#KajoPicks: 10 Korean action dramas you must watch

If you are looking for Korean action dramas to watch, here are 10 of KajoMag’s favourites: 1.Criminal Minds (2017) Inspired by the American television series Criminal Minds, this Korean action drama stars Lee Joon-gi, Son Hyun-joo, Moon Chae-won, Yoo Sun and Lee Sun-bin. It follows a group of highly trained profilers in

Top 18 Hollywood movies to watch in 2020

Following KajoMag’s past new year tradition, we are coming up with our top 18 Hollywood movie to watch this 2020. Before we get down to our list, we have to warn you that our list is full of sequels and remakes. Here our Top 18 Hollywood movies to watch in

KajoPicks: Five K-Dramas about journalism

Compared to medical or law dramas, journalism might is a fairly under-represented career field to feature in TV. A brief google search will show a lot of English-language TV shows about journalism that just couldn't last or make it on the international market (except Murphy Brown). Often, in movies or

KajoPicks: 5 South Korean political movies to watch

When it comes to political movies, the storylines can often be intense and thought-provoking. Additionally when it comes to its characters, there is usually an idealistic one who does not understand the dirty rules of politics. Unfortunately, there are not many Asian film industries daring enough to come out with