If you are looking for the perfect view of Padas river, look no further than Fatt Choi Coffee Cabin in Tenom, Sabah. Padas river which flows past Tenom from Long Pasia, south of Sabah, is famous for white water rafting.

The rafting route is 30km long, making it the longest rafting route in East Malaysia to date. It has also been recognised as one of the best and safest rapids in Southeast Asia.

A view of Padas river from the highest viewing point of Fatt Choi Coffee Cabin.

No rafting, only Fatt Choi Coffee

At Fatt Choi Coffee Cabin, you may not  get the thrills of the Padas river but you can experience the beauty of its view.

Beside Yit Foh, Fatt Choi is one of the famous brands of Tenom coffee.

The coffee cabin is located not far from its factory at Jalan Tenom Lama which comes with affordable lodging, eatery and viewing platform.

It is the highest place in town to have a drink of Tenom coffee.

It makes the perfect spot to hang out with friends, drinking a cup of local java while enjoying the view for Padas river.

The place might be too hot and humid for a visit during the noon and it is not air-conditioned but visitors can always cool themselves down with a cup of cold coffee.

Visitors can stay, eat or just drink at Fatt Choi Coffee Cabin.

Established in 1987, this brand of Tenom coffee products include white coffee, cinnamon coffee, black coffee and many more.

The best part of Fatt Choi brand is it has a cafe located at Tenom town offering freshly brewed coffee.

So if you are looking for westernised coffee drinks such as Americano, cappuccino, latte and mocha in Tenom, you can find them at TFC Coffee.

The cafe also serves cakes, waffles and sandwiches as well as cozy environment to relax.

Here is an Instagram-worthy spot in Tenom, a miniature windmill with a view of Padas river at the back.
Pick your type of coffee drinks at TFC coffee.
Visitors can also purchase Fatt Choi coffee products at TFC Coffee.


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