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Korean actress Park Hana shares her beauty secrets

Korean actresses are well known for their smooth and translucent skin regardless of their age.

Park Hana, the lead actress in Apgujeong Midnight Sun, at 32 years of age has more radiant and flawless skin than an average teenage girl.

So how does she do it?

Here are some of Park Hana’s top daily beauty tips she shared on Beauty Bible on KBS:

The 32-year-old actress starts her day with drinking coconut water.
The 32-year-old actress starts her day with coconut water.

1. Start your day with coconut water

Coconut water is not a just a drink to quench your thirst on a hot day.

This clear juice found in young coconuts has gathered a large fandom among beauty enthusiasts as studies have shown that it helps in anti-aging, fighting acne and can also be used as a natural cleanser and toner.

Park starts her day by squeezing half a lemon into a mixture of coconut water and honey. She even prefers drinking coconut water over plain water.

It is also touted for its high potassium content, is good for fighting bloatedness, and great for hangovers. 👍

2. Sheet mask in the morning, not at night

As South Korea is the birthplace of the sheet mask, it is no surprise that Park included this in her beauty regime.

Most people put these masks on at night before going to bed but Park prefers to use it in the morning before she starts her day.

First, she applies a layer of ampoule – a highly concentrated serum to help the skin absorb the moisture from the sheet mask. If there is any leftover essence from the mask pack, she applies it like a lotion on her hands and arms as well.

Then she puts on the sheet mask for 20 to 30 minutes before spraying on the mask fixer to contain the essence.

There are so many types of masks out there; Park’s personal favourites are caviar and truffle-based masks.

It might sound like a strenuous beauty regime, but Park admits she is like everyone else: “I get so lazy in the morning, I don’t use a lot of toner or lotions.”

Instead of putting on sheet mask in the evening, Park prefers to wear it in the morning.
Instead of putting on sheet mask in the evening, Park Hana prefers to wear it in the morning.

3. Play with colour when it comes to lipstick

As for make-up tips, Park loves to combine two different tones on her lips.

“I put on darker matte lipstick first, then a brighter colour which matches my skin tone,” she said.

But she applies the second tone of colour only in the middle of her lips.

Park Hana loves to mix two shades of lipstick for her make-up.
Park Hana loves to mix two tones of lipstick for her makeup.

4. Cleansing oil for a cleansing regime

At the end of the day, she uses only cleansing oil to wash her face.

“I don’t use any cotton pads. I’m too lazy for that so I just use my hands to apply it on my face,” Park said.

According to Park, her skin doesn’t dry out that when she uses cleansing oil.

Again, she skips toners and lotions but only applies basic moisturiser before bed.

Park focuses on the driest part of her face, which is around her nose.

“Sometimes I just apply essence or other times just creams. Some days I only put on eye cream on my whole face.”

Watch Park Hana’s session on KBS’s Beauty Bible here.