at The Conversation Studio, No.9, Lorong Beluntas 2, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur or call 012-6653508.

Scroll the gallery for more photos of the show: