Discover The Peranakan Gallery at Orchard Road, Singapore

Phoenix in flight, dancing dragons and peonies in full bloom; visitors to The Peranakan Gallery at Orchard Road will be enthralled by artful depictions of these colourful and iconic Peranakan symbols throughout a gallery space that focuses on tracing the 500-year-old story of the Straits Chinese population in Southeast Asia.

KajoPicks: The 6 best cafes with WiFi in Kuching

We're not anti-social; we're just into connecting with each other digitally. Over the last decade, nightclubs in Kuching have been losing out to the growing number of cafes and coffee bistros. Kuchingites have come to enjoy cafes (almost as much as we love our coffeeshops), probably because of our overall laid-back

Top five shopping spots in Sydney this holiday season

Sydney is known for its food and coffee culture, but it is also a top shopping destination brimming with luxury international brands, local artisan finds, and standout Aussie fashion. If you are heading out early on Christmas shopping, here are top five shopping spots in Sydney, Australia: 1. Birkenhead Point This is Sydney’s

Learn more about felines at Kuching Cat Museum

If quirky is your taste and the cat is your animal spirit, then you must visit Kuching Cat Museum. If there was a group of cat lovers out there combining together their cats memorabilia of cats, the place would look exactly like this museum. Founded in 1993, Kuching Cat Museum run

5 things to do at Buntal Esplanade, Kuching

Located about 30km from Kuching city, Buntal Esplanade is a hidden gem waiting to be explored more by the locals and tourists alike. The esplanade is inside Kampung Buntal, a traditional Malay fishing village situated at the mouth of Sarawak river leading to South China Sea. The village is named after ikan

5 reasons to visit Danau Sentarum National Park, Indonesia

Danau Sentarum National Park is a unique seasonal wetland where the water levels can rise up to 12m during raining season. Together with Betung Kerihun National Park and Kapuas Hulu District, the whole area was awarded the biosphere reserve certificate from Man and Biosphere UNESCO last July 2018. Located in Kapuas Hulu

5 best ways to preserve your travel memories

The trip is over and you are on your way back to reality. Your mind is filled with travel memories and part of you wants these experiences embedded in your brain forever. So, how do you preserve your travel memories? Here are five Kajo-approved ways to document your travel memories for you