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All Sarawakian breakfast at Woon Lam Cafe 1999 in one sitting

When it comes to must-try Sarawakian food, there is a long list that will be hard to complete if you don’t have much time. So why not try to cover the most food in one sitting?

One of the best places to try *almost* all the essentials in Sarawakian goodness in Kuching is at Woon Lam Cafe 1999.

All the breakfast essentials at Woon Lam Cafe 1999

Woon Lam Cafe 1999 is famous among locals but not so much among tourists.

Located at Jalan Song Thian Cheok, this eatery is widely famous for its kueh chap.

This dish features flat and square noodles served in a soy sauce-based broth with pork meat and innards.

The kueh chap stall at Woon Lam Cafe 1999 has apparently been selling this dish since 1985.

Kueh Chap

If kueh chap is not your cup of tea, however, why not have the evergreen classic kolo mee?

The kolo mee here may not be the most raved about in town but they do serve a decent bowl of Sarawak’s signature noodles.

Kolo mee at Woon Lam Cafe 1999.

This kopitiam also has a Sarawak laksa stall, offering what celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain called the breakfast of the gods.

In fact, Woon Lam Cafe 1999 is a walking distance from Bourdain’s favourite laksa place at Choon Hui Kopitiam.

Now that you have kueh chap, kolo mee and Sarawak laksa as your main dishes, how about some side dishes to complement them?

Char kueh.

Although fried carrot cake or char kueh is famous as midnight snack, you can order it at Woon Lam Cafe 1999 for breakfast.

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Like most char kueh found in Sarawak, this dish is fried with light soy sauce and a heavy load of eggs.

Besides char kueh, Sarawak popiah makes a good side dish for breakfast too.

Sarawak popiah.

Sarawak popiah is mainly made of jicama, ground peanuts, bean sprouts wrapped in popiah skin and served with a sweet sauce.

One bite into it and you can taste the different textures of the various ingredients from the softness of the popiah skin to the crunchiness of ground peanuts.

A place worth trying

There are other main dishes offered at Woon Lam Cafe 1999 too. These include yong tau fu, Teo Chew Porridge and a Western breakfast of toast, eggs and sausages.

Egg, sausages and toasts for a Western breakfast.

This eatery may not be as famous as other Kuching favourite breakfast places such as Choon Hui or Chong Choon, but it is a good place for large groups coming together for breakfast looking to taste different Sarawakian foods in one sitting.

Moreover, it is strategically located in downtown Kuching. It is a walking distance from famous commendations such as Pullman, Grand Continental Hotel and Grand Margherita.

Going with a large group of friends is key to trying a lot of food in one sitting.
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