Whip up Michelin-star dishes with these recipes from Jing Yaa Tang


With people staying homebound in the fight against Covid-19, social distancing measures have given rise to plenty of stay-at-home chefs who are utilising their time indoors to master new skills in the kitchen.

Located at The Opposite House – a striking hotel in the heart of Beijing, Jing Yaa Tang restaurant is ready to spill the beans on two of their recipes during this pandemic.

Renowned for its selection of dishes inspired by the famous Beijing roast duck, one-Michelin star restaurant Jing Yaa Tang uses only the finest ingredients to produce authentic Chinese cuisine at its best.

Now, the celebrated restaurant divulges two of its favourite recipes – the fragrant Kung Pao Chicken, and the saccharine Cherry Tomatoes marinated in plum sauce.

Since you cannot travel to Jing Yaa Tang in Beijing to try these Michelin-star dishes, why not make them on your own?

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken by Jing Yaa Tang.

Main ingredients:

Chicken thigh (20g)
Diced green onion (50g)
Cooked peanuts (25g)
Cooked cashew nuts (25g)
Sliced garlic (5g)
Sliced ginger (5g)
Dried chilli (5g)


A.Salt (2g), rice wine (5g), sugar (1g), egg (1/3), corn flour (6g)

B.B. Sugar (30g), salt (3g), rice vinegar (50g), corn flour (10g)


1.Mix and pickle the diced chicken thigh with seasoning (ingredients A).
2.Heat the oil in a heated wok first, and fry the pickled chicken and diced green onion until the chicken is cooked.
3.Cook the sliced garlic and ginger, dry the red chilli segment first, add the cooked chicken and onion, and then stir-fry the cooked peanuts, cashew nuts and ingredients B.


1. Cook the fried chicken and diced onion for one minute to elevate the taste.
2.Turn off the fire when adding the peanuts and cashew nuts to keep them crispy.

Cherry tomatoes marinated in plum sauce

Cherry tomatoes marinated in plum sauce by Jing Yaa Tang

Main ingredients:

Water (300g)
Sugar (80g)
Preserved prune slice (1 pc)
Concentrated orange juice (10g)
White vinegar (50ml)
Cherry tomatoes (200g)


1.Remove the root of the cherry tomatoes and peel with boiling water.
2.Boil the preserved prune in water, and then add other seasonings after three minutes. Turn off the fire when sugar melts completely.
3.Soak the cherry tomatoes into the sauce for 8 hours after they have cooled.


1.Keep frozen after soaking
2.The length of time soaked will influence the tasty