KajoPicks: Five K-Dramas about journalism

Compared to medical or law dramas, journalism might is a fairly under-represented career field to feature in TV.

A brief google search will show a lot of English-language TV shows about journalism that just couldn’t last or make it on the international market (except Murphy Brown).

Often, in movies or drama, journalists are sometimes depicted as desperate fact twisters lurking in the sidelines.

Apart from that, the lifestyle as a journalist is usually portrayed in a negative light.

From low payment, to being overworked and underappreciated, it is still considered a noble profession if you are keen in revealing the truth.

There are a lot of great K-drama about journalism. But here are our top five picks for Kajo readers.


The reason why I got hooked on Argon is because of the realistic way the K-drama depicts the life of a journalist.

Talented but underappreciated, underpaid, overworked and always on the verge of tears as the deadline approaches.

In the world of twisted facts and information overload, Argon highlights the importance of being ethical as a journalist and the dedication put in delivering the truth.

Watch the trailer here.


The media is a powerful force and this K-drama about journalism highlights it.

The conflict in the drama started due to a simple fact twisted by a famous reporter, thus changing the life of a person dramatically.

And due to the choice of words used to report the news, the drama shows that the influence of the media is powerful in changing people’s lives, which is why it is held in awe and revulsion.

In Pinocchio, it highlights the profession of a reporter and the importance of integrity in journalism.

When faced with the choice of sensationalizing a story or telling the truth, Pinocchio highlights how important it is to stay truthful while on the job.

Watch the trailer here.


Healer is a spy thriller that involving a mysterious spy, a reckless reporter and a famous veteran journalist.

Due to an event that happened years ago, the trio collaborate to unveil the truth while dealing with the conflicts happening around them.

While the plot of the drama might be a bit too predictable, the action scenes in this drama are satisfying to watch.


Korean drama journalsim

The lead character Go Hye-ran is the type of woman that everyone will openly hate but secretly admire.

As a famous news anchor, she seems to have it all. Fame, career, a loving husband and a stable home. But underneath all that glam, she is hiding a dark secret about her past.

Misty is a crime thriller K-drama about journalism as the main character struggles to unveil the truth when she is accused of her lover’s death.

The drama follows Go Hye-ran in how she still manages to stay professional as a news anchor while uncovering the truth about her deceased lover.

Watch the trailer here.

All About Eve

If you are into plot twist and drama, then All About Eve is for you.

It revolves around the lives of two TV news reporters competing for top position at the network that they work for.

Aired in 2000, this K-drama about journalism might be almost 20 years old, but it is still a good drama for you to binge-watch.

Watch the trailer here.

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