Hunting for barbecued lokan and coconut in Tuaran, Sabah

If you are visiting Kota Kinabalu, make your way to its neighbouring small town of Tuaran. Located just 35 kilometers from Sabah state capital, the small town is home to many good food including the famous Tuaran mee. The Hakka Chinese community of Tuaran created the noodle from egg yolk

10 ways to cook your canned tuna besides making a sandwich

Canned tuna has been the subject of many debates. Some argue it is high in mercury and not safe for consumption while others believe tuna canning is not an environmentally sustainable industry. Other concerns about bycatch (like dolphins and whales getting caught in the fishing nets) and overfishing have also

3 things you might not know about Osborne crackers

Some Malaysians might not know the name Osborne cracker, but most would definitely recognise the shape and flavour of it. This oval-shaped cracker is generally made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, corn starch, salt and glucose syrup. Here are three facts you might not know about Osborne cracker: Cap Ayam

Have a taste of Sabahan cuisine at Little Sulap

Delicious local food, excellent service, environmentally conscious, Insta-worthy setting and accessible location; these are all traits that describe Little Sulap in Kota Kinabalu. Located at Jalan Dewan, the cafe is accessible even for tourists staying in the city centre area. A view of Little Sulap from its mezzanine floor. Little

5 things to know about Malaysian cake Apam Beras

In the Malay language, "apam" generally refers to any dessert with a fluffy texture. The batter can be made from either wheat or rice flour and then baked or steamed. So there are plenty types of apam out there such as apam balik, apam gula apong and apam gula melaka.

10 easy Korean dinner recipes you can try at home

With plenty of Korean grocery shops popping up around the world, it is becoming easier and easier to buy ingredients and whip up your own Korean recipes at home. Korean cuisine is easily accepted in Asia since it is largely based on rice, vegetable and meats... unless you can’t stand

Tumpik, the Sarawak pancake

Tumpik KajoMag

Like most pancake dishes, whether they're from Western or Eastern cuisines, tumpik is guaranteed to be both satisfying and delicious. Tumpik is a must-try dish when you are in Bintangor town. The word "tumpik" generally means "pancake". It is a Melanau dish made from sago flour called ‘lemantak’ and