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10 unique wedding cakes for your non-typical brides

Wedding cakes have managed to transcend across different cultures that now it can be found in almost every wedding.

Who doesn’t love cake right?

While the traditional wedding cakes come with white frosting or covered in white fondant, there are plenty of unique wedding cakes to choose from.

Here are just some of the beautiful yet unique wedding cakes for the non-typical brides:

1. Nearly Naked Wedding Cakes

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Some call it a ‘naked cake’, while others a ‘nearly naked cake’.

The idea of a naked cake is minimal frosting or no frosting at all. Even without the traditional frosting, it gives the cake a sophisticated rustic look, perfect for a rustic, countryside wedding.

Furthermore, without the frosting and icing, this cake is perfect for those who are keeping an eye on their their glucose levels.

2. Marbled Wedding Cakes

If there is a word to sum up marbled wedding cakes, the word would be ‘luxurious’. A marbled wedding cake looks like it is covered with, well marble.

It is made by kneading different shades of fondant together.

3. Ombre Wedding Cakes

Ombre cakes are not just popular for birthdays but it is gaining attention among couples on wedding days as well.
If you love subtle or even pastel tones, ombre wedding cake is just perfect for you.

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It also makes the perfect wedding cake for those who want the traditional white tiered cake but at the same time want to put their own colours in it.

4. Inside Out Wedding Cakes

An inside out wedding cake can possibly steal the thunder from the bride herself on the wedding day.

The cake is like any other traditional wedding cake except it is cut in half. Then the inner part of the cake is covered with beautiful flowers.

When you love somebody inside and out, you might as well have an inside out cake for your wedding.

5. Two-toned Wedding Cakes

He wants a traditional white frosting wedding cake but you want chocolate frosting. How about coming together and have a two-toned wedding cake? A two-toned cake is a cake with two different kind of frosting covering it.

6. Geode Cakes

A geode cake makes the perfect centerpiece for your dream fairy tale wedding because it looks like its been inspired by a cave full of wonders. A sliver of the cake is carved out and filled with sugar rock candy made to look like crystal.

7. Story-telling Wedding Cakes

Tell your love story with your wedding cake. Literally. You can print any photos which tells your love story onto your cake.

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If your bakers are skillful, they can also paint your story on the cake.

8. Watercolour wedding cakes

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With this cake, brushstrokes are no longer only meant for canvas and paper. Now you can have a watercolour-themed wedding cake to light up the most important day of your life.

Moreover, it looks dreamy and perfect for your whimsical wedding.

9. Drippy Cakes

This cake trend is famous for birthday cakes. But when you add an elegant touch, it is also great for weddings.
Imagine a smooth-finished white cake with chocolate dripping on top.

10. Stained Glass Wedding Cakes

Impress your guests with this elegant stained-glass wedding cake. The inspiration behind this cake is most probably from a church glass mural or an antique glass lamp, either way it makes an impressive wedding cake.

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