KajoPicks: 8 Educational YouTube Channels for Children

New parents swear that they will never let smartphones and TVs babysit their kids, but it’s hard to not resort to YouTube to entertain your children.

Most studies and guidelines prohibit babies from 0-2 years of age from having any screen time, and 2-5 year olds 1 hour of screen time per 24 hours with an emphasis on good quality entertainment and supervision.

With emphasis on good quality, here’s KajoMag’s list of top 8 (tried and tested) educational YouTube channels for children and parents can enjoy together.

1. Super Simple Songs

Super Simple Songs is the easiest children’s channel to get into. Its songs are tuneful and catchy while its animation and live puppet sequences are attractive and easy for your children to follow. Even parents will find themselves waking up in the morning to these songs playing in their heads.

This educational Youtube channel features nursery rhymes, teaches ABCs and numbers, colours and shapes, singing games, personal hygiene, basic social skills and original songs.

Watch the video here.

2. ABCKidTV-Nursery Rhymes

This channel features both 2D and 3D animations.

While its 2D animations feature mostly nursery rhymes and educational songs on colours, shapes and even nutrition, their 3D videos build on this with a wider variety of themes which include social and emotional skills, family relationships and original songs.

Watch the video here.

3. Dave and Ava – Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs

Follow Dave and Ava to their lush home on the farm as they act out various nursery rhymes, teach the alphabet and  numbers with the help of their parents and the various animal characters.

A totally Ukrainian product from its idea, plot, direction, team of 3D animators, composers, voice actors and financing, the 3D animation is so good you can even see the fur on Dave and Ava’s animal costumes.

Watch the video here.

4. PinkFong! Kids’ Songs & Stories

While “Baby Shark Dance” remains this channel’s most viewed video (1 billion views!), its other videos are worth watching too.

Besides catchy dance and action numbers like “Penguin Dance”, your kids can learn about trucks and excavators in “Car Songs”, names of dinosaurs in “Dinosaurs A to Z”, the planets in “Planet Songs”, and how their body works in songs like “Digestion – Where does my food go?”.

This channel is ambitious and doesn’t shy away from long words or scientific concepts, so take your time and explore their playlists for something new to learn everyday.

Watch the video here.

5. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

This is another ambitious channel with plenty of nursery rhymes and educational material for children to sing and dance to.

This India-based production also builds on the classic nursery rhymes by injecting moral values in songs like “Jack and Jill” or “Baa Baa Black Sheep”. You can also consider this the Bollywood version of children’s songs as the dance moves and music have an upbeat South Asian flavour, making it even more addictive to follow.

Watch the video here.

6. Little Baby Bum

You can follow Mia and her family along with various animal characters like Baa Baa the Sheep (who wears an astronaut suit) through the various nursery rhymes and educational songs.

Sung by a child, this collection of traditional and original nursery rhymes is soothing for the ears and the eyes.

Watch the video here.

7. LooLooKids

LooLooKids also offers a wide variety of nursery rhymes and educational songs with great 3D animation, but the high-pitched singing in some songs like “Johny Johny Yes Papa” can be a bit grating on the nerves after a while.

Watch the video here.

8. Baby Joy Joy

Upbeat and cheerful, this educational Youtube channel updates the traditional nursery rhyme with modern dance beats. Besides nursery rhymes, they also feature kids songs and stories.

Watch the video here.

Honourable mentions:

Paul Dinning

Dinning’s “Videos for Cats To Watch” were the first videos I played for my child. They are not music videos at all, but videos of the wildlife – mostly birds – around this YouTuber’s home in Cornwall, England.

Shot in high-definition, watching the various birds coming to feed on the seeds Dinning left out is calming and pleasurable. Totally safe for children and the workplace too; you can even leave it on and just listen to it for background music as you do your paperwork.

OCB Relax Music

Short for “One Conscious Breath”, OCB Relax Music offers a collection of relaxing music perfect for meditation, relaxation or just as soothing background music. Parents will feel especially uplifted with this channel’s special playlist for children.

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