How the human races were formed according to a Sihan legend

The Sihan people are among the few tribes in Sarawak that are vulnerable to extinction along with smaller tribes such as the Ukit and Kejaman peoples.According to the Borneo Post in 2012, there are less than 300 Sihan people left in Sarawak. Unfortunately, they have been assimilated into other Orang Ulu

How a magic mushroom caused people to speak in different languages

How everyone began speaking in different languages according to a Taman legend. Have you heard of Psilocybin mushroom? Widely known as 'magic mushroom', this type of fungi is usually consumed for its hallucinogenic effects. Once consumed, the person may experience euphoria and change in consciousness, mood and even perception. They may even experience

How Raja Simpulang Gana became the Iban God of Agriculture

Who said only the Greek or Germanic peoples had interesting mythology? Here in Sarawak, we too have plenty of intriguing stories of deities and gods. Before we know how Raja Simpulang Gana became the God of Agriculture for the Iban community, here is a little background story of his family: In ancient

A Selako legend of the Golden Monkey and the Sultan of Sambas

The Selako people are an indigenous group found mostly in West Kalimantan, Indonesia and the western part of Sarawak, Malaysia. Although they are grouped under Bidayuh by the Malaysian government, they have their own unique culture and language which bear little resemblance to other Bidayuh groups. Here is a Selako