30 things to do for free this What About Kuching 2018

What About Kuching (WAK) is back! From Sept 29 till Oct 28, Kuching will be lit up with tonnes of activities all over the city.

This month-long festival is a local community effort aiming to celebrate the arts, culture and lifestyle that Kuching has to offer.

Mark your calendar and decide what to do during this year’s What About Kuching:

1.Watch local artists in action at Bishopsgate and The Clock Tower

What About Kuching Music Portail provides platform for local artists to showcase their talents. Watch out for these dates Oct 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 and 20 when the fun is happening at Bishopsgate Street Stage. Then on Oct 26 and 27, the party is moving to Clock Tower@The Old Courthouse.

There will be performances from Zee Avi, Tuku Kame, At Adau, Meruked and many more.

DSC 0140
At Adau’s Ezra Tekola on the sape’. Catch At Adau on Oct 12 at Bishopsgate Street Stage.
2.Visit the World Press Photo Exhibition

The iconic Padang Merdeka will come alive during the whole duration of What About Kuching. There, the World Press Photo Exhibition will make its Kucing debut showcasing a series of award-winning photos.

3.Follow a food trail along Padungan Street

What Kuching without its food? Follow the trail of Food Safari, collect stamps along the way and redeem a What About Kuching Merchandise.

4.Enjoy the music by Sarawak river at Waterfront Night Live

Do you know that there is a free weekly entertainment programme at GoDown Amphitheatre@Kuching Waterfront? The entertainment continues throughout What About Kuching month every Friday and Saturday.

5.Support young entrepreneurs at Junior Art Market
What About Kuching
Lend your support to young entrepreneurs at Junior Art Market.

This art market is unlike others as it is exclusively dedicated to young entrepreneurs. However, there are art workshops, food and performances for all ages.

6. Observe the beauty of body art of Sarawak

What does the late Anthony Bourdain and Crazy Rich Asian’s Henry Golding have in common? Both of them have tribal Iban tattoos on their bodies.

From Sept 29 till Oct 9 there will be a tattoo exhibition happening at The Old Courthouse.

7. Learn more about Sarawak tattoos

Speaking of tattoos, know more about this artistry on Sept 30. There will be a presentation about tattoo artifacts. While on Oct 7, there will be a panel discussion on Sarawak tattoo industry.

8. Take part in a photojournalism workshop

Calling out all professional and amateur photographers! There will be a free a workshop conducted by photojournalists from the World Press. Sign up quickly because seats are limited.

9.Meet a fine artist

Ramsay Ong is a household name when comes the local fine art scene. Meet him daily from 10am to 2pm from Mondays to Fridays at the Pullman Hotel.

10.Take pleasure in listening to monologues

Listen to local talents reciting their monologues on Oct 5. There will guests performers flying in from Singapore and West Malaysia.

11.Enroll your kids in a Latin dance workshop
What About Kuching 2
Enroll your kids in a Latin dance workshop.

Start ‘em young! Sign your kids up for Latin Dance Workshop and they might have a knack for it!

12. Watch a yoga performance

Observe professional yogis in action at Sarawak famous Darul Hana Bridge Oct 6. On Oct 18, the yoga performance is happening at the Old Courthouse. After both of the performances, the public will have the chance to try some yoga moves. Do not miss out on this!

13. Gain an understanding on how to be a published writer

Do you have a manuscript tucked away somewhere in the corner of your room? Or have you always wanted to be a published writer? For two hours on Oct 7, bestseller Gina Yap will share about her journey.

14.Take in the knowledge of a poet

Marc Nair, a poet from Singapore will gives listeners a peak into his world of publishing poetry, taking photographs and more on Oct 7.

15. Familiarise yourself with Borneo beads

The beads of Sarawak can be considered as one of the state’s most precious heirlooms. Know more about beads of Sarawak by Heidi Munan on Oct 9.

16.Admire the beauty of Sarawak craft

From Oct 8 till 28, explore the beauty of Sarawak arts and Crafts at Pullman Hotel.

17. Grasp more about mental health problems in Kuching

Honestly here in Sarawak we do not talk enough about mental health. Join in the movement of raising awareness in conjunction of World Mental Health Day from Oct 10 till 14. There will be exhibitions, screening and forums.

18.Ignite your passion in Latin dance

Dance to Latin music with Sarawak sunset glowing on you on Oct 12 and 19 at Kuching Waterfront. Only for two days, there will be a showcase and free dance lesson from Baile Latino Kuching from 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

19.Spend an evening of music, art and coffee

Shades of Art is back in town on Oct 13! The 13th edition of this evening of music and arts is dedicated to the Ranee of Sarawak.

20. Watch local short independent films

For one night only on Oct 13 at The Garden@The Old Courthouse, there will be film screenings and sharing session.

21. Play some ping pong games

Sweat it out for some ping pong games at Plaza Merdeka on Oct 14-27.

22.Show your support to the artists from the Kuching Autistic Association
What About Kuching 3
Give your support to the artists from the Kuching Autistic Association during this What About Kuching.

Walk through forty pieces of artworks from the talents of Kuching Autistic Association. The exhibition is happening on Oct 19 to 21 at Hilton Hotel.

23.Explore a cardboard city

Here is another activity to bring your kids! Explore the Cardboard city made from recycled cardboard on Oct 20 till 21.

24.Jam with the youths

Feel the young vibes of local youths at Kuching Youth Jam. This monthly gathering features exhibition and workshop for hip hop enthusiasts.

25.Party with the local hip hop scene

Another What About Kuching event for hip hop enthusiasts, Tha (this is not a spelling error) Block Party organised by Tha Project will highlight hip hop talents, break dancing and more.

26.Take a pint (or more) during an Oktoberfest

Forget about celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany and head down tHe Spring shopping mall. Enjoy your drinks and the live music for ten nights from Sept 29 till Oct 7.

27.Channel your inner Tony Hawk

What About Kuching is all out giving platforms to different kinds of communities in the city. One of these community is the skaters of Kuching. There will be workshops, competitions and booths during Skate About Kuching on Oct 21.

28.Celebrate Deepavali for three days

Although Deepavali is not a public holiday in Sarawak, it should not stop all Sarawakians to celebrate. Come together on Oct 26-28 at CityOne Megamall to celebrate with arts, fashion shows, Bollywood competition as well as cooking classes and contests.

29.Visit a flea market

Show your support to local artisans and entrepreneurs while watching live music at Green Heights Mall Halloween Flea.

30.Find a treasure at a trunk sale

The biggest pre-loved market in Kuching is back on Oct 27 till 28. Give new life to old items at Kuching Trunk Sale (Oct 27-28) at Emart Batu Kawa.

There are more activities happening this year What About Kuching, download their calendar here!

Patricia Hului is a Kayan who wants to live in a world where you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight.

She grew up in Bintulu, Sarawak and graduated from the University Malaysia Sabah with a degree in Marine Science.

She is currently obsessed with silent vlogs during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to her obsession, she started her Youtube channel of slient vlogs.

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