5 travel recommendations for women heading to Selangor

Happy International Women's Day! In honour of the annual celebration, Tourism Selangor came up with this top list of hangouts for women planning a visit and travel to Selangor. Here are some destinations that offer great activities, beautiful scenery and contemporary culture. 1. State of Selangor – Home of Gastronomical Delights Due

5 things to know about Nha Trang Cathedral, Vietnam

Regardless of your religious views, an architecturally beautiful place of worship must be on a travel itinerary when visiting a new city. So if you are visiting the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang, then you must visit its cathedral. Here are five things you should know about the beautiful Nha Trang

4 things you should know about The Coromandel, New Zealand

Locals say The Coromandel is ‘good for the soul’ and it’s easy to see why in the sublime coastal scenery filled with peaceful blue coves and white sandy beaches, topped with a warm beach holiday vibe. And, being within easy reach of Auckland, it has long been a popular get-away haven

Tumpik, the Sarawak pancake

Tumpik KajoMag

Like most pancake dishes, whether they're from Western or Eastern cuisines, tumpik is guaranteed to be both satisfying and delicious. Tumpik is a must-try dish when you are in Bintangor town. The word "tumpik" generally means "pancake". It is a Melanau dish made from sago flour called ‘lemantak’ and

KajoPicks: Check out these four coffee places in Bintulu

Apart from shopping complex, Bintulu is currently witnessing the rising number of different kind of eateries. These include coffee places offering good coffee from dirty coffee to nitrogen-infused java and relaxing ambience for patrons to just hang out. Here are four coffee places in Bintulu, Sarawak you need to check

5 things everybody should know about Songket Sambas

The Sambas Regency in West Kalimantan Province of Indonesia is known for its beautiful and intricate weaving of Songket Sambas. Songket is a type of fabric that is hand woven in silk or cotton and often embroidered with intricate motifs in gold or silver thread. A proud legacy of the Malay community