6 environmental issues of 2019 that you should know about

Looking back at 2019, there were so many environmental issues and news happening around the world that even the most closed off person would have heard about it. Getting to know more about these issues and doing something about them will be way more meaningful than criticizing TIME Magazine's person of

What you need to know about the Japanese souffle pancake

What happens when you combine a souffle with a pancake? A souffle pancake of course! This jiggly dessert has been making waves around the world recently, all thanks to social media. Here are 5 things to know about this trendy, Insta-worthy Japanese souffle pancake: Japanese souffle pancake with whipped cream and

Check out these six exhibitions during WAK 2019

What About Kuching (WAK 2019) is back for its third and the biggest edition yet. Featuring a total of 56 collaborations and 99 events, WAK 2019 will turn Kuching city into a hub of colourful activities between Sept 28 to Oct 27. Since its inception in 2017, WAK had been

10 ways to cook your canned tuna besides making a sandwich

Canned tuna has been the subject of many debates. Some argue it is high in mercury and not safe for consumption while others believe tuna canning is not an environmentally sustainable industry. Other concerns about bycatch (like dolphins and whales getting caught in the fishing nets) and overfishing have also

3 things you might not know about Osborne crackers

Some Malaysians might not know the name Osborne cracker, but most would definitely recognise the shape and flavour of it. This oval-shaped cracker is generally made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, corn starch, salt and glucose syrup. Here are three facts you might not know about Osborne cracker: Cap Ayam

Does listening to music help you in your concentration?

You have heard this before; listening to music when studying or doing you work could help you to focus. But how true is this statement? Here at KajoMag, we look at different studies on the effects of listening to music on our concentration. One study shows that listening to classical

10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur

Here at KajoMag, we want you to know these 10 harsh realities of being a young Malaysian entrepreneur before you decide to become one: Being an entrepreneur can be like going down rabbit hole; you never know what to expect until you make that jump. 1.Not everybody gets startup capital The number one