Book your home away from home at the Riverside Majestic Astana Wing

What type of traveler are you? Are you the type to hit the ground running, or the kind that just wants to relax, kick off your shoes and absorb your surroundings first? At Riverside Majestic’s Astana Wing, you can have it both ways (or more).  

Situated in the middle of Kuching City’s golden triangle made up of a unique balance between the city’s architectural and cultural heritage sites, and its business district; you can explore, enjoy the local cuisine as well as its nightlife, all on foot from the ease of your hotel.

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Riverside Majestic Astana Wing itself provides a luxurious hotel stay for casual travellers, while also providing fully-equipped facilities for digital nomads. It’s perfect for local event planners as well as incoming business travellers looking for an event venue and hotel stay with a killer view, and that is of one of Kuching’s most iconic heritage locations, the Kuching Waterfront.

No matter what floor you are on, the Kuching Waterfront remains the mainstage of your view. Thanks to constant upgrading and recent additions to the waterfront like the Darul Hana Bridge and most notably the Darul Hana Musical Fountain, you can never take a bad photo of the waterfront, morning, noon or night. 

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The view of Kuching’s historical waterfront from the Riverside Majestic’s events and meetings floor which features the spacious Alamanda Room, Orchid Room and Rafflesia Room.

For digital nomads and business travellers

Riverside Majestic Astana Wing enables digital nomads to plug and play here. Besides free wifi throughout the hotel, facilities such as the Surf & Chat business centre at the Mezzanine allows you to work while on holiday. 

It’s neatly placed just above the buzz of families and fellow travellers checking in at the reception counter, and private enough for business professionals to work or hold discussions and meetups with clients and partners. Their choice of punchy colours and comfortable sofa arrangements definitely provide inspiring backdrops for serious business discussions.

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Besides their business facilities, you can also enjoy a coffee or a meal as you take in the view.

Meanwhile, the Sape Restaurant provides a diverse and comprehensive breakfast buffet spread offering Western and Asian breakfast favorites. 

The Deli Cafe below the Surf & Chat is perfect for a quick munch or a sugar hit with your coffee or tea. 

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For a fine dining experience at the top where you can enjoy the skyline over the Kuching Waterfront, you can spend the evening with a business partner or a loved one at Suasana on 18 Fine Dining.

Meanwhile, for those who don’t want to skip leg day or want to take advantage of the sun, the gym and swimming pool facilities are in the main Riverside Majestic Puteri Wing, and navigable through a scenic corridor connecting the two buildings.

A look at the Insiders Club

This is the handy app you didn’t know you needed. Free to download, membership is also free. Once you’ve logged in, you are automatically an Insiders Club member and can enjoy great deals and prices on their rooms and restaurants. 

For frequent travelers to Kuching’s Cat City who enjoy the luxury, convenience and reliability of this hotel chain made up of Riverside Majestic Astana Wing, Puteri Wing and Grand Margherita Hotel, you can keep updated with their deals, book your rooms under member prices or collect and redeem Insiders Club points.

You can even book Room Promo Packages which will include sightseeing packages along with your hotel stay, making this app a perfect tool for business travellers and families looking for a fuss-free, memorable holiday.

Kuching may not be the biggest tourist draw when it comes up against tour destinations like the Maldives or Phuket, but Sarawak’s capital city has a lot of heart made up of its living and historic heritage, all of which can be experienced from the comfort of Riverside Majestic Astana Wing.

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