Miss Korea Kim Jinsol shares her beauty secrets

When it comes to health and beauty, everybody agrees Korean women have most of the know-how.

They know plenty of sometimes unheard of tips; from taking traditional herbs to performing modern exercise for the wellness of the body and mind.

Kim Jinsol
Kim Jinsol, Miss Korea 2016.

During an episode of KBS’ Beauty Bible, Miss Korea 2016 titleholder Kim Jinsol impressed the viewers with her unfamiliar beauty tips.

1. Kickstart your day with juice

This 24-year-old beauty queen starts her day by drinking a glass of juice.

She blended various leaves vegetable including lettuce, perilla leaves, avocado and one glass of non-fat milk, one spoon of green apple powder and half a spoon of honey.

But her key ingredient is Angelica gigas also called Korean angelica.

It is traditionally used in Korean medicine to improve gynecological health. This herb is also used to improve cardiovascular and immune system.

Kim Jinsol 2
Make your own juice to-go in the morning.

2. Nail art stickers
Famous fashion designer Prabal Gurung once said, “Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.”

Same goes for Kim who believes the finishing touch of fashion are her nails.

Instead of opting for nail polish, Kim preferred to use breathable nail art stickers.

This way she can change her manicure to complement her makeup and outfit.

Kim Jinsol 3
Use a nail art sticker for a quick manicure.

3.Da Vinci Bodyboard yoga
Kim’s third beauty secret is something that has yet to catch on here in Malaysia.

It is called Da Vinci Bodyboard yoga. Kim touts it as “a type of interval training which is famous around the world.”

The board has elastic bands attached to it for users to exercise and do their yoga moves.

Known to be an effective system which builds strength, it also works as a cardio exercise.

She added, “It creates a beautiful silhouette for your body. It also works out your thighs and bottom.”

Watch the full episode of Kim Jinsol in KBS’s Beauty Bible here:

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